Dance of Desire

Dance of Desire

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by Catherine Kean

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She risked everything in one seductive dance . . .
Disguised as a veiled courtesan, Lady Rexana Villeaux dances for Fane Linford, the new High Sheriff of Warringham. Desperate to distract him while her servant steals the missive that condemns her brother as a traitor to the Crown, she entices Fane with all the passion in her soul--and he is tempted.
A hero of


She risked everything in one seductive dance . . .
Disguised as a veiled courtesan, Lady Rexana Villeaux dances for Fane Linford, the new High Sheriff of Warringham. Desperate to distract him while her servant steals the missive that condemns her brother as a traitor to the Crown, she entices Fane with all the passion in her soul--and he is tempted.
A hero of the crusades, Fane has been granted an English bride by the king. Fane wants only one woman: the exquisite dancer. When he discovers she's actually a highborn lady, and that her rebellious brother is imprisoned in his dungeon, he will have no other wife but her.
Rexana doesn't want to become the sheriff's bride, but it may be the only way to save her brother. Yet as she learns more about her brooding husband tormented by barbaric secrets, she finds it harder and harder to deny his love or their dance of desire.

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Meet the Author

Catherine Kean has always loved tales of heroic knights and stubborn damsels. Her debut medieval romance, Dance of Desire, was the launch title of Medallion Press's Sapphire Jewel Imprint. Dance of Desire won two Reviewer’s Choice Awards, Best Medieval in industry review magazine Affaire de Coeur’s 2006 Reader-Writers’ Poll, and finaled in four contests for published romance novelists.

Her other books have also garnered accolades. My Lady's Treasure won the historical category of the 2008 Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence Contest and was a finalist in the 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. A Knight’s Reward was a 2008 National Readers’ Choice Awards finalist.

Catherine also writes award-winning contemporary romances under the pseudonym Cate Lord. Busy working on her next novel, she lives in Florida with her husband, daughter, and two spoiled cats. For more details on her books and appearances, please visit her website:

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4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
NavyWave62 More than 1 year ago
I NEED NERVE PILLS AFTER READING THIS STORY!!! MY OH MY, my heart was racing especially toward the last 50 or more pages. I was yelling at my Nook because how Rexana was acting at times - please - how could she not fall for Fane? But, I'll give her this, she was loyal to a fault at times, no matter how it hurt her husband!! I have read all the books Ms. Kean has written and they are all so different, what imagination she has!! I am not going into the storyline, as others have explained it better than I, but this is a wonderful story, that will take you on one heck of a ride!!! There are some love making scenes, within marriage, not very descriptive as some Romance Author's write, but just enough that you know the passion they feel. Do yourself a favor, and read this unique story. (ljb)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I thought the plot was intense and the love story sensual. I liked both the sexy Fane and Rexana. The intrigue about her brother made it an interesting read to see how Fane was going to resolve the problem.
Guest More than 1 year ago
In the late 12th century during the time of King Richard there is a rebellion in Warringham and the King sends the High Sherriff, Fane Linford to curb the rebellion, round up the rebels, and in return, he gets to choose a bride. Fane arrives to his castle in order to celebrate the capture of a group of these unruly noblemen, one of which happens to be Lady Rexana Villeaux's brother Rudd. Rexana must do whatever necessary to get Rudd released from Fane's dungeon and prove his innocence. The beautiful Lady Rexana is sought after by most of the men in the kingdom for her beauty and virtue. In desperation she decides to dance the Dance of the Veils for Fane in order to entice him so she can get to his personal rooms, search and destroy the documents that link her brother to the rebellion, and get Rudd released. Already nervous by her inexperience as a courtesan and dancer, she realizes she is attracted to the dark, handsome Fane. Fane is even more drawn to Rexana's beauty. He not only wants her in his bed, but on discovering her true identity wants her as his bride. He struggles with his feelings, especially when he discovers that Rexana continues to plot behind his back to release her brother. The romantic and sensual tension has the reader captured from beginning to end and the lust turned love between these two lovers is a masterful weave. Interwoven in the love story is the mystery of the true identity of the real villians behind the rebellion. This is truly a beautiful, well-written story that is difficult to put down. The story plot and characters are rich and deep and the history is well-researched. What a fabulous debut! Catherine Kean is another author to add to the 'please write another one soon' list.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Fabulous story of a noble woman who puts her loyalty to her brother before her own desires and the gallant man who will stop at nothing to win her heart. Superb details and language transported me into the story completely. A terrific debut novel for Catherine Kean.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Set in England, 1192. After doing his duty in the crusade, Fane Linford is the High Sheriff of Warringham. He has been granted a bride of his own choosing, by King Richard himself. Fane has only to choose. However, Fane is kept busy. There is a rebellion forming against the crown. Rumor says Fane has a list of traitors that he will be turning over to the king. ...................................... Lady Rexana Villeaux learns that her brother's name is on that list and that he resides in the High Sheriff's dungeon! She is determined to see Rudd's named cleared. He would never turn traitor! Rexana dresses in the gauzy disguise of a desert courtesan and performs for the new High Sheriff, distracting him so her servant could steal the list. ................................ The passion in her dance does indeed catch Fane's eye. Too much so. Fane is determined to claim Lady Rexana as his bride. To save her brother she will agree. Then he may take his time to win her trust, followed by her heart. ................................ However, the area's unrest seems to be against the new couple. Not only that, but Lord Darwell's son, Garmonn, has always believed that he would be Lady Rexana's husband some day. And if he must kill the barbaric new High Sheriff, then so be it! .................................................................... ...................... **** Author Catherine Kean writes with such passion that you can feel the hurt and joy that her characters' experience. I could easily imagine myself in the heroine's place and understand all her actions. No stupid little fits or tantrums for this brave heroine! Wonderful tale that I proudly recommend! ****
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 1192 Lady Rexana Villeaux is desperate to save her fifteen years old brother Rudd from being arrested as a traitor. To succeed she must steal a list that High Sheriff Fane Linford has. To accomplish this deed, she must replace an ailing actress and dance like a desert courtesan as rumors that the former Crusader survived months of torture and imprisonment due to the love of a Saracen courtesan. While she distracts Fane, her accomplice is to take the list........................... Fane immediately realizes that the scantily clad female is a fake as she fumbles several nuances in her performance. Still he is intrigued as to why she would perform as she has. When he learns who her sibling is, he offers her a bargain; marry him and he will help her brother.......................... Medieval romance readers will appreciate the DANCE OF DESIRE because of the brooding hero and the courageous woman who lightens his soul when she steals his heart. The story line is somewhat typical of the sub-genre with clever villains plotting against King Richard while a former Crusader and his reluctant bride stand in their way. Still the changing relationship between the couple entertains the audience who will wonder whether ultimately Rexana will have to choose between her love for her husband or for her brother........................ Harriet Klausner
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As the heroine dances, the book comes alive; it feels real. Otherwise it wasn't satisfying for me--the story was light on plot, and mainly offered the hero and heroine trying to manipulate one another/misunderstanding one another. Readers who enjoy that total focus on the relationship will likely find this a satisfying read.