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Cuba: I Am Time

Cuba: I Am Time

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For such a small island, Cuba has had an enormous musical impact both inside and outside of Latin America. Salsa is the music of choice among Cubans and Puerto Ricans, and Afro-Cuban music has influenced everyone from American jazz players to Dominican merengue artists to Spanish nuevo flamenco stars. A four-CD box set, Cuba: I Am Time<


For such a small island, Cuba has had an enormous musical impact both inside and outside of Latin America. Salsa is the music of choice among Cubans and Puerto Ricans, and Afro-Cuban music has influenced everyone from American jazz players to Dominican merengue artists to Spanish nuevo flamenco stars. A four-CD box set, Cuba: I Am Time spotlights Cuban artists past and present. Ranging from tribal-type chanting inspired by Santeria and the Yoruba faith to dance bands to modern Afro-Cuban jazz, this package shows us what a wealth of music the island has provided. Disc One focuses largely on traditional sounds that are closely related to African tribal music, and material by Pancho Quinto, El Clave y Guaguanco, and others consists of only percussion and vocals. Meanwhile, large and small bands playing son, mambo, guaguanco and other styles that make up salsa are the focus of Discs Two and Three, which boast classics by such greats as Beny More, Miguelito Cuni, Merceditas Valdes, and Tito Gomes. And finally, Disc Four illustrates the ways in which Mario Bauza, Cachao, Irakere, Chico O'Farrill, and others have successfully fused improvisatory jazz with Afro-Cuban music. Regrettably, the set's 111-page booklet fails to list recording dates, though it does boast an extremely informative essay. This set would be too much for casual listeners, but those with a deeper interest in Afro-Cuban music will find it a gold mine.

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Blue Jackel Ent.

