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The Crown Conspiracy (Riyria Revelations Series #1)

The Crown Conspiracy (Riyria Revelations Series #1)

4.7 13
by Michael J. Sullivan

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In The Crown Conspiracy, Royce Melborn, a skilled thief, and his mercenary partner, Hadrian Blackwater, make a profitable living carrying out dangerous assignments for conspiring nobles until they become the unwitting scapegoats in the murder of the king. Sentenced to death, they have only one way out and so begins this epic tale of treachery and adventure, sword


In The Crown Conspiracy, Royce Melborn, a skilled thief, and his mercenary partner, Hadrian Blackwater, make a profitable living carrying out dangerous assignments for conspiring nobles until they become the unwitting scapegoats in the murder of the king. Sentenced to death, they have only one way out and so begins this epic tale of treachery and adventure, sword fighting and magic, myth and legend. Whether you are looking for a single novel, or a multi-book saga, The Crown Conspiracy is the place to begin. It is a heroic fantasy adventure written for a general audience and conceived as a single epic tale. This series is told through six self-contained episodes, each complete in its own right. Across the entire chronicle, mysteries build, characters deepen, and plots thicken, but none of the books end in a disappointing cliffhanger or require you to read a previous book to fully enjoy the one you are on.

Editorial Reviews

Book Reviewer
"The first thing that happened to me when I started reading The Crown Conspiracy was that I realized that I couldn't put it down. I tried prying it off my fingers and shaking my hands around like I'd just touched a hot pan but all to no avail. This book is that good. Even more amazingly, Mr. Sullivan manages to sustain this effect throughout the entire novel."
Mike Ferrante
"It is an extraordinarily tale told with a mature voice that would be impressive from a veteran and is even more so from a new author...Perhaps the best compliment I can pay the book and its author is that immediately upon arrival at work I went and grabbed its sequel, Avempartha off the new book shelf."
Greg Hersom
"The Riyria Revelations is a much needed return to fantasy’s grassroots. For fans who miss the straightforward adventurous tales — the stories that got a lot of us 35+ year-olds hooked on fantasy to begin with — The Crown Conspiracy brings back that excitement. When I started reading about Royce and Hadrian, Lieber's famous sword-and-sorcery duo, Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, immediately came to mind, but I actually like The Riyria Revelations better."
Scott (Reviewer)
"This book was astonishing in its simple hook to get you into the story (see synopsis above), but the execution is so near flawless that I am in a bit of awe here. For a story that is about two thieves dealing with being falsely accused of killing their king and the aftermath of that, there is SO much else going on here and most of it is so clever that you would be hard-pressed to find chinks in the armour, so to speak."
Saran (Reviewer)
"Sullivan’s writing is wonderful, almost understated. He’s not overwhelmingly descriptive, but he’s about as descriptive as a book like this needs to be. He seems to know when to lie on the literary prose and when to keep it simple. Perhaps I am odd for being shocked by how atmospheric this book was. It’s small size and readability is very deceptive. It’s an easy tale to get lost in."

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Aspirations Media Inc
Publication date:
Riyria Revelations Series , #1
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5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.80(d)

Meet the Author

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Michael J. Sullivan has lived in Vermont, North Carolina, and Virginia. He worked as a commercial artist and illustrator, founding his own advertising agency in 1996, which he closed in 2005 to pursue writing full-time. The Crown Conspiracy is his first published work. Michael currently resides in Fairfax, Virginia, with his wife and three children.

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The Crown Conspiracy 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
HuntressReviews More than 1 year ago
Set in the fantasy world of Elan. Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater are independent thieves-for-hire (a.k.a. guildless). None are better than they in the art of procurement. Most of their clients are nobles. They are hired to steal a sword from within the castle of the royal family, but they quickly learn that it is a set up. King Amrath has been murdered and the two men are the scapegoats.

