The Culture of the Meiji Period / Edition 1

The Culture of the Meiji Period / Edition 1

by Daikichi Irokawa

ISBN-10: 0691000301

ISBN-13: 9780691000305

Pub. Date: 10/01/1988

Publisher: Princeton University Press

The description for this book, The Culture of the Meiji Period, will be forthcoming.

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The description for this book, The Culture of the Meiji Period, will be forthcoming.

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Princeton University Press
Publication date:
Princeton Library of Asian Translations Series
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5.04(w) x 7.94(h) x 0.82(d)

Table of Contents

Preface to the English Translationvii
Editor's Introductionix
Japan: A Very Strange Country3
The Emperor System as a "Weight Upon the Eyes,"9
The Limits and Scope of the Problem15
IThe Creation of A Grass-Roots Culture19
The Silent Folk World19
First Stirring25
Subtle Transformations Toward Modernity29
A Sickness of Soul40
The Impact of the Restoration on Mountain Villages44
IIThe Impact Of Western Culture51
The Approach of Reform Bureaucrats51
Advocates of Enlightenment and the People59
The Cultural Gulf Between Japan and the West68
IIIWandering Pilgrims76
Restoration Youth76
A Spiritual Journey84
Grass-Roots Self-Government92
Substitution and Restatement102
Creating a People's Constitution108
Swan Song113
IVPoetry in Chinese and Revolutionary Thought123
Onuma Chinzan and Mori Shunto
Two Contrasting Undercurrents123
Historical Consciousness and Poetic Spirit131
The Life of Local Men of Letters139
Politics and Literature143
VThe Heights and Depths of Popular Consciousness151
The Voices of the Inarticulate151
The Thoughts of Unknown Soldiers159
Mountain Village Communes164
Abandoning Conventional Morality171
The Clash of Ideas at the Lower Social Level181
From Peak to Valley191
VICarriers of Meiji Culture196
The Establishment of the Japanese Intellectual Class196
Opening the Eye to the Inner Life207
Views of Civilization212
VIIMeiji Conditions of Nonculture219
Desperate Farming Villages in the Meiji Era219
Consciousness in the Lower Depths224
The Age of the Lost Ideal234
VIIIThe Emperor System as a Spiritual Structure245
The Legacy of Kokutai247
The Emperor and the People251
A Tradition Without Structure260
Maruyama's Interpretation of Kokutai267
The Kyodotai273
The "Family-State" (Kazoku Kokka)280
"Domicide" (Iegoroshi)287
A Soldier's Feelings293
The Power of National Education299
Index of Names Cited313

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