Ctranicki pereletnoj pticki

Ctranicki pereletnoj pticki

by Stella Romanoff

Жанр этой книги не вписывается в какие то определенные рамки.


Жанр этой книги не вписывается в какие то определенные рамки. Поэтому здесь будет микс из приключений, романтических историй, частная переписка с подружками, сплетни, страсти и подставы. И конечно же много амоооооооор...... Я вас предупредила.......

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Stella Romanoff
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SEXIEST AUTHOR WHO WROTE UNDER A PEN NAME, because she is still an erotic model. Too young, too pretty, too successful, too sexy Memoirs of a cosmopolitan Geisha... "I want to keep modeling," she says, "but I'd love to be a Best-Selling Author." Nude modeling aside, Stella is a clothes horse - she spends her time in shopping centers, and her money on trendy clothes - and her taste in music takes her to festivals, night clubs and Parties. "Being in a field in my wellies, watching the sun go down, drinking Champagne and listening to live music?" she says, with obvious pleasure. "Heaven." For now, she's enjoying her time as a jet set girl, and she can't wait to see what happens next. "I don't like the word 'no'," she says, and with a face like hers, we can't imagine she ever hears it. Stella wants what she wants, and we're more than glad to oblige her.

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