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Crossroads (Crossroads Academy #1)

Crossroads (Crossroads Academy #1)

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by J.J. Bonds

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When Katia enrolled at Crossroads Academy she knew things weren't exactly going to be easy. The sole heir to the worlds' most powerful vampire, her presence was bound to cause a stir. But nothing could have prepared her for this.

Whispers follow everywhere she goes. So does trouble. Bodies start turning up in nearby Rutland and Katia is sucked into a twisted


When Katia enrolled at Crossroads Academy she knew things weren't exactly going to be easy. The sole heir to the worlds' most powerful vampire, her presence was bound to cause a stir. But nothing could have prepared her for this.

Whispers follow everywhere she goes. So does trouble. Bodies start turning up in nearby Rutland and Katia is sucked into a twisted web of danger and deceit. Haunted by nightmares she can't explain and a thirst for blood that is never sated, Katia will do whatever it takes to keep her past buried.

Nothing at Crossroads is what it seems and Katia's secrets may be the darkest of them all.

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J.J. Bonds is an independent author who writes Young Adult Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy. Her debut novel, Crossroads, was released in fall of 2011. It is the first in the Crossroads Academy series. J.J. lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania where her love of all things paranormal keeps life interesting. She lives with her husband, two adorable children, and a pair of rambunctious dogs. Loves Buffy, Mexican food, and all things zombie. Sings off-key.

