Critical Essays on Mikhail Bakhtin

Critical Essays on Mikhail Bakhtin

by Caryl Emerson

ISBN-10: 0783801114

ISBN-13: 9780783801117

Pub. Date: 03/28/1999

Publisher: Gale Group

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Gale Group
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Critical Essays on World Literature Series
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Table of Contents

Publisher's Note
Who is Bakhtin?
Portraits by the Three Russian "Founding Bakhtinians"
The Event of Being: On Mikhail Mikhailovich Bakhtin29
[From "Bakhtin"]45
Kozhinov on Bakhtin52
Bakhtin and His Readers67
M. M. Bakhtin in Russian Culture of the Twentieth Century83
Dialogue on Bakhtin86
Mikhail Bakhtin - from Yet Another Side88
Major Concepts and Core Polemics
"Otherness": Polyphony, Dialogue
[From Dialogism: Bakhtin and His World]95
[From Mikhail Bakhtin: Creation of a Prosaics]108
The Philosophical Roots of Polyphony: A Dostoevskian Reading117
The Death of the "Other"153
Genre Theory, the Chronotope, and the Novel
Bakhtin, Genres, and Temporality171
[From Mikhail Bakhtin: The Dialogical Principle]190
Inventing the Novel202
Fleshing Out the Chronotope212
[From "Bakhtin, Marxism, and the Carnivalesque"]239
[From The Politics and Poetics of Transgression]246
Bakhtin's Carnival: Utopia as Critique252
Bakhtin and the Russian Attitude toward Laughter278
Bakhtin as Religious Thinker
Carnival and Incarnation: Bakhtin and Orthodox Theology285
Mikhail Bakhtin's Conception of Interpenetration: The Theological Sources300
The Liberationist Bakhtin (Political and Social Engagement]
[From "Boundaries versus Binaries: Bakhtin in/against the History of Ideas"]321
[From Feminist Dialogies: A Theory of Failed Community]338
Bakhtin: Literary Critic or Moral Philosopher?
Bakhtin and the Postcolonial Condition347
Eternity and Modernity: Bakhtin and the Epistemological Sublime355
"Not Theory ... but a Sense of Theory": The Superaddressee and the Contexts of Eden378
The Mirror of Non-absolute Sympathy392

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