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Cultures of the World: Bahrain

Cultures of the World: Bahrain

by Robert Cooper, Jo-Ann Spilling

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - Barbara L. Talcroft
Packed with information (perhaps more than teens are prepared to assimilate), each book of the "Cultures of the World" series looks at the geography, politics, economy, and culture of many diverse nations. Bahrain introduces young adults to an island country, rich in oil, connected to Saudi Arabia by a causeway, making it a focus of technology, Islamic banking, and tourism for Arab neighbors. Like other oil-rich Gulf kingdoms, Bahrain imports foreign workers for menial labor, leaving many Bahrainis with the leisure of enjoying its parks, sports events, and lavish shopping malls. The authors present a rosy picture of prosperous Bahrain, declaring it to be more liberal than many Arab nations, though a country where king, prime minister, and major officials are members of the Sunni Al-Khalifa family can hardly be called liberal. Since this volume covers only events through 2009, protests and severe government repression in 2011 are not mentioned. Most useful will be the chapters on history, arts, and culture. Bahrain has always had fresh water and vegetation, fostering the ancient Dilmun civilization, whose ruins and gravesites still exist in desert areas. Later Bahrain submitted to Portuguese and Persian rule, gaining its independence from Britain in 1971. When oil was discovered in 1925, Bahrain became the first Arab nation to export oil, in1932. Nearly all Bahrainis are Muslim, many Shiite because of their Persian heritage. Readers will soon realize that Bahrain is a male-oriented society; men and women are segregated, and women must be covered whenever they leave home. Traditional arts include pottery, weaving, folk music, and poetry. Bahraini entertainment, mainly family feasts, is centered in the home; recipes for lamb stew and an apricot dessert are included. Though the color photographs are attractive, the text is marred by an awkward style and, too often, careless editing. Reviewer: Barbara L. Talcroft

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Cavendish Square Publishing
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Cultures of the World 21 Series
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8.26(w) x 9.36(h) x 0.58(d)
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10 - 13 Years

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