Damn Fool

Damn Fool

by Big Scoob

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Strange Music

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  25. Always Gone  -  Big Scoob
  26. Doin My Thang  - Irv Da Phenom

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Big Scoob   Primary Artist
Big Rich   Vocals
Messy Marv   Vocals
Diana Taylor   Vocals
Tech N9ne   Vocals
Bumpy Knuckles   Vocals
T-Nutty   Vocals
Robert Rebeck   Vocals
Skatterman   Vocals
Txx Will   Vocals
Krizz Kaliko   Vocals
Terrance   Vocals
Glasses Malone   Vocals
Rappin Twan   Vocals
A-P   Vocals
Makzilla   Vocals
Aaron Smith   Vocals
Jay Rock   Vocals
Irv Da Phenom   Vocals
Crystal Watson   Vocals
Skeet   Vocals
Steven "Chillest Illest" Mitchell   Vocals
Doc   Vocals
Hot Twat Jenkins   Vocals
Kiya   Vocals
Antonio Lee Gerald Tubbs   Vocals
Brittany Williams   Vocals
Bryant "Boogieman" Smith   Vocals

Technical Credits

Robert Rebeck   Producer
Adam "Wyshmaster" Cherrington   Producer
Bob Grossi   Management
Brian Shafton   Management
Sean Raspberry   Composer,Producer
Bryant Smith   Composer
Richie Abbott   Publicity
Michael "Seven" Summers   Composer,Producer
Stacy Landis   Composer
William Oates   Composer
Stewart D. Ashby   Composer
Samuel Watson   Composer
Marvin Watson   Composer
Manzilla Queen   Composer
Korey Lloyd   Publicity
Adam Cherrington   Composer
James F. Campbell   Composer
Ben Grossi   Management
Travis O'Guin   Executive Producer
Brett Morrow   Marketing
Tom Baker   Mastering
Britton Kimler   Marketing,Promoter
Aaron Bean   Marketing
Josh Rickards   Marketing
Chris Rooney   Marketing
Charles Penniman   Composer
Aaron D. "Tech N9ne" Yates   Composer
Lonard Young   Composer,Producer
Ryan Lindberg   Marketing
Steven Mitchell   Composer
Todd Jones   Composer
Jeff Nelson   Marketing
Johnnie McKenzie   Composer
Mike "Em80" Dupree   Composer,Producer
Mitchell Irving   Composer
Richard Bougere   Composer
Antoine Butler   Composer
Bryant "Boogieman" Smith   Producer

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