Cycling Colorado's Mountain Passes

Cycling Colorado's Mountain Passes

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by Kurt Magsamen

The first guidebook to tell bicyclists everything they need to know to ride Colorado's 38 highest, paved mountain roads.  See more details below


The first guidebook to tell bicyclists everything they need to know to ride Colorado's 38 highest, paved mountain roads.

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Cycling Colorado's Mountain Passes 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Though not exhaustive, Cycling Colorado's Mountain Passes by Kurt Magsamen, offers a perfect beginning for anyone seeking information on Colorado's many mountain climbs. This book, 237 pages long, describes 34 passes from all parts of the state. All passes are neatly outlined in the table of contents by area, thereby making them easy to find. The introduction describes the book's organization and general content. This section also includes useful information about safety, time of the year with optimal weather conditions, recommendations for conditioning as well as equipment. For someone new to the state or unfamiliar with cycling mountain passes, the introduction is most useful. There is also a summery of passes by region that includes elevation and difficulty on pages 223-4. A pass-bragging log provides a place for making personal notes. The included index provides quick access to the more detailed information contained in the book elsewhere. The bulk of the book is devoted to a description of each pass. Each of the described passes is organized to begin with an overview, and followed by a road map, recommended start and stop points as well as alternatives, road and traffic conditions, descent challenges, sleep and supplies, and finally mileage logs. All information included is quite useful especially for someone who is new to the state. I especially like the comments contained in the road and traffic conditions, as well as the insights about where one can find accommodations and food. The graphic display of the mileage log offers a quick look of what one is about to tackle and given the exaggerated vertical scale can appear quite intimidating. More accurate information about mountain grades and overall difficulty is included in the opening paragraphs for each pass. In general, I find the book is well organized and full of useful information. It is small enough to fit into the back of your bike jersey and at a list price of $17.95 should be considered for the book shelf of every biking enthusiast who wants to take on Colorado's mountain passes.