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4.6 5
by Michael J. Cavallaro
"The debut novel from author Michael J. Cavallaro that explores the technological future of mind control by following two con-artists into a futuristic world where humans are mentally controlled by a technology called sublimation, designed to subliminally influence both human thought and the course of events themselves.

Set thirty-five years after the devastating


"The debut novel from author Michael J. Cavallaro that explores the technological future of mind control by following two con-artists into a futuristic world where humans are mentally controlled by a technology called sublimation, designed to subliminally influence both human thought and the course of events themselves.

Set thirty-five years after the devastating Encryption Wars, the rise of sublimation from the city of Cybernetica has left a criminal subculture brewing—those immune to its technological parameters of control. Now, following the first successful cyber attack in its history, insurgents are aiming to destroy and recreate the very civilization it supports. In a world of covert wars, corporate dealings, and government corruptions, there are those who not only hold the fate of the future...but the secrets of the past.

Hailed by Entertainment Today as "an intensely ambitious first novel," Cybernetica expands upon the growing literary influence of New Weird writers like Neil Gaiman and Alastair Reynolds by providing the reader with a remarkably gripping, vivid, and intimate depiction of future conspiracies."

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Arcanum Books
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Cybernetica 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I read this book in about three days and was surprised by how unpredictable the story is, in a future where every aspect of human behavior seems controlled. Unlike a lot of science fiction that's written these days, the characters don't simply exist for the sake of technology. Rather, technology only serves to define the character arcs. Probably the most enjoyable sci-fi read about Big Brother and corporate dominance since 1984 and Blade Runner.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I bought this book yesterday, and am about 70 pages in. I like the premise, I like the characters, I like the dialogue. This kind of futuristic sci-fi is always the kind of thing I'm looking for in the bookstore. There were a few things that did bother me, though, and that's just things that I notice as a fellow writer: some of the phrasing was clunky and parts seemed to drag on to excess. That's so far not stopped me from enjoying the book, and I applaud Mr. Cavallaro for writing a great book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
At the peak of the technological revolution there was a war between governments and large corporations over computer access codes, privatized data, and net security. Breaking down firewalls and stealing from competitors became routine. Corporations and governments world-wide stole from one another, hijacked enemy mainframes, spread viruses, and sabotaged networks. 'Netrunners' were hired continuously to either create better cyber defenses or break into newly created cyber defenses. History calls it The Encryption War. Since that time the world has lived through three encryption wars. A fragile treaty is the only thing that stands between peace and a fourth war. ................... Needless-to-say, the public evolved during it all. Most people in the world now have chips in their heads. It began as a mental performance inhibitor (or at least that is how the government sold it to the public). It is now called Sublimation. A DNI transmitter can subliminally activate the functions of brain operation controlling abstract thought, sending commands into the unconscious mind without the host ever knowing it. The world does not realize that the classic fictional story '1984' by author George Orwell has finally come true. ............ Galaxy Pictures holds their latest movie premier, starring Annalise DeSoto, at the Omega Theater. The audience plugs their chips into the stems and actually feel as though they are inside the movie. This will later be noted as the first successful cyber attack in history. There is only one survivor, Annalise. The Onyx/Enigma Group owns Galaxy Pictures. They hire a solo named Nisha to protect Annalise. (To put it simply, a solo is an altered person, super human.) But Annalise and Nisha are soon marked for death by their own corporations. ............ A group of insurgents called 'drifters' (immune to sublimation) are launching their long-planned for revolution to destroy their version of Big Brother. The question now is not whether Annalise or Nisha will survive, but will the world. ........................ **** Fans of the Matrix Trilogy films will adore this novel. There is much more going on within the book than I explain in the synopsis above, as well as other major characters. But to even touch upon them would triple the size of this review. The story begins with the cyber attack at the movie premier. But afterward the story slows down a lot. This is necessary to help the reader understand how society functions in this futuristic time line. Once the reader comprehends it all, the pace picks back up. From there on, it is non-stop action. In fact, should this novel ever be made into a film, it would probably rival 'The Matrix'. Excellent hard core science fiction! ****
Guest More than 1 year ago
Hypnotic. A veritable elixer for the malaise of a nation subdued.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Thirty-five years have passed since the destruction caused by the Encryption Wars devastated much of society. In direct reaction, the computer based subliminal animation, known as sublimation was created to regulate actions. All humans living in Cybernetica were expected to undergo the surgical implant of a chip to control the behavior of the law abiding citizens. --- However, there exist those outside the domination of the implants. These are lumped together as criminals and hunted down by the leaders of the corporatism that rule the city. That in turn has led to some banding together of the fringe element. One particular group, the Drifters, plans to tear down sublimation and return civilization to its roots of freedom, but this revolt will be fought mostly in cyberspace, which is owned and controlled by the Cybernetica corporatism. However, no one is prepared for the spark, an assassination attempt of an actress or the results of the hiring from shadows of two con artists to investigate the murder. --- CYBERNETICA is an intriguing science fiction cautionary thriller that brings 1984 into the cyber age by depicting a society in which computers do the thinking for people. The story line moves forward on several fronts including the who-done-it, but deftly comes together with a battle to determine the future of mankind one side wants programmed cattle while the other prefers free will. Orwellian fans and anyone who appreciate a well written exhilarating warning tale about the government-industrial-media complex telling us when to go to the bathroom will want to read this dark futuristic thriller. --- Harriet Klausner