Dance Boom, Vol. 2

Dance Boom, Vol. 2


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Telstar Tv

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  2. The Morning After (Free at Last)  -  Strike
  3. The Good Life  -  New Power Generation
  4. I Luv U Baby  -  Original
  5. Destination Eschaton  -  Shamen
  6. I Wanna Be with U  -  Fun Factory
  7. Sing It (The Hallelujah Song)  -  Mozaic
  8. Keep Warm  -  Jinny
  9. The Thing I Like  -  Aaliyah
  10. Boom Boom Boom  -  Outhere Brothers
  11. Try Me Out  -  Corona
  12. Humpin' Around  - Bobby Brown
  13. The Bomb! (These Sounds Fall into My Mind)  -  Bucketheads
  14. Stuck on You  -  PJ & Duncan
  15. Get Your Hands off My Man  - Junior Vasquez
  16. Hold On  -  Happy Clappers
  17. The Wonder of Love  - Rachel McFarlane
  18. Joanna  -  Mrs. Wood
  19. Keep It Up  -  Sharada House Gang
  20. Break of Dawn  -  Rhythm on the Loose
  21. Down for the One  - Beverley Knight

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Seal   Track Performer
Bobby Brown   Track Performer
Aaliyah   Track Performer
Corona   Track Performer
Original   Track Performer
Fun Factory   Track Performer
New Power Generation   Track Performer
Outhere Brothers   Track Performer
Clock   Track Performer
Bucketheads   Track Performer
Loveland   Track Performer
Jinny   Track Performer
Junior Vasquez   Track Performer
N-Trance   Track Performer
Nush   Track Performer
Truce   Track Performer
PJ & Duncan   Track Performer
Beverley Knight   Track Performer
Shady   Track Performer
Sharada House Gang   Track Performer
Happy Clappers   Track Performer
Rhythm on the Loose   Track Performer
Mozaic   Track Performer
Rachel McFarlane   Track Performer
Sugar Shack   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Babyface   Producer
Shamen   Producer
R. Kelly   Producer
Steve Allan   Producer
Gianfranco Bortolotti   Producer
K-Klass   Remixing
Daryl Simmons   Composer,Producer
Gary Wilkinson   Producer,Remixing
Ramon Zenker   Remixing
New Power Generation   Composer,Producer
Outhere Brothers   Producer
Junior Vasquez   Producer
Tony de Vit   Remixing
Oliver Bondzio   Remixing
Walter Cremonini   Producer
Zarc Porter   Producer
Vito Benito   Producer,Remixing
Paul Gotel   Producer,Remixing
Geoff Hibbert   Producer
G. Ripley   Composer,Producer
Tavo Sambrook   Producer
DJ Pippi   Producer
DJ WT   Producer
Bülent Aris   Arranger,Programming,Remixing
CJ Scott   Composer,Producer
Mark Topham   Producer
Ray Hedges   Producer
Hadfield   Producer
Martin Brannigan   Producer
Pule Pheto   Producer
Checco & Soul Train   Producer
Simon Parkes   Remixing
Langdon Reid   Composer,Producer

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