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Cachao   Bass,Conductor,Vocals,Track Performer,cowbell
Irakere   Track Performer
Beny Moré   Track Performer
Arsenio Rodríguez   Track Performer
Justo Almario   Tenor Saxophone
Steve Coleman   Alto Saxophone
Paquito D'Rivera   Alto Saxophone
Jerome Richardson   Tenor Saxophone
Gonzalo Rubalcaba   Piano,Track Performer
Arturo Sandoval   Trumpet
Chucho Valdés   Piano
Pello El Afrokan   Track Performer
Celina González   Track Performer
Sexteto Habanero   Track Performer
Síntesis   Track Performer
Trio Matamoros   Track Performer
Rolando Laserie   Choir, Chorus
Lazaro Ros   Vocals
Cuarteto d'Aida   Track Performer
Tito Gomez   Track Performer
Muñequitos de Matanzas   Track Performer
Pablo Milanés   Vocals,Track Performer
Adalberto Alvarez   Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Miguelito Cuní   Track Performer
Joseíto Fernandez   Track Performer
Septeto Nacional de Ignacio Piñeiro   Track Performer
Ñico Saquito   Track Performer
Papines   Track Performer
Emiliano Salvador   Piano,Track Performer
Bola de Nieve   Track Performer
Issac Delgado   Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Afrocuba de Matanzas   Track Performer
Ralph Alessi   Trumpet
Eddie Alex   Alto Saxophone
Chocolate Armenteros   Trumpet
Carlos Averhoff   Tenor Saxophone
Julio Barreto   Drums
Rafael "Felo" Barrio   Choir, Chorus
Mario Bauzá   Track Performer
Rolando Napoleon Briceno   Alto Saxophone
Pablo Calogero   Baritone Saxophone
Pedro Calvo   Bongos,Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Rudy Calzado   Vocals
Orlando Canto   Flute,Maracas
Gerry Chamberlain   Trombone
Alvaro Collado   Trombone
José Luis Cortés   Track Performer
Stanton Davis   Trumpet
Walfredo Reyes   Drums
Guillermo Edghill   Bass
Richie Flores   Conga
Juan Formell   Bass,Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Track Performer
Andy García   Conga,Choir, Chorus
Fidel Garcia   Percussion,Choir, Chorus,Bata Drums
Joe Gonzalez   Bongos,cowbell
Israel Gonzalez   Vocals
Conrad Herwig   Trombone
Josh Jones   Claves
Ross Konikoff   Trumpet
Manuel Labarrera   Conga,Tumba
Fernando Leyva   Violin
Jesus Linares   Violin
Larry Lunetta   Trumpet
Reynaldo Melián Álvarez   Trumpet
Pablo Menendez   Background Vocals
Gerardo Miro   Violin
Hugo Morejon   Synthesizer,Trombone,Keyboards
Juliol Noroña   Percussion,Guiro
Chico O'Farrill   Track Performer
Victor Paz   Trumpet
César Pedroso   Piano
Marcus Persiani   Piano
Edmondo Pina   Percussion,Trombone
Douglas Purviance   Trombone
Enrique Pla   Drums
Carlos Puerto   Bass
Dioris Rivera   Tenor Saxophone
Mario Rivera   Bongos,Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Octavio Rodriguez   Drums
Bobby Sanabria   Drums,Timbales,Cascara
John Santos   Percussion,Bongos,Timbales
Oscar Valdés   Bongos,Track Performer
Carlos "Patato" Valdes   Conga,Guiro
Merceditas Valdés   Track Performer
Miguelito Valdés   Track Performer
Marcelino Valdez   Track Performer,Tumbadora
Jorge Varona   Trumpet
Germán Velazco   Alto Saxophone
Orestes Vilató   Timbales
Clave y Guaguancó   Track Performer
Jimmy Bosch   Trombone
Ravi Coltrane   Tenor Saxophone
Ahmed Barroso   12-string Guitar
Armando Cuervo   Percussion
Carlos del Puerto   Bass
Enrique Fernandez   Flute,Tenor Saxophone
Nelson Gonzalez   Electric Guitar,Choir, Chorus
Tata Güines   Tumba,Guiro
Isidro   Drums
Nelson Requeira Marquez   Choir, Chorus
Carlos Montiel   Choir, Chorus
Daniel Palacio   Choir, Chorus
Alfredito Valdez   Piano
Maria Teresa Vera   Track Performer
Jesús Alemañy   Trumpet,Track Performer
Orlando "Maraca" Valle   Flute,Piano,Drums,Track Performer
Frank Emilio Flynn   Piano
Celeste Mendoza   Track Performer
Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba   Track Performer
Orquesta Arcaño y Sus Maravillas   Track Performer
Manolin   Track Performer
Terry   Track Performer
Pedro Luis Ferrer   Track Performer
Agustin Diaz   Percussion
Roberto Paez   Bass
Gregorio Diaz   Percussion
Felipe Cabrera   Bass
Carlos Alfonso   Bass