Prince Alric Brendon Essendon is devastated and sentences the thieves to die come the dawn. However, Princess Arista knows they are innocent. Fearing for her brother's life, Arista helps them escape and convinces them to kidnap the prince. Royce and Hadrian are to escort Alric to a hidden prison, where time stands still, and have the prince speak with its sole prisoner, Esrahaddon. Once done, Prince Alric understands the traitorous plot unfolding before him. The thieves become the temporary "Royal Protectors" and the prince begins his campaign to retake his kingdom and rescue his sister.

***** Though it is obvious from the start who the main traitor is (at least it is to me), this story is very well done. I am very impressed with the timeless prison and the character of Esrahaddon. I hope to see more of the wizard in future novels. This is the first of a six book series and the lucky ones will catch each as they are released. I can hardly wait for the next book, "Avempartha" (April 2009). If it is half as good as this first story, then the author will have a winning series on his hands. Excellent! *****

Reviewed by Detra Fitch of Huntress Reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
beached More than 1 year ago
One of the best I've read in years. It was very fast paced that I literally could not put it down. If only more books were this good. I never rate a book 5 stars unless it is very, very good and I've read hundreds and hundreds of fantasy and Sci Book, so many that I've forgotten what I've read over the reads. Enter the Nook. Hard to believed Michael Sullivan had to publish his own books. What were people thinking. Final Orbit is repackaging his books into two-book volumes and re-publishing them.
Jaidis More than 1 year ago
The Crown Conspiracy by Michael J. Sullivan was one wild ride from start to finish. Filled with action, betrayal and mystery, I was either on the edge of my seat with anticipation or laughing at the quirky comedy. The relationship between two of the main characters, Royce and Hadrian, was a pleasure to read. Not only does it have all the elements of a great friendship where in the heat of the moment, battling to save their lives, they still take time out to poke fun at each other. If Mr. Sullivan can fit this much excitement and adventure into just the first book, I can't wait to see what he has come up for the rest of the series! I can quickly see this book series working its way up my 'Favorite Book Series' list! Keep up the great work Mr. Sullivan!
VivAY More than 1 year ago
Just a really fun read. I have completely fallen for this series.
qarae More than 1 year ago
The Crown Conspiracy is a totally refreshing fantasy journey. This is not one of the typical "farm boy is destined to save the world" books. Two friendly and fun loving thieves find themselves entangled in a big BIG mess - involving the death of the king and are forced to kidnap a prince. Michael J. Sullivan has taken an epic adventure of magic and sword fighting, and breathed new life into it. His talent for word crafting and imagery makes this book one of those you just can't put down until the last page is turned. And by the end, you have made two very dear friends: Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater. HIGHLY recommend!
will_00 More than 1 year ago
The Crown Conspiracy is one of the most exceptionally well written fantasy novels to date! I started the book at around 3PM and did not put it down except to eat. Michael Sullivan has a wonderful ability to keep the reader engaged with numerous unexpected events and turning points, all adding to the plot and character development. I eagerly await the third book (and on)!
Melhay More than 1 year ago
Mystery, Adventure, and Epic. If you like these three things in a book, this is the book to read. There are Kings, Thieves, Wizards, Monks, Dwarves, and Elves... Then you have Murder, Lost Magic, History, Religion, Politics, and Rivalry. I don't know about you, but many times at the start of a new book I am slightly lost until I figure out the world I am in and the characters it's about. Michael Sullivan has made the beginning easier on me and I LOVE it. The book starts right out with the deception and conniving of the Noble world along with action that introduces you to the characters and the world gently, yet pecks your interest. With most of the Noble world looking to help themselves to better land and holdings this leaves a job opening for Royce Melborn and Hadrian Blackwater to do what they do best... Steal. I was not lost at all in the book. By page 50 the main characters have fallen into the main course of hot water. By page 105 you have touched on the history and details, starting to see a bigger picture of the mystery along with much more details of the history and happenings of the world. One rule Royce and Hadrian live by is to not take a last minute job. They need to do their backgound checking on the job and people to do the job properly. However, Hadrian whom has a big heart and seems to be pulled to do good deeds agrees to a last minute, simple job of removing a valued sword from an empty room. Then this easy job goes awry, there is no sword to steal and they find something else, or I should say someone else... This is where they are caught and the mystery of who done it and why starts. You meet the Prince, Alric Essendon, who is now King and the Princess, Arista Essendon. The Prince believes the thieves should be publicly tortured and executed, yet the distrought and emotional Princess has her wits about her better than others realize, believes their story. Now, Royce and Hadrian need to escape and protect the young, new King. While Royce, Hadrian, and the new King Alric travel they find crafty ways to escape death from whoever wants the new King dead. This journey is not drawn out to unnecessary lengths, it is just right. On this journey a lone, brilliant monk, Myron, is encountered and convinced to return with the new King. Once you are aware of the truth the momentum of the story keeps going, if not picks up more speed. Are the two thieves, Royce and Hadrian able to help the young new King save what is left of his family and stabilize th government again in Melegar... Or will the realm fall under a new Empire and spread across to the other Realms in Avryn? I enjoyed this book very much. I do still have questions on some mysteries introduce, but this series is to be a multi-book series of six books. I look forward to reading more on Royce, Hadrian, Esrahaddon (Yes, I have not mentioned this name till now. You will have to read the book to see who he is and why I am interested in him. I am sure you will be too.), and the monk Myron along with the two churchs. After reading through the whole book I have realized there is much more going on in the underlining of the book than I realized while reading. My mind just raveled at the many possiblities and questions. There are many stories left to be told here and I will be waiting to get to them.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Angelicbaby1313 More than 1 year ago
Thrilling, Captivating, Amazing are some of the first words that came to mind when I finished this book last night. I stayed up late into the night to finish this book, so that is a sign that I loved it. One of the better sword and sorcery books that I have come across in a while.

