Customer Behavior / Edition 1

Customer Behavior / Edition 1

by Banwari Mittal, Bruce I. Newman, Jagdish N. Sheth

ISBN-10: 003098016X

ISBN-13: 9780030980169

Pub. Date: 08/28/1998

Publisher: Harcourt College Publishers

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Harcourt College Publishers
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Older Edition
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Table of Contents

Pt. 1The Customer: Key to Market Success
Ch. 1Managerial Importance of Customer Behavior2
Ch. 2Three Roles of a Customer: User, Payer, Buyer32
Ch. 3Market Values Customers Seek56
Pt. 2Determinants of Customer Behavior
Ch. 4Market Characteristics: Climate, Topography, and Ecology94
Ch. 5Market Context: Economy, Government, and Technology118
Ch. 6Personal Context: Culture, Reference Groups, and Personal Worth144
Ch. 7Personal Characteristics: Genetics, Race, Gender, Age, and Personality200
Ch. 8Trends in Determinants of Customer Behavior254
Pt. 3The Customer's Mind-Set
Ch. 9The Customer as a Perceiver and a Learner296
Ch. 10Customer Motivation: Needs, Emotions, and Psychographics340
Ch. 11Customer Attitudes: Cognitive and Affective386
Ch. 12Market Differentiation and Segmentation: Responding to Customer Differences426
Ch. 13Researching Customer Behavior466
Pt. 4Customer Decision Making
Ch. 14Individual Customer Decision Making514
Ch. 15Household Customer Decision Making564
Ch. 16Business and Government Customer Decision Making610
Ch. 17Intermediary Customer Decision Making654
Pt. 5Customer Focused Marketing
Ch. 18Customer Loyalty to Products and Stores696
Ch. 19Relationship-Based Buying734
Ch. 20Creating Market Values for the Customer770

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