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Twitter: @jjbondsauthor

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Crossroads 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
After_Dark More than 1 year ago
Be prepared, this book will consume you! It is a YA read about vampires, I know there are so many out there! But JJ Bonds has created a world that's different from most but still hold some similarities. For example,similarities, half bloods are outcast and pure bloods are the elite. But in what supernatural world would that not be the case. Differences, a disease is taking down pure blood vampires. Katia is just arriving at a boarding school called Crossroads but not your ordinary boarding school, this one is for vampires. Crossroads' main focus besides academics is to segregate pure bloods that are coming of age since it is very hard to control the thirst during this time. It helps to keep their race secret and maintain order. Katia is not looking forward to her time at Crossroads, she has a difficult time making friends. Katia is a very relate able character for me and her snarky comments will make you smile. She has a hard time trusting people and holds a dark secret close to her heart. Her plan is to do her best since her Great Uncle Aldo is paying for everything and she doesn't want to let him down or hurt his reputation since he is a very powerful vampire on the Council. But being good proves to be difficult when everyone knows who you are and are judging you harshly. Katia finds a friend in a least expected type of person. Shaye is a extravagant girl who doesn't care what people think about her but she too has a big secret and this is what draws these two characters together. I think Shaye is exactly what Katia needed, these girls secrets are revealed but not well into the story will you find out and the book blossoms from there into a quick paced adventure. I recommend getting a copy of this book and taking the journey into Crossroads with Katia to see how she deals with her new life, the obsticals placed in her way and how she overcomes her past.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
chapterxchapter More than 1 year ago
Crossroads by J.J. Bonds was a read that took me by surprise.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to find when I started reading this book.  With the vampire genre beaten to death, and with the stories sounding all too familiar, Crossroads was an intriguing and refreshing read.  Fans of Vampire Academy by Richelle Meade will really enjoy this series by J.J. Bonds. Katia finds herself being shipped off to an elite school for vampires called Crossroads Academy.  After enjoying a life with her Uncle Aldo in Romania, Katia finds it a totally different scene when she arrives at the school.  Even with her powerful name and connections, Katia still finds herself as a stranger looking in. Luckily for her, she finds a few friends that have made her life at Crossroads Academy more enjoyable and not so torturous.  But with dreams that haunt her day and night, and a dark secret that she and her uncle have hidden from everyone, will Katia ever find some sort of normalcy in her crazy world? With a disturbing violent trend that has hit the neighbouring human town, it now seems that Katia’s past has come back to haunt her…or rather hunt her!  Will her secrets be revealed?  Will she loose the only people that she has come to trust at Crossroads Academy?  Kill or be killed takes on a whole new role as Katia comes face to face with her nightmare. If you’re looking for a kick ass chick who can pretty much take care of herself, Katia is your girl.  Aside from the fact that she seems to be constantly angry and veers far, far away from forming any friendships, Katia is a pretty awesome character.  Bu when she starts to let her guard down a little, and we see the softer side of her, what’s there not to love about this character?  Throw in a shady past that we don’t find out about until near the end, she is pretty fascinating. And let’s not forget about Nik.  Nik who is obviously crushing on Katia.  Nik who is so skilled at fighting that Katia has one on one lessons to hone in on her skills.  Which, by the way, reminded me a little bit of the gym scene in Vampire Academy where Rose and Dmitri are training in the gym, which I loved!  Nik, who is described to be so gorgeous and full of heart. What did I really enjoy about this book?  The fact that author, J.J. Bonds, does a pretty amazing job describing scenes involving fighting and/or violence.  The training that both Katia and Nik do are described to the tees.  I can easily picture the images in my head.  The stances, the kicks, the punches, the rolls, the target training…everything!  And not only were the training montages vivid, but the actual fight scenes were amazingly described.  I could almost smell the sweat and blood as I was reading.  I could easily imagine hearing the crushing of the leaves and picture Katia holding her crossbow awaiting for her prey to emerge out of the trees. The twists and turns found in the book were well done, and done in a way in which J.J. Bonds incorporates Katia’s past into her present is done seamlessly.  I mean, come on!  Who doesn’t enjoy delving in to a characters past to see where and what she came from?  How things came to be?  Gotta love the story within the story. I recommend Crossroads by J.J. Bonds to fans of Richelle Meade’s Vampire Academy, and for fans of vampire reads in general.  You will not be sorry that you picked this one up.  It has some of the typical vampire clichés but also has different elements that readers will come to enjoy.
wazi More than 1 year ago
Crossroads (Crossroads Academy #1) / J.J. Bonds This review was originally posted on Big Al's Books and Pals review blog on December 11, 2012 Katia is the sole heir to the single most powerful vampire on the Council, her Great Uncle Aldo Lescinka, who has just enrolled her in the preeminent Crossroads Academy nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont. With her mysterious past, she has no desire to fit in or make friends. She and Aldo were both hoping her nightmares would fade once she arrived at Crossroads from Romania, but they are changing, growing more frightening, and more frequent. When bodies start showing up around the town of Rutland the whole Academy becomes concerned about exposure and Katia becomes entangled in a web of danger and deceit. Nothing could have prepared her for what she finds here. Crossroads is an academy boarding school for vampires only. J. J. Bonds has taken great care to reinvent her vampires and their hierarchy in a unique way that I found refreshing. Her vampires actually procreate and it seems the young do not turn until adolescence, where their vampire selves awaken with a ravaging hunger. There is also a blood disease, known as otrava de sange, which threatens to wipe out the born vampires. The story is told in first person through the eyes of Katia, but she holds her secret past very close so we are not privy to the whole story. She makes a good heroine; she is self confident, assertive, and witty. As the Prologue opens we are thrust into one of Katia’s nightmares, it is engrossing and leaves us with questions that are not answered until the very end. Even Katia does not fully understand what has transpired in the past as Aldo is keeping the whole truth from her. Despite J. J. Bonds wonderful and engrossing prose the secrets that Katia keeps from us readers is frustrating. It keeps us from fully engaging and becoming Katia. I felt cheated by this stylistic choice. Otherwise the story is pretty typical high school foibles and the conversations and tensions are realistic. Katia is a dedicated student and wants to do well in all areas. One of her areas of study is Martial Arts. I enjoyed her interactions with Nikolai Petrov , an upper classman and teacher’s assistant in her Martial Arts class, who offers Katia one on one training with her fighting and weapons skills. It is clear that a romantic relationship is developing with him, despite Katia’s resistance. I enjoyed this story and felt like Katia’s secrets from us held the story back because Aldo’s reveal at the end was very satisfying. It will be interesting to see how the rest of this series develops now that we know and understand her on a deeper level. I found no significant errors or issues with editing or formatting. **Originally written for "Books and Pals" book blog. May have received a free review copy. **
