Dancefloor Megamix, Vol. 7

Dancefloor Megamix, Vol. 7


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Disc 1

  1. Can't Come Home  -  DJs From Mars
  2. Dance  - Gerald G!
  3. Say Yeah  - Fred Pellichero
  4. Knockin'  -  Boogie Pimps
  5. Amanda  -  Afrojack
  6. Sound of Violence  -  Dennis DeLaat
  7. Ich Liebe Dich  - Sady K
  8. Frontline  - Shaun Baker
  9. Pump Up the Jam 2010  - Like Mike
  10. 2Gether  - Roger Sanchez
  11. What is Limit  - Ronen Dahen
  12. Harzrasen  -  House Rockerz
  13. Sex, Bass & Rock'n'roll 2k11  -  DJs From Mars
  14. Pump It Up  -  L.A. Calling
  15. Open Your Eyes Again  -  Phonjaxx
  16. Seduction  -  C'Hantal
  17. Smells Like Teen Spirit  - Carl Fanini
  18. Hoodrat Stuff  - Ian Carey
  19. The Drones  -  Tune Brothers
  20. Square House  -  Duke & Robin
  21. There 4 You  - Albin Myers
  22. Groovy Baby  -  Plastik Funk
  23. In the Zone  - MC Flipside
  24. Crazy In the Night  -  Kane
  25. Anyway  -  Lattos & Riema
  26. Give Up  -  Duke & Robin
  27. La La Land  - Green Velvet
  28. Something Going On  -  Prok & Fitch
  29. Where You Are  - Harry Romero
  30. Jump To the Rhythm  - Peter Brown
  31. Alive  - Markus Binapfi
  32. Feel Love  -  Duke & Robin
  33. Irresistible
  34. Dreamer  -  Kediva
  35. High On Emotions  - Marc Kiss
  36. Feel It  -  Duke & Robin
  37. Walkin' On the Moon  -  Emil
  38. Sing With a Swing  -  DKS

Disc 2

  1. Get Fresh  -  Moguai
  2. Time of Our Lives  - Deniz Koyu
  3. Twisted Love  -  ATB
  4. Rock the Shit  -  Pulsedriver
  5. Only Silence  - Dirty Cash
  6. Are You Klik Klak  -  Klik Klak
  7. Alright 2010  -  Hardwell
  8. Keep On Rising  - Terri B!
  9. Check Thiz Out  - Ian Siga
  10. No Good  - Sean Finn
  11. Hostess  -  Duke & Robin
  12. I've Got My Pride (Hold My Head High)  - Jean Elan
  13. It's Alright  - Jay Frog
  14. Loving You  -  Leony!
  15. Emergency  - Daniel Strauss
  16. Beep Beep Boom  -  Banger Bros
  17. Turn Your Love Around  -  Dan'Thony
  18. Tomorrow  - Like Mike
  19. Through the Night  -  Grum
  20. Disco Rock  -  Henk & Alexj
  21. Everybody Surrender  - Eric Chase
  22. Gonna  -  Pete-R
  23. Sun  - Eric Amarillo
  24. I Was Drunk  - Riva Starr
  25. Ultrasnow  - Julian Tools
  26. Burundi  - Franco Maldini
  27. Shake That Ass  -  Antranig
  28. Let's All Chant  - Addy Van Der Zwan
  29. I Want It Now  - Gina Star
  30. Lame Brained  -  Bingo Players
  31. What's Up  - Alex Kenji
  32. Yeah Yeah Yeah  -  Spencer & Hill
  33. Now or Never 2010  -  Lima
  34. Coming Down  -  Jewelz
  35. Generation of Love 2011  -  Phunk Investigation
  36. Amazing  -  Reder8
  37. Sensation  - Michael Feiner
  38. Dancefloor is My Judge  - DJ Jesus Luz
  39. Vallee Des Larmes  - Vincent Thomas

