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Cultural Criminology / Edition 1

Cultural Criminology / Edition 1

by Jeff Ferrell, Clinton R. Sanders

ISBN-10: 1555532365

ISBN-13: 9781555532369

Pub. Date: 10/12/1995

Publisher: Northeastern University Press

Scholars in criminology and sociology explore the complex relationship between cultural and criminal practices.


Scholars in criminology and sociology explore the complex relationship between cultural and criminal practices.

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Northeastern University Press
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New Edition
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6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Contents: Introduction; Part I Theoretical Foundations: Juvenile delinquency and subterranean values, David Matza and Gresham M. Sykes; Moral entrepreneurs, Howard S. Becker; Deviance and moral panics, Stan Cohen; Subcultures, cultures and class, John Clarke, Stuart Hall, Tony Jefferson and Brian Roberts; Introduction, Jack Katz. Part II Models of Inquiry and Critique: Cultural criminology, Jeff Ferrell; Merton with energy, Katz with structure: the sociology of vindictiveness and the criminology of transgression, Jock Young; Boredom, crime and criminology, Jeff Ferrell; Reversing the ethnographic gaze: experiments in cultural criminology, Stephanie Kane. Part III Crime, Media, and the Image: Media, representation, and meaning: inside the hall of mirrors, Jeff Ferrell, Keith Hayward and Jock Young; The scene of the crime: is there such a thing as 'just looking'?, Alison Young; Mapping discursive closings in the war on drugs, Michelle Brown. Part IV Theorizing Crime and the City: Fortress Los Angeles: the militarization of urban space, Mike Davis; Remapping the city: public identity, cultural space, and social justice, Jeff Ferrell; Crime vs. cool space: breaking down broken windows, Gregory Snyder. Part V Emotion, Edgework, and the Body: Edgework: a social psychoanalysis of voluntary risk taking, Stephen Lyng; From carnival to the carnival of crime, Mike Presdee; 'The body does not lie': identity, risk and trust in technoculture, Katja Franko Aas. Part VI Markets, Consumption, and Crime: Crime, consumer culture, and the urban experience, Keith Hayward; Squaring the one percent: biker style and the selling of cultural resistance, Stephen Lyng and Mitchell L. Bracey Jr; The 'chav' phenomenon: consumption, media and the construction of a new underclass, Keith Hayward and Majid Yar; Cultural criminology and primitive accumulation, versus Jeff Ferrell: For a ruthless cultural criticism of everything existing, Steve Hall and Simon Winlow; Name index.

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