Cultures Collide: Native Americans and Europeans 1492-1700

Cultures Collide: Native Americans and Europeans 1492-1700

by Ann Rossi

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Children's Literature
The blending of diverse cultures into something new is described in a variety of ways. When Columbus made his voyage in 1492, he discovered a culture that had existed for many years. As he returned and other Europeans followed, the life of the Native Americans changed significantly. Although the many different groups of people eventually learned valuable lessons from each other, they also experienced conflicts based on differences in beliefs, values and lifestyles. The Europeans unwittingly introduced animals and diseases that caused the deaths of many natives. The settlers received valuable help from the natives for growing crops and adjusting to their new environments. The Native Americans appreciated the horses that were brought to their country and the new possibilities these animals provided. Reproductions of paintings, photographs, drawings, and maps, most in full color, clarify and expand the meaning of the text. Inserts of quotations from historic people lend a voice of authenticity. A glossary and index are included. 2004, National Geographic, Ages 8 to 11.
—Phyllis Kennemer, Ph.D.

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Crossroads America
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