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Customer 3D: A New Dimension for Customers

Customer 3D: A New Dimension for Customers

by Bill Self

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Publishers Weekly
Today's successful businessmust be "customer-centric," Self argues in this challenging, ifponderous, primer. Just as three-dimensional photography changed the way we see images,three-dimensional customer service can transform the staid order-filling vendor into an organization dedicated to customer success and expanded consumer-business relationships.Developing an appropriate company culture is crucial to this effort, and Self acknowledges that new thinking, not superficial techniques, is key; he asserts that the rewards are great: focusing on making life easier for customers will result in loyalty and expanded opportunities. Self buttresses his theme with examples of companies that have thrived using this model, in large part owing to their willingness to challenge the status quo. Given that customer success is a nebulous and fluid concept, the solution is to build a relationship that demonstrates "you are capable of changing with them."The engaged customer will become your advocate and ultimately your partner. Self's enthusiasm for his proposals is evident, but his constant reiteration of the contrasts between the traditional 1D and innovative 3D models, and restatements of the virtues of the 3D approach, are tedious. A stripped-down manual might better convey the message that "pulling customers in to create a closeness" is the key to the future of commerce.

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