Crossing Borders: Regional and Urban Perspectives in International Migration

Crossing Borders: Regional and Urban Perspectives in International Migration

by Cees Gorter, Jacques Poot, Peter Nijkamp

ISBN-10: 1840148829

ISBN-13: 9781840148824

Pub. Date: 12/24/1998

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Limited

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1Regional and Urban Perspectives on International Migration: An Overview1
Pt. ATheory and Evidence: An Economic Perspective
2Migration, Economic Integration and Regional Growth35
3Welfare Effects of Immigration in the Presence of Public Goods: A Case for Entrance Fees?69
4Causes of International Migration: A Survey95
5The Impact of Immigration on Labour Markets and Urban Infrastructure in Australia and New Zealand129
Pt. BSpatial Clusters: International Patterns and Linkages
6Differential Urbanization and International Migration: An Urban Systems Approach161
7Immigration: The Spatial Dimension185
8Contemporary Patterns of Labour Based Migration to The Netherlands203
Pt. CSpatial Clusters: Regional and Urban Patterns and Assimilation
9Segregation, Polarization and Urban Policies in Amsterdam: An International Perspective225
10Socioeconomic Implications of the Changing Spatial Distribution and Labour Market Experience of Ethnic Minorities in Britain247
11Integration of Immigrants from the Former Soviet Union in the Israeli Housing and Job Markets: Regional Perspectives269
12Employment and Structural Change: Economic Integration of Immigrants in the Swedish and Malmo Labour Markets 1970-1990295
Pt. DMigration Models
13A Network-Based Model of International Migration323
14An Explanatory Analysis of International Migration Flows Within the European Economic Area337
15Migration and Earnings Attainment: A Comparison Between the United States and The Netherlands359

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