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Louis Prima   Composer
Kim Carnes   Composer
Chris de Burgh   Composer
Freddie Mercury   Composer
Minnie Riperton   Composer
Brian May   Composer
Jo Bogaert   Composer
Dust   Composer
Roger Taylor   Composer
Michael Zager   Composer
Todd Terry   Composer
James Bratton   Composer
Kurt Cobain   Composer
Crystal Waters   Composer
John Deacon   Composer
Dave Grohl   Composer
Derek Jenkins   Composer
Carlos McKinney   Composer
Alison Moyet   Composer
Krist Novoselic   Composer
Jeff Porcaro   Composer
Dwayne Richardson   Composer
Richard Rudolph   Composer
Roger Sanchez   Composer
Joanne Thomas   Composer
Ramon Zenker   Composer
Darryl Pandy   Composer
Philippe Cerboneschi   Composer
Anthony Mannino   Composer
Dennis Pino   Composer
Markus Boehme   Composer
Junior Sanchez   Composer
Ellis Miah   Composer
Peter Hoff   Composer
Jennifer Karr   Composer
Barry Harris   Composer
Francard   Composer
St. James   Composer
Niels Van Gogh   Composer
Tune Brothers   Composer
Eric Amarillo   Composer
Dean Coleman   Composer
Jens Ophälders   Composer
James Winchester   Composer
Martin Hensing   Composer
Sebastian Wolter   Composer
Michael Feiner   Composer
Olle Corneer   Composer
Daniel Scholz   Composer
Achim Jannsen   Composer
Ian Carey   Composer
Daniel Strauss   Composer
Thomas Greisl   Composer
Mark J. Klak   Composer
Antranig   Composer
Shena Winchester   Composer
Slobodan Petrovic   Composer
Scott Binder   Composer
André Tannenberger   Composer
Manuel Schleis   Composer
Tara McDonald   Composer
Thomas Gold   Composer
Fred Pellichero   Composer
Harald "DJ Harada" Aufmuth   Composer
Moguai   Composer
Sebastian Krieg   Composer
Cosmo Klein   Composer
Terri Bjerre   Composer
Elina Furmane   Composer
Harry Romero   Composer
Gerd Lehmkuhl   Composer
Andres Ballinas   Composer
Ezechiel Pailhès   Composer
Christophe Hoeffel   Composer
Deniz Koyu   Composer
Stephen Pickup   Composer
Albin Myers   Composer
Andie Gabauer   Composer
NL Van De Wall   Composer
Carsten Pape   Composer
Alex Kenji   Composer
Laurent Pepper   Composer
Philipp Koenig   Composer
Bernd Schöler   Composer
Maarten Hoogstraten   Composer
Grum   Composer
Miriam Nervo   Composer
Ben Prokopowicz   Composer
N. Pizzonia   Composer
Stefano Miele   Composer
Nicolas Sfintescu   Composer
Ramona Korber   Composer
Kelly Charles   Composer
Manuel "Manian" Reuter   Composer
Micha Moore   Composer
Markus Hägele   Composer
Stephan Deutsch   Composer
Mikio Gruschinske   Composer
Matthias Kraus   Composer
Rafael Ximenez-Carrillo   Composer
Julius Voigtlaender   Composer
Olivia Nervo   Composer
Erick Morillo   Composer
Paul Bäumer   Composer
Barry Bregman   Composer
Yann "Yanou" Peifer   Composer
James Fitchett   Composer
Stefan Engblom   Composer
Meghan Williams   Composer
Bernd Westermann   Composer
Pierre Brun   Composer
Niclas Kings   Composer
Etienne Matthieu Vandewiele   Composer
Volker Heinrichs   Composer
Dennis "DJ Bonebreaker" Bohn   Composer
Jozsef Keller   Composer
Junkx   Composer
Anthony Michael Mortimer   Composer
Langras   Composer
Michael Thivaios   Composer
Dimitri Thivaios   Composer
Claas P. Jambor   Composer
Paul Scott   Composer
DJ Jesus Luz   Composer
Twice Nice   Composer
Pete-R   Composer
Patrick Bruyndonx   Composer
Anne Semper   Composer
Alex Pearls   Composer
René Horstter   Composer
Kediva   Composer
Francis Reuben Wright   Composer
Andrew Lennix   Composer
Terius Nash   Composer
Hari Roxx   Composer
Caroline von Brünken   Composer
Albi Albertsson   Composer
Ronen Dahan   Composer
Samuel Weizmann   Composer
Moshe Maman   Composer
Massimiliano Garino   Composer
Luca Ventafridda   Composer
Helene Holm   Composer
Zsuzsa Magyar   Composer
Michael Anthony Hall   Composer
Leonardo Stella   Composer
Curtis a. Jones   Composer
Fabio Ranucci   Composer
Nazario Pelusi   Composer
Dwayne Megens   Composer
Danny Middlekamp   Composer
Andreas Peine   Composer
Klik Klak Music   Composer
Gaston Sttenkist   Composer
Raffaelle Brescia   Composer
Nathan Heal   Composer
Melakai   Composer
Markus Binapfi   Composer
Manuela Karmosi   Composer
Tim Lehel   Composer
SWG   Composer
Vincent Ralph D'Agostino   Composer

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