Critical Race Theory 2Nd Ed / Edition 2

Critical Race Theory 2Nd Ed / Edition 2

by Richard Delgado

ISBN-10: 1566397146

ISBN-13: 9781566397148

Pub. Date: 11/01/1999

Publisher: Temple University Press

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Temple University Press
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Table of Contents

Pt. ICritique of Liberalism1
1After We're Gone: Prudent Speculations on America in a Post-Racial Epoch2
2The Chronicles, My Grandfather's Stories, and Immigration Law: The Slave Traders Chronicle as Racial History9
3Pure Politics21
4A Critique of "Our Constitution Is Color-Blind"35
Pt. IIStorytelling, Counterstorytelling, and "Naming One's Own Reality"41
5The Richmond Narratives42
6Translating Yonnondio by Precedent and Evidence: The Mashpee Indian Case52
7Storytelling for Oppositionists and Others: A Plea for Narrative60
8Property Rights in Whiteness: Their Legal Legacy, Their Economic Costs71
9Alchemical Notes: Reconstructing Ideals from Reconstructed Rights80
Pt. IIIRevisionist Interpretations of History and Civil Rights Progress93
10Documents of Barbarism: The Contemporary Legacy of European Racism and Colonialism in the Narrative Traditions of Federal Indian Law94
11Desegregation as a Cold War Imperative106
12Did the First Justice Harlan Have a Black Brother?118
Pt. IVCritical Understanding of the Social Science Underpinnings of Race and Racism129
13Words That Wound: A Tort Action for Racial Insults, Epithets, and Name-Calling131
14Law as Microaggression141
15Black Innocence and the White Jury152
16The Social Construction of Race163
Pt. VCrime179
17Race Ipsa Loquitur: Of Reasonable Racists, Intelligent Bayesians, and Involuntary Negrophobes180
18Racially Based Jury Nullification: Black Power in the Criminal Justice System194
19Race and Self-Defense: Toward a Normative Conception of Reasonableness204
Pt. VIStructural Determinism213
20Why Do We Tell the Same Stories? Law Reform, Critical Librarianship, and the Triple Helix Dilemma214
21Images of the Outsider in American Law and Culture: Can Free Expression Remedy Systemic Social Ills?225
22Serving Two Masters: Integration Ideals and Client Interests in School Desegregation Litigation236
Pt. VIIRace, Sex, Class, and their Intersections249
23Rodrigo's Sixth Chronicle: Intersections, Essences, and the Dilemma of Social Reform250
24Race and Essentialism in Feminist Legal Theory261
25A Hair Piece: Perspectives on the Intersection of Race and Gender275
Pt. VIIIEssentialism and Anti-Essentialism289
26"The Black Community," Its Lawbreakers, and a Politics of Identification290
27Traces of the Master Narrative in the Story of African American/Korean American Conflict: How We Constructed "Los Angeles"302
28Racial Critiques of Legal Academia313
Pt. IXGay-Lesbian Queer Issues321
29Gendered Inequality322
30Out Yet Unseen: A Racial Critique of Gay and Lesbian Legal Theory and Political Discourse325
31Sex and Race in Queer Legal Culture: ruminations on Identities and Interconnectivities334
Pt. XBeyond the Black-White Binary343
32The Black/White Binary Paradigm of Race344
33Toward an Asian American Legal Scholarship: Critical Race Theory, Post-Structuralism, and Narrative Space354
34Race and Erasure: The Salience of Race to Latinos/as369
35Mexican Americans and Whiteness379
Pt. XICultural Nationalism and Separatism387
36Rodrigo's Chronicle388
37Affirmative Action as a Majoritarian Device: Or, Do You Really Want to Be a Role Model?397
38Bid Whist, Tonk, and United States v. Fordice: Why Integrationism Fails African-Americans Again404
39African-American Immersion Schools: Paradoxes of Race and Public Education415
40Law as a Eurocentric Enterprise429
Pt. XIIIntergroup Relations439
41Embracing the Tar-Baby: LatCrit Theory and the Sticky Mess of Race440
42Beyond Racial Identity Politics: towards a Liberation Theory for Multicultural Democracy448
43Rethinking Alliances: Agency, Responsibility, and Interracial Justice455
Pt. XIIILegal Institutions, Critical Pedagogy, and Minorities in the Law467
44The Civil Rights Chronicles: The Chronicle of the DeVine Gift468
45"The Imperial Scholar" Revisited: How to Marginalize Outsider Writing, Ten Years Later479
46Autobiography and Legal Scholarship and Teaching: Finding the Me in the Legal Academy487
Pt. XIVCritical Race Feminism499
47Stealing Away: Black Women, Outlaw Culture, and the Rhetoric of Rights500
48Mascaras, Trenzas, y Grenas: Un/masking the Self While Un/braiding Latina Stories and Legal Discourse514
49Men, Feminism, and Male Heterosexual Privilege525
50Converging Stereotypes in Racialized Sexual Harassment: Where the Model Minority Meets Suzie Wong532
51Race and the New Reproduction543
Pt. XVCriticism and Self-Analysis553
52Racial Critiques of Legal Academia554
53Derrick Bell - Race and Class: The Dilemma of Liberal Reform573
54Is the Radical Critique of Merit Anti-Semitic?579
55The Bloods and the Crits584
Pt. XVICritical Race Praxis591
56The Work We Know So Little About592
57Reconstructive Poverty Law Practice: Learning Lessons of Client Narrative600
58Making the Invisible Visible: The Garment Industry's Dirty Laundry607
59Vampires Anonymous and Critical Race Practice614
Pt. XVIICritical White Studies625
60White by Law626
61Innocence and Affirmative Action635
62Obscuring the Importance of Race: The Implications of Making Comparisons Between Racism and Sexism (or Other -Isms)648
63Language and Silence: Making Systems of Privilege Visible657
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