Critical Studies In Org And Bureaucracy / Edition 1

Critical Studies In Org And Bureaucracy / Edition 1

by Frank Fischer

ISBN-10: 1566391229

ISBN-13: 9781566391221

Pub. Date: 11/29/1993

Publisher: Temple University Press

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Temple University Press
Publication date:
Edition description:
Rev. and expanded ed. 1994
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8.80(w) x 6.00(h) x 1.30(d)

Table of Contents

Preface to the Revised Edition
Pt. IClassical Problems and Perspectives1
2The Spirit of Bureaucracy and Beyond Bureaucracy: The Paris Commune20
4Scientific Management44
5The Real Meaning of Taylorism55
6Human Relations and the Informal Organization62
7Three Patterns of Bureaucracy72
Pt. IIForms of Control and Divisions of Labor83
8Forms of Control in the Labor Process: An Historical Analysis86
9Machine Technology and Workplace Control: The U.S. Post Office120
10Organizing Consent on the Shop Floor: The Game of Making Out134
11Women, Unions, and Participative Management: Organizing in the Sunbelt144
12Organizational Expertise and Bureaucratic Control: Behavioral Science as Managerial Ideology174
13Reproducing Hierarchy: Job Evaluation and Comparable Worth in State Government196
14Manufacturing Management Ideology: Corporate Culture and Control in Financial Services233
Pt. IIIStructures, Power, and Practices259
15The Rationing of Services in Street-Level Bureaucracies264
16Teaching and Learning in a Bureaucratic School282
17Women and Power in Organizations313
18Mentoring and Irrationality: The Role of Racial Taboos342
19Normal Accident at Three Mile Island353
20The Department of Defense and the Military-Industrial Establishment: The Politics of the Iron Triangle371
21Bureaucracy and the Regulation of Health and Safety at Work: A Comparison of the U.S. and Sweden386
22Class and Politics in the Organization of Public Administration: The U.S. Department of Labor405
23The AIDS Crisis and Organizational Failure426
Pt. IVOrganizational Alternatives and Social Change443
24The Collectivist Organization: An Alternative to Rational-Bureaucratic Models448
25Community-Owned Government: Empowering Rather than Serving475
26The Algebra Project: Organizing in the Spirit of Ella497
27Worker Participation in Technological Change: Interests, Influence, and Scope519
28Feminism and the Forms of Freedom544
29Learning Pluralism: Democracy and Diversity in Feminist Organizations554
30Internal Organization and Social Structure in Community Organizing: The Case of ACORN577
31Fishbowl Planning: Environmental Regulation, Economic Development, and Democratic Technique601
32Beyond NIMBY: Participatory Approaches to Hazardous Waste Management in Canada and the United States622
About the Editors644

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