Culturewatch / Edition 1

Culturewatch / Edition 1

by Abc, Barry Tomalin

ISBN-10: 0131376217

ISBN-13: 9780131376212

Pub. Date: 09/04/1994

Publisher: Pearson Education ESL

Product Details

Pearson Education ESL
Publication date:
ABC News Intermediate ESL Video Library Series
Edition description:
New Edition
Product dimensions:
7.00(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.37(d)

Table of Contents

Unit 1 Immigration and Race

Segment 1 Steve Briganti, Ellis Island Restorer

Segment 2 Spike Lee on His Movie Do the Right Thing

Segment 3 Those Terrible

Unit 2 Poetry and Music

Segment 4 Maya Angelou, Inaugural Poetess

Segment 5 Paul Simon

Segment 6 Poetry in America

Unit 3 Women and Work

Segment 7 Why Girls Lose Self-Confidence in Their Teens

Segment 8 Hillary Rodham Clinton

Segment 9 PG & E Trains Women for Construction and “Men’s” Jobs

Unit 4 Movies and Technology

Segment 10 Robert Redford, Sundance Film Festival Founder

Segment 11 TV Technology

Segment 12 What’s Become of Hollywood?

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