Tishia More than 1 year ago
Crossroads is the first book in the Crossroads Academy series by J.J. Bonds. It centers around a teenage girl named Katia, who enrolls at the private vampire academy. Katia is mysterious, which keeps the rumor mill flowing at the school. Deaths start happening in the nearby town, and Katia finds out that she's not the only one keeping secrets. I feel like there isn't a whole lot to say about this book without giving anything away. The whole book is a mystery to the reader, which is both frustrating and intriguing at the same time. You really don't find out anything until the end. You don't know anything about Katia through most of the book. It keeps you on your toes though because you are waiting in anticipation for the little hints to start coming out. Now, I'll have to admit that I did not like Katia at first. She was not a likeable person because she had this wall put up around her. She knew it was extremely important that nobody found out anything about her, so she tried to steer clear of developing friendships. She grew on me though. The walls slowly came down and you were able to see more of her. She has a lot of courage and willpower. She trains hard for weeks to be able to defend herself. But from what? There was just a tad bit of romance involved. The love interest in this book is Nic, who is a great guy. His friends leave a lot to be desired though. They are awful and treat Katia like crap. Because of this, she keeps pushing Nic away. He doesn't give up so easily though, and Katia slowly (and I mean slowly) lets her guard down. I really hope to see more of this blossoming relationship in the next book. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys reading young adult paranormal books.
twimom101 More than 1 year ago
Katia is starting a new chapter of her life at Crossroads Academy with a heavy secret weighing on her. She will not get close enough to anyone for them to figure it out. But as we all know kids can be downright ruthless. And the spoiled kids at Crossroads are no different. Sure they are interested in who Katia is and the mystery surrounding her but not enough where they will be sweet and welcoming. So when one girl is nice to Katia, it takes some time to form a friendship and open up to her. It seems that Katia is not the only one with secrets.... Crossroads was a pretty good story, not mind blowing, but good. I really enjoyed Bond's take on Vampires and enjoyed her writing style. In a way, the story reminded me of the Vampire Academy series. You have that boarding school setting and a female lead character that is all about learning to fight and defend herself. But why does she need to defend herself? Could it be the mystery secret she is hiding from everyone? Katia's character is more of a keep to herself kind of girl...and with her keeping everyone at arms length I felt she was keeping me at arms length too. In fact I felt no real attachment to her at all. I liked Nik's character a little more, but again I felt no real connection to him either. I just couldn't get that good feel on who they really were. Hopefully with the way the story ended, the characters in Red Dawn will be a little more open and showing us more of themselves. . I do hope for a little more romance in Red Dawn…cause I love me a good romance. And Crossroads really didn’t have it in my opinion. But with that said I look forward to reading book 2 and finding out what will happen next with Katia. When the secret is finally revealed at the the end it is pretty interesting and is a huge game changer for the rest of the series.
NovaReylin More than 1 year ago
This book starts ok enough, introducing the characters and whatnot. You meet Katia right away and she’s your average teenager, except that she’s also a vampire. Then chapter two starts and the first thing Katia says is “FML” when she wakes up late for her first official day of school. I knew then that I was going to love this book. Katia is a lot like the teenagers out there today and even though she has a LOT of stuff going on that maybe the teenagers of humans don’t have to deal with, she is still a teenager and she acts like one. In good and bad ways. Her choices are stubborn, she makes up her mind and whether right or wrong she sticks to her guns but she doesn’t try to get along with anyone. She has only one agenda and it’s that agenda that holds her away from everyone and from living her life. JJ Bonds purposefully doesn’t tell us what Katia is going through and I hated it! The entire time I was guessing and then second guessing myself. Trying to figure out who the culprits were who were upsetting Katia so much. JJ Bonds writes Katia so well that you just want to protect her, to pull her under your arm and tell her it’s going to be ok. Not that Katia will ever accept that and you’d probably want to keep her away from your throat! But the fact that JJ Bonds does a great job of showing us tiny itty bitty clues throughout the entire book and then whipping us upside the head just when you thought you have it all figured out. Not nice by the way but it makes for a really fun read! As you can tell, I really enjoyed reading about Katia, more than just her also. The other characters, like her uncle and even the jerks that don’t like her at school, are well thought out and interesting. Only downside which isn’t really JJ Bonds fault is that this story seems to be played over and over. The whole school thing is interesting though and JJ Bonds has a way of telling it that makes it a unique perspective. I would definitely say if you’ve read Marked but didn’t like it, give Crossroads a try. It’s different and the twists are great and take you by surprise. Plus the way the vampire rules are set makes it maybe not better but again, unique and definitely a fun read. After being a bit disappointed with Salem’s Lot and Dracula, I was glad that JJ Bonds brings us vampires that we can fall in love with! And I am reviewing book two, Red Dawn as well which makes me dance in my seat!
BooksWithBite More than 1 year ago
Boarding schools, I'm so there. Once I started this book, I thought I knew what I was getting into. I did not. This book completely took me by surprised with elements I did not see coming. What hooked my about this book is the plot line. A young girl getting sent to a boarding school And not just any boarding school, but a private one with nothing but vampires. On top of that, Katia is not all what she seems. I thought I knew her and knew where the plot is going when suddenly it took a twist revealing a secret I did not see. This was the best part of the book since I was taken back by it. Now the character Katia. She is my type of gal. She doesn't take crap for nothing, doesn't rely on anyone and doesn't trust more than she can throw them. Her smart remarks always made me snicker. I love her attitude towards anyone who try to come close to her. She is guarded but learn to trust very carefully. The love interest is particularly enjoyed cause I like to see the guy work for it. He kept coming at her and she just kept turning him down. I admire his ambition to get close to her and knowing that he was trying so hard made it seem liked he really cared. He is set out to show her that actions speak louder than words and that folks, stole my heart. Crossroads is rare story that everyone should read. Despite what you have read before Crossroads will change your mind about what you knew about vampires. The is no meddling but really just getting down and dirty to the solid facts. Crossroads is an epic story that really I don't want to share. It just soo good!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago