Cultures Of Print

Cultures Of Print

by David D. Hall

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In this collection of six skillful essays, Hall (Witchhunting in Seventeen Century New England 1638-1692, Northeastern Univ., 1990) breaks new ground. Starting with the assumption "that the better we understand the production and consumption of books, the closer we come to a social history of culture," Hall expertly lays out the state of our knowledge in the areas of printing, literacy, reading, and the interchange between learned and popular culture in early America. He then argues for a new approach to the early American cultures of print. By stressing how print was used rather than dwelling on quantitative studies of book production and distribution, Hall sketches a fuller, more human picture of early American culture. While acknowledging the authority exerted by the church and the state in controlling the content of printed material, Hall points out that much is missed if we fail to consider the effects of the marketplace and the intermediary role of entrepreneurial printers and booksellers. Recommended for academic and large public libraries with an interest in American studies.Paul A. D'Alessandro, Portland P.L., Me.

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Studies in Print Culture and the History of the Book
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