Curriculum, Religion, and Public Education: Conversations for Enlarging Public Square / Edition 1

Curriculum, Religion, and Public Education: Conversations for Enlarging Public Square / Edition 1

by James Sears, James C. Carper

ISBN-10: 0807737070

ISBN-13: 9780807737071

Pub. Date: 03/01/1998

Publisher: Teachers College Press

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Teachers College Press
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Pt. IFoundations for Conversations
1History, Religion, and Schooling: A Context for Conversation11
2Encounters in Law, Philosophy, Religion, and Education25
3Crossing Boundaries and Becoming the Other: Voices Across Borders36
4Dialogue, Religion, and Tolerance: How to Talk to People Who Are Wrong About (Almost) Everything59
Pt. IITextbooks: Whose Stories are to be Told?
5Religion and the Textbooks73
6It's Not About the Books: Textbook Controversies and the Need for Uncertain Conversations85
Community Dialogue: Questing for Certainty and Uncertainty: The Role of Teacher and Text92
Suggested Additional Readings on Textbooks102
Pt. IIIValues in the Public Schools: What and Whose Values Should be Taught?
7Why a Functional Definition of Religion Is Necessary If Justice Is to Be Achieved in Public Education105
8Moral Education as a Form of Life116
Community Dialogue: Is There a Common Moral Framework That Schools Can Embrace?126
Suggested Additional Readings on Values135
Pt. IVSexuality Education: What Does Teaching Sexual Responsibility Mean?
9Sex Education Should Exclusively Endorse Abstinence as the Only Effective Prevention of the Unacceptable Risks of Nonmarital Sexual Relations139
10Teaching and Researching Sexualities in a Socially Responsible Manner161
Community Dialogue: Sexual Behaviors and Sexual Cultures177
Suggested Additional Readings on Sexuality Education183
Pt. VOutcome-Based Education: Who Should Set the Standards?
11The Fundamentalist Right, the "New Paradigm," and Outcome-Based Education187
12Outcome-Based Education: Can It Be Redeemed?198
Community Dialogue: A Matter of Fairness and Equity209
Suggested Additional Readings on Outcome-Based Education217
Pt. VIScience: Who and What are we?
13The Problem of Dogmatism in Science Education221
14The Two Controversies over Evolution231
Community Dialogue: From Six Days to 4.6 Billion Years240
Suggested Additional Readings on Science251
Pt. VIIA Concluding Conversation Among Education Scholars
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