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Crosley Cruiser Turntable - Tweed

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by Crosley Radio
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Crosley Cruiser Turntable - Tweed


Love the rich, warm sound of vinyl, but wish it was a more moveable music format? Put down the iPod and mobilize your music with the Crosley Cruiser three-speed portable turntable. Constructed of wood and bound in a leatherette material, the briefcase-styled record player is lightweight and easily transported from place to place. It features built-in stereo speakers so you can listen to your music without having to connect it to a speaker system. Cruise over to a friend’s house and experience vinyl’s superior sound together.

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Crosley Radio

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Crosley Cruiser Turntable - Tweed 1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
LJEllen More than 1 year ago
I ordered a Crosley turntable about nine months ago so I apologize for the untimely review. However, immediately upon purchasing I received a gift card in the male for B&N so decided to use it on the turntable. I called the B&N website about ten seconds after hitting the purchase button but they informed me that the purchase was already accepted by the external merchant. I called the merchant immediately to cancel the item but they said it already went through shipping and to the distributor and that I had to wait to receive the item and refuse it/have it returned to sender. The package arrived when I wasn't home so I was unable to return it via the mail. I called the merchant to get a return label. Firstly, they said I had to pay for it to be returned, secondly they wouldn't give me a return label at first saying I had to simply 'return it to sender'. I called three or four times over a few weeks getting different answers from everyone about return labels and where to send it back. Finally someone e-mailed me the address to return the item. I took it immediately to the post office and returned it. I did not purchase a tracking number because I am poor and didn't think it would matter (it does, ALWAYS get a tracking number). I waited about a month and a half before calling the distributor asking if they had received my item and when I would be getting a refund. They had not received it and informed me that it may tak e up to six months for the warehouse to receive and process the item. I waited and waited. Now, months later, I still have no turntable and am out about a $100. which for me is quite a bit of money. I realize I have made some mistakes along this transaction but because of the difficulties in getting a refund/return I don't think I will order from Barnes and Noble online again. I just wanted to send a shout out to those considering purchasing from external merchants through barnes and noble to not make the same mistakes I did. Good luck.