Dance Essentials: The Collection, Vol. 1-3

Dance Essentials: The Collection, Vol. 1-3


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Disc 1

  1. Look at Us
  2. Summer Jam
  3. My Heart Goes Boom
  4. It's Gonna Be Alright
  5. Never Enough
  6. Running on Empty
  7. You Make Me Feel
  8. Let Me Love You
  9. Toca's Miracle
  10. Synaesthesia (Fly Away)
  11. Smile
  12. Castles in the Sky
  13. Blood Is Pumpin
  14. Let U Go

Disc 2

  1. Flawless
  2. One More Time
  3. The Real Life
  4. Rapture (Tastes So Sweet)
  5. Hide U
  6. Resurection
  7. Light a Rainbow
  8. Island
  9. Temple of Dreams
  10. D-Tune (Earplugs)
  11. Thrill Me
  12. Bel Amour
  13. I'm So Crazy (Erick Morillo vs. Who Da Funk)
  14. Another Chance

Disc 3

  1. Like a Prayer
  2. I Feel So Fine
  3. I Will Follow You
  4. You're Not Alone
  5. Only Time
  6. She Moves (La La La)
  7. Forever
  8. Am I on Pause
  9. The Way
  10. Two Months Off
  11. Rising Sun
  12. Where Are You Now
  13. Cafe del Mar

Album Credits

Technical Credits

Joe Strummer   Composer
Roma Ryan   Composer
Madonna   Composer
A. Gordon   Composer
Tim Kellett   Composer
Michael Lange   Composer
Patrick Leonard   Composer
Steve Lukather   Composer
Paul Newton   Composer
Lee Robinson   Composer
Nicky Ryan   Composer
Kenneth Harrison   Composer
M. Morrison   Composer
Jan Johnston   Composer
Touch of Class   Producer,Engineer
Judge Jules   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Robert Michaels   Composer
Boris Dlugosch   Composer
Thomas Bangalter   Composer
Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo   Composer
Paul M.   Composer
Robin Taylor-Firth   Composer
Timo Maas   Composer
Markus Boehme   Composer
André Tanneberger   Composer
C.J. Stone   Composer
Martin Buttrich   Composer
A. Moore   Composer
Róisín Murphy   Composer
Paris Robinson   Composer
Edouard de Tricasse   Composer
Andy Bolleshon   Composer
Steve Helstrip   Composer
John Leonardo Lepore   Composer
Alexander Polyakov   Composer
Melanie Moser   Composer
B. Grobler   Composer
Martin Hensing   Composer
Paul Crawley   Composer
Jacky "Buma Stemra" Bredie   Composer
Per Lidén   Composer
P. Sears   Composer

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