This book was a take back to the fantasy books that have quests, magic, and great characters and plots. At first I wasn't sure if I was really going to bond with any of the characters, but to my delight I found myself loving Royce and Hadrian. There was a touch of humor that didn't come across as forced, a lot of books try to force the reader to laugh and I found myself chuckling at a couple of the jokes between the two.

There is a tiny bit of magic and of course a wizard, which isn't too complicated. I think this is great for anyone that is a fantasy lover or for teens who are starting out in the fantasy section of their library. I get frustrated when the magic in books is so complicated I feel I have to take notes, this wasn't the case at all.

The plot was swift but not swift enough that I found myself lost or parts over looked.Sullivan had a real skill in keeping the plot going and knowing just when to throw that curve ball in the plot or at what time it was perfect to reveal a certain crucial part of the plot to the readers! I was never left waiting too long to find out when something was going to happen but I was still sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next part of the book.

I loved that it was a stand alone novel of a series. The plot was wrapped up but there were parts of the book that were left open for the next book and the series beyond. A lot of series force the reader to wait till the next book to learn more, Sullivan can keep a reader and continue a series without leaving major cliff hanger and helps with the frustration of having to wait years for a book!

It's hard to find something to complain about in this book. Like any first time writers I look forward to seeing Sullivan grow as an author and I hope that in future books we get to know some more characters.

I highly recommend reading this book, whether your a fantasy lover or just looking to start out in it. I personally have recommended it to my family and anyone that will listen to read. It was good to see a lovely written fantasy/adventure novel. This book has found a place on my reading shelves next to my Terry Brooks books and of course Harry Potter. I really can't wait till the next book in the series!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is fun end to end. The two main characters are funny, touching, and seem they feel like old friends. It is unlike many fantasy novels where standard cliques are rampent. There is no orphan, magical weapon, ancient evil...just two guys in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The story moves along seemlessly and the characters react logically and true to character. There are a number of mysteries that you figure out just at the right time. While the story is complete and end to end it is obvious there is more to come.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago