Dance Nation, Vol. 10

Dance Nation, Vol. 10


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Ministry Of Sound Uk

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Disc 1

  1. I'm Not Alone
  2. My Life Would Suck Without You
  3. One Step at a Time
  4. Walk on Water
  5. In the Heat of the Night
  6. Womanizer
  7. The Man Who Can't Be Moved
  8. Spotlight
  9. Love Story
  10. Memory
  11. With You
  12. Blame It on You
  13. She's So Lovely
  14. Sex Shooter
  15. The Lover That You Are
  16. Jai Ho
  17. All the Things She Said

Disc 2

  1. Keeps Gettin' Better
  2. Can't Get Over
  3. Mysterious Times
  4. Trading Places
  5. Beggin'
  6. Don't Walk Away
  7. Say It
  8. Just Dance
  9. Rockin at the Disco
  10. Stupid Mistake
  11. Feels Like Heaven
  12. If You Love Me
  13. When I Close My Eyes
  14. Better off Alone
  15. Dancing with an Angel
  16. Dancin'
  17. Saturday Night 2009

Disc 3

  1. Show Me Love
  2. Day 'N' Nite
  3. Shake It
  4. So What
  5. Trippin'
  6. Out There
  7. Every Word
  8. Change the World
  9. Hold On
  10. Wiggle It
  11. Out of My Mind
  12. You Make Me Feel
  13. My Music
  14. A Step Too Far
  15. Make It on My Own
  16. Please Don't Go

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Robin S.   Vocals
John Matthews   Background Vocals
Jonas Von Der Burg   Keyboards
Jeanette Olsson   Background Vocals
Richard Adlam   Drums,Vocals
Guthrie Govan   Guitar,Mandolin
Hal Ritson   Keyboards,Vocals
Yolanda Quartey   Vocals
Jeff Martens   Vocals
Daz Sampson   Background Vocals
Ricki-Lee Coulter   Background Vocals
Marie Louise   Vocals
Antoine Robertson   Vocals
Niclas Vonderburg   Keyboards
Galen Ayres   Vocals
Kartik Raghunathan   Vocals
Lauren Dyson   Vocals

Technical Credits

Robbie Nevil   Composer,Producer
Prince   Composer
Steve Kipner   Composer
David Morales   Composer
Marc Anderson   Composer,Producer
Vassal Benford   Composer
Carla Bianco   Composer
Harry Wayne "K.C." Casey   Composer
Gordon Chambers   Composer
Cutfather   Producer
Larry Evans   Composer
Bob Gaudio   Composer
Allen George   Composer
David Hall   Composer
Ernie Lake   Engineer
Fred McFarlane   Composer
Linda Perry   Composer,Producer
Erick Sermon   Composer
Ronald Spearman   Composer
Ramon Zenker   Composer
Soul Solution   Producer
John Matthews   Producer
Jason Nevins   Producer,Remixing
Hex Hector   Producer
Max Martin   Composer,Producer
Nick Halkes   Composer
Ralf Kappmeier   Composer
Martin Kierszenbaum   Composer
A.R. Rahman   Composer
Mark Summers   Producer
Paul Clarke   Composer,Producer
Davide Riva   Arranger,Composer
Sascha Lappessen   Composer
Kevin Madison   Composer
Thomas Alisson   Composer
Jörn Friese   Composer
Robert Uhlmann   Producer
Jonas Von Der Burg   Composer,Programming,Producer
T. Horn   Composer
Christina Aguilera   Composer
Pink   Composer
John "Jellybean" Benitez   Executive Producer
Alexander Perls   Composer
Lee Butler   Composer
Pronti   Composer
Sampson   Composer
Jens Kindervater   Producer,Remixing
Mark Sheehan   Composer
Kalmani   Composer
Nicci Gilbert   Composer
Andrew Frampton   Composer
Regina Janssen   Composer
Mads Hansen   Composer
Bland   Composer
Matt Lee   Composer
Neary   Composer
Regi Penxten   Composer,Producer
J. Von Der Burg   Composer
John Dahlbäck   Composer,Producer
Franco Amato   Composer
Richard Adlam   Programming
Peter Luts   Composer,Producer
B. Grobler   Composer,Producer
Annemie Coenen   Composer
Johan Becker   Composer
Michel Pollen   Composer
Frank Knebel   Producer
Danny O'Donoghue   Composer,Producer
Lukasz "Dr. Luke" Gottwald   Composer
P.J. Nelson   Composer
Steve Angello   Producer
Anoo Bhagavan   Composer
Shaffer Smith   Composer
Blake Healy   Composer
Scott Simons   Composer,Producer
Ariel Bjorklund   Composer
Lenny B.   Producer,Remixing
Veikka Ercola   Composer
Sergio Galoyan   Composer
Hal Ritson   Producer,Engineer
Claude Kelly   Composer
Jeff Martens   Composer,Producer
Jens O.   Producer,Remixing
Matthews   Composer
Rob Mayth   Producer,Remixing
Taylor Swift   Composer
Mark Duderstadt   Composer
Mikkel Storleer Eriksen   Composer
Israel   Composer
W. Naraine   Composer
Daz Sampson   Producer
Gulzar   Composer
Ricki-Lee Coulter   Composer,Producer
Jonas Jeberg   Composer,Producer
Calvin Harris   Composer
Mark Coupe   Producer
Alex Ridge   Producer
Trace Cyrus   Composer
Anthony Improgo   Composer
Sebastian Thott   Composer,Programming
Roy Stride   Composer
Greg Churchouse   Composer
Peter Ellard   Composer
Dirk Duderstadt   Composer
Dave Heels   Producer
N. Von Der Burg   Composer
Mina Poli   Composer
Lazee   Composer
Aaron Evers   Composer
Thomas Didrik   Composer
Shellback   Composer
Nikesha Briscoe   Composer
Tanvi Shah   Composer
Michelle McKenna   Composer
T. Nash   Composer
Llohan Fjellström   Composer
Tor Erik Hermansen   Composer
B. Kovak   Composer,Producer
L. Austin   Composer
E. Lind   Composer
Niclas Vonderburg   Composer
U. Raymond   Composer
E. Kiper   Composer
V. Polienk   Composer
Peggy Farina   Composer
Marie Louise Flavell   Composer
Steven Laycock   Composer,Producer
Tony Neil   Composer,Producer
Jenna Barr   Composer,Producer
Iloria Godani   Composer
O. Omishorel   Composer
Mason Masso   Composer
Mawole Kulege   Composer
Eshraque Mughal   Composer
Prins   Composer
R. Finch   Composer
Joakim Udd   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Engineer
Scott Mescudi   Composer
C. McKinney   Composer
Rafael Akinyemi   Composer
K. Briscoe   Producer
Jonas Altberg   Composer,Producer
Carl Björsell   Composer
Alfredo Larry Pignagnoli   Composer

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