Dance: The Hit Compilation

Dance: The Hit Compilation


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Zyx Records

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Disc 1

  1. Bring Me To Life  - Jay Wayne
  2. Rock My Heart  - Viktoriya Benasi
  3. Ai Se Eu Te Pego  -  Besouro
  4. Children  -  Scotty
  5. Here Comes the Rain Again  - Alex Cortez
  6. Heute Nacht  -  Housebatze
  7. Don't Let You Go  - William Hawk
  8. I.U. We  - Chris Victory
  9. In Your Eyes  -  Tango & Cash
  10. You Droid  - Robbie Groove
  11. Your Life  - Jason Parker
  12. The One and Only  - Mark Kiss

Disc 2

  1. Advertising Space  -  Re-Actor
  2. Fire Burning  - Marc Pölten
  3. What Love Can Do  - Max K
  4. Erase You!  - Andre Ola
  5. Never Hide  -  MISTA
  6. Desire  -  Funky Therapy
  7. My Heart Beats Like a Drum  - Gemma B
  8. Can't You See  - DJ Roxx
  9. Madrigal  - Jonatan F.
  10. Make This Party Nice, Pt. 1  - DJ Sign
  11. Mad World  -  Belmond & Parker
  12. Mirrors  -  Empyre One

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Stephen Duffy   Composer
Roland Orzabal   Composer
Martin King   Composer
Martin Kierszenbaum   Composer
Nils Ruzicka   Composer,Producer
DJ Gollum   Producer
Roberto Concina   Composer
Dennis Bohn   Composer
Alex Christensen   Composer
Pit Bailay   Composer,Producer
David Hodges   Composer
Ben Moody   Composer
William Hawk   Producer
Lars "Gollum" Böge   Producer
Jan "Wayne" Christiansen   Producer
David Kehl   Composer,Producer
Adam Thomas   Composer
Andreas Dohmeyer   Composer
Andrew Spencer   Producer
DJ Sign   Producer
Mattias   Producer
Re-Actor   Producer
Jeff Paul Parker   Producer
Natalia Cappuccini   Composer
MISTA   Composer
Joseph Thompson   Composer
Jonny "Jr" Summerville   Composer
Marius Moga   Composer,Producer
Michèl Carosella   Composer
Max Kleinschmidt   Composer,Producer
Markus Kornschober   Composer
Andre Pietschmann   Composer,Producer
Tom Belmond   Producer
Peter Koenemann   Composer
Marc Korn AKA Markus Kornschober   Producer
Robert Peter Williams   Composer
Robbie Groove   Producer
Jordan Dyck   Producer
Christian Beneken   Producer
Housebatze   Producer
Dennis Horstmann   Composer,Producer
Chris Victory   Composer,Producer
Ronald Biegler   Composer,Producer
Jürgen Kraft   Composer,Producer
Dominique-Robert Oudin   Composer,Producer
Heiko Reiger   Composer
Kenan Yildirim   Composer
Sharon Acioly Arcoverde   Composer
Elena "Helene" Morosanu   Composer,Producer
Amy Lee   Composer
Alexander Pirsak   Composer,Producer
DJ Decron   Producer
Mark Kiss   Producer
Marc Pölten   Producer
Jonatan Färnlöf   Composer,Producer
Henry Stecker   Producer
Daniel Hintzsch   Composer
Christina Hein   Composer
Nicholas David   Composer
Markus Okelola   Composer
Vladimir Krakhotkin   Producer
Tano Simor   Producer
Stephan Edemann   Composer
Shawn Meirez   Composer
Radoslaw Rozbicki AKA DK Roxx   Composer,Producer

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