Dance-Party Hits

Dance-Party Hits


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Disc 1

  1. Show Me Love 2k12  - Sean Finn
  2. Children  - Jack Holiday
  3. Ai Se Eu Te Pego  -  Besouro
  4. Around the World (LaLaLa)  -  Disco Boys
  5. Love Music  -  Carlprit
  6. You  - Crystal Rock
  7. You/Droid  - Robbie Groove
  8. Club Rocker  -  Inna
  9. Mi Cafe  -  Picco
  10. Is It Love  - Nelson Sangaré
  11. I Don't Want You Back  -  Plumbers
  12. Shining Star 2.0  - DJ Fait
  13. Catch a Star  -  Clark & Kent
  14. Heaven 2k12  -  Giselle
  15. Erase You  - Andre Oiá
  16. Throw Ya Hands in the Air 2k11  - Shrink Reloaded
  17. How Will I Know  -  UDC

Disc 2

  1. Don't Stop the Music  -  Love Unit
  2. 2012 (Get Your Hands Up)  - René De La Moné
  3. Do the Dance  -  Baker, McFly & Gee
  4. Sexy  -  Jumo
  5. Ride the Waves  -  Nogales
  6. Make This Party Nice  -  P.S.Y.
  7. Everybody in the Club (Let's F**k!)  -  Disco Cell
  8. One Finger  -  Mikl
  9. Changes 2012  - René De La Moné
  10. All Night Long  - Ron Ravolta
  11. Get on the Floor  -  Jayl
  12. Can You Feel!!!  -  Sydney-7
  13. Gypsy Rock  -  Attention Seekers
  14. Le Bump  -  Yolanda Be Cool
  15. Alegria  - DJ Sanny J
  16. Big Bad Wolf  -  Duck Sauce
  17. Billy Jean  - Geeno Fabulous
  18. [Untitled]

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Michael Jackson   Composer
Lionel Richie   Composer
Andy Jay Powell   Composer
Lee Robinson   Composer
Shannon Rubicam   Composer
Armand Van Helden   Composer
Daddy Waku   Composer
Roberto Concina   Composer
Cyrus Sadeghi-Wafa   Composer
Alex Christensen   Composer
Carsten Zintel   Composer
Shaun Baker   Composer
Jens Ophälders   Composer
Matthew Tasa   Composer
Ronald Fiolet   Composer
Peter Schnell   Composer
Willy William   Composer
Sebastian Barac   Composer
Radu Bolfea   Composer
Marcel Botezan   Composer
Tommy Clint   Composer
Alain Macklovitch   Composer
Alex Vision   Composer
Marius Moga   Composer
Michèl Carosella   Composer
Johannes Tomaschko   Composer
Andreas Bruhn   Composer
Volker Heinrichs   Composer
Jim Vallence   Composer
Sergej Viktorovich Zhukov   Composer
Peter Koenemann   Composer
Andrew Stanley   Composer
George Robert Merrill   Composer
Sascha Linde   Composer
Mohombi   Composer
Philip Dirix   Composer
Michael Pichler   Composer
Paul Michael Barry   Composer
Fait Albrecht   Composer
Matthew Handley   Composer
Carlprit   Composer
Jumo   Composer
Adam Lilley   Composer
Dennis Horstmann   Composer
Matthias Brocke   Composer
Mark Philip Taylor   Composer
Nicola Cashin   Composer
Heiko Reiger   Composer
Sharon Acioly Arcoverde   Composer
Santo Finocchiaro   Composer
Salvatore Schillaci   Composer
S. Bruisma   Composer
Patrick Baptiste   Composer
Jean-Michel Santiago   Composer
Yannis Patrac   Composer
Michael Besler   Composer
Elena "Helene" Morosanu   Composer
Alexej Putechin   Composer
René Schnell   Composer
Patrick Ilunga   Composer
Nelson Sangaré   Composer
Laetitia Monange   Composer
Jungly   Composer
Ian Campbell   Composer
Iaione Michael   Composer
Esteban Benjamin Correa Dominguez   Composer
Enrico Jurce   Composer
Duenas Frias   Composer
Yoni Jayl   Composer
Sydney Patrick Lesdema   Composer
Sascha M. Radevic   Composer

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