Generoso "El Tojo" Jiménez   Trombone
Carlos Acosta   Percussion,Drums
Yosvany Terry Cabrera   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Alto Saxophone
Richard Egües   Flute
Jesús González   Conga
Barbaro Ramos Aldazabal   Percussion
Luis Alemañy   Trumpet
Felipe Alfonso   Vocals
Frank Bejerano   Percussion,Conga
Enrique Benitez   Choir, Chorus
Juan Luis Campos   Vocals
Francisco Cespedes   Iya
Francisco Zamora Chirino   Choir, Chorus
Mariano Enríquez   Conga
Román Filiú   Alto Saxophone
Carlos Godinez   Bongos,Claves
Dagoberto González   Violin
Mario "Aspirina" Jauregui   Bata Drums
Israel Berriel Jimenez   Percussion
Pedro Jiménez   Trumpet
Juan "Papo" Pepín   Conga
Rafael Navarro Pujada   Vocals
Anthony Tidd   Bass
Francisco Valdes   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Lazaro Valdes   Piano
Ele Valdés   Choir, Chorus
Jesus Alfonso   Percussion
Nathan Durham   Bass Trombone
Diosdado Ramos   Percussion
Alberto Romero   Vocals
Andrés Sánchez   Background Vocals
Tracy Turner   French Horn
Alejandro Vivar   Trumpet
Céline Valle   Flute
Gregory Williams   French Horn
Pedro Aballi Torriente   Quinto
Fernando Acosta   Soprano Saxophone
Kokayi   Rap
Bobby Carcasses   Vocals
Roberto García   Trumpet
Mario Luis Pino   Percussion
Adalberto Álvarez Y Su Son   Track Performer
José Carlos Acosta   Soprano Saxophone
Luis Alemañy   Trumpet
Caridad Maldonado Alfonso   Background Vocals
Mayileé Alvarez   Choir, Chorus
Anibal Martinez   Trumpet
José Rivero   Keyboards
Dafnis Prieto   Conga
Jorge Reynier Ardilez Ruiz   Trombone
José Miguel Velásquez   Bongos,cowbell
Juan Miguel Diaz Zayas   Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Adalberto Oré Lara   Trumpet
Boris Luna   Keyboards
Willie Martinez   Guitar
Elio Revé Matos   Vocals,Track Performer,Quinto,Pailas,Campana
Lazaro Rizo   Vocals,Bata
Raul Pineda   Bata Drums,Trap Kit
Equis Alfonso   Piano,Keyboards,Choir, Chorus
Angel Bonne   Alto Saxophone,Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Francisco Antonio Calá   Vocals
José Miguel Castro   Trumpet
Pancho Quinto   Drums
Ana Pérez Herrera   Vocals
Andres Coayo   Percussion,Timbales
Aramis Galindo   Vocals
Arlin González   Background Vocals
Alberto Guerrero   Trumpet
Andres Martinez   Percussion,Choir, Chorus
Alain Pérez   Bass
Amadito Valdés   Pailas
Bebo Loredo   Saxophone
Grupo Afro Boricua   Track Performer
Carlos "El Bola" Betancourt   Trumpet
Sara Gobel Villamil   Vocals
Luis Cancino Morales   Choir, Chorus,Itotele
Paulina Alvarez   Track Performer
Pacho Alonso   Track Performer
Manuel Mirabel   Trumpet
Pedro Fajardo   Violin
Mystic Rhythms Band   Track Performer
Julio Padron   Trumpet
Laito   Background Vocals
Carlos Aldama   Bata Drums
Conjunto de Roberto Faz   Track Performer
Comparsa San Agustin   Track Performer
Jesus Ezquijarrosa   Timbales
Orchestra Aragón   Track Performer
Chappottin Cuní   Track Performer
René Aillón   Saxophone
Rolando Perez Perez   Tenor Saxophone
Gerardo Alfonso   Guitar,Vocals,Track Performer
Dorgeris Alvarez   Piano,Choir, Chorus
Yanithza Alvarez   Keyboards,Choir, Chorus
Feliciano Arango Noa   Bass
Ricardo Cané   Vocals
Miguel Angel De Armas   Keyboards
Jorge Leliebre   Flute
Geandelaxis Bell   Trombone
Adalberto Avila   Bass
Vladimir Nàpoles   Choir, Chorus
Georvis Pico   Drums
Emilio Peñalver   Tenor Saxophone
Elio Revé Duverger   Piano
Samuel Formell   Drums,Pailas
Dagoberto González Hernández   Keyboards
Jorge Reyes   Bass

Technical Credits

Adalberto Alvarez   Director,Orchestration
Juan Formell   Director
Jack ONeil   Producer
Francisco Cespedes   Contributor
Mario "Aspirina" Jauregui   Contributor
Raul Pineda   Contributor

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Cuba: I Am Time 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
These songs are just FABULOUS!!!! I felt as if I was in Cuba, smoking a genuine cigar, and in the mist of all the beauty that Cuba has to offer. My favorites are the songs dedicated to the Orisas/Santos...what a way to touch your roots.