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Cuba: Neither Heaven nor Hell

Cuba: Neither Heaven nor Hell

by Maria Lopez Vigil

Editorial Reviews

Sojourners Magazine
Maria Lopez Vigil effectively examines the intricacies of the Cuban revolution in her collection of socio-political essays titled Cuba: Neither Heaven Nor Hell....[which] show her progression from leftist idealism to a mature, constructively critical view of Cuban politics and social change since 1959.

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Eduardo Galeano
This book is a key ring. Its seven keys are not for getting into paradise or hell, but rather for entering the very earthly reality of Cuba. At forty years of age, the revolution is not the dream that some believe it to be, nor is it the nightmare that others invent. Mar�a opens the way towards an understanding of one of the most dazzling human adventures of the 20th century.
—Eduardo Galeano, Latin American author of numerous volumes of poetry, essays and prose, including Memory of Fire
Martha Thompson
Finally, a book that avoids the traps of US distortions and probes what Cubans really think. A fascinating read about a revolution struggling to survive and develop alternatives by swimming against the current. Cuba: Neither Heaven Nor Hell is a real find for academics, students and�hopefully one day soon�US travelers in Cuba.—Martha Thompson and Minor Sinclair, Oxfam Canada and Oxfam America staff on Cuba
Peter Rosset
A glorious panorama of contemporary Cuban life and politics. Mar�a L�pez Vigil portrays Cuba with all its marvelous contradictions and fascinating paradoxes, and Cubans with their unforgettable energy and crazy brilliance. A must read.
—Peter Rosset, Executive Director, Food First/The Institute for Food and Development Policy
Margaret Randall
The Cuban revolution has been many things to many people: ideal, watershed, evil (as in "evil empire"), paradise, and hope for the future. As the only socialist revolution in the 20th century to have lasted four decades, it has engendered a great deal of writing: most of it painfully biased on one side or the other. Mar�a L�pez Vigil looks at the Cuban revolution with deep appreciation and an acutely critical eye. Here is the analysis so many of us have been waiting for, by one of our generation�s truly brilliant minds.
—Margaret Randall , author of Sandino�s Daughters

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