Crisis in American Institutions / Edition 10

Crisis in American Institutions / Edition 10

by Jerome H. Skolnick

ISBN-10: 0673525139

ISBN-13: 9780673525130

Pub. Date: 03/28/1997

Publisher: Pearson

Presents articles on such social problems as corporate power, economic crisis, sexism, racism, and inequality.  See more details below


Presents articles on such social problems as corporate power, economic crisis, sexism, racism, and inequality.

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Approaches to Social Problems1
Pt. 1Corporate Power17
1Getting Corporations Off the Public Dole21
2Smoke Screen29
3The Grand Bazaar39
4Missing from the News50
Pt. 2Economic Crisis57
5Losing Out to Mexico61
6When You Stop, You Die: The Human Toll of Unemployment69
7The Company as Family, No More76
8The License for Financial Devastation86
Pt. 3Inequality95
9Top Heavy99
10Doing Poorly: The Real Income of American Children in Comparative Perspective105
11Day by Day: The Lies of Homeless Women115
12The Underclass Label125
Pt. 4Racism139
13American Apartheid143
14Measuring Employment Discrimination150
15Immigration to the Burn Zone163
16Asian Americans: The Myth of the Model Minority174
Pt. 5Sexism181
17The Wages of the Backlash183
18Learning Silence189
19"Fetal Rights": A New Assault on Feminism198
Pt. 6The Family[s.n.]
20Families on the Fault Line213
21Time for Parenting220
22'Til Death Do Us Part229
Pt. 7The Environment241
23Why We Have Failed243
24Environmental Racism247
25The Heat Is On256
Pt. 8The Workplace265
26How Labor Fares in Advanced Economies267
27The Forgotten Americans275
28The Political Economy and Urban Racial Tensions283
Pt. 9Health and Welfare301
29Excess Mortality in Harlem305
30The Medically Uninsured: Will They Always Be with Us?312
31Health Care in Crisis: Does Canada Have the Answer?320
32So How Did I Get Here? Growing Up on Welfare331
Pt. 10The Schools339
33Life on the Mississippi: East St. Louis, Missouri341
34The Myth of Public School Costs349
35The Great School Sell-Off356
Pt. 11Crime and Justice365
36Crime and Work367
37"Three Strikes and You're Out": A Debate377
38Young Black Americans and the Criminal Justice System396
39Workaday World, Crack Economy405
Pt. 12Epilogue413
40Jobs for All417
41Planning for Economic Conversion427
42Seize the Day436
43A Global New Deal441

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