Dancin' in the Streets!: Anarchists, IWWs, Surrealists, Situationists and Provos in the 1960s - As Recorded in the Pages of the Rebel Worker and Heatwave

Dancin' in the Streets!: Anarchists, IWWs, Surrealists, Situationists and Provos in the 1960s - As Recorded in the Pages of the Rebel Worker and Heatwave

by Franklin Rosemont

ISBN-10: 0882863010

ISBN-13: 9780882863016

Pub. Date: 01/28/2005

Publisher: Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company

Cultural Writing. Most books on the 1960's focus on large liberal organizations and reformist politics. This one is unabashedly devoted to the far left of the far left. DANCIN' IN THE STREETS is a collection of writings from two legendary but hard-to-find journals, The Rebel Worker and Heatwave, known for their highly original revolutionary perspective, innovative


Cultural Writing. Most books on the 1960's focus on large liberal organizations and reformist politics. This one is unabashedly devoted to the far left of the far left. DANCIN' IN THE STREETS is a collection of writings from two legendary but hard-to-find journals, The Rebel Worker and Heatwave, known for their highly original revolutionary perspective, innovative social/cultural criticism, and uninhibited class-war humor. "With its heady mix of surrealism, the [Industrial Workers of the World] heritage, free jazz, and Bugs Bunny...Look here for links between the Beat Generation 'Mimeo Generation' and later Underground Press, but also between traditional Marxist theory and the new 'critique of everyday life' developed by an increasingly defiant and countercultural young left that made Martha and the Vandellas' 'Dancin' in the Streets' its international anthem"--Paul Buhle.

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Charles H. Kerr Publishing Company
Publication date:
Sixties Ser.
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New Edition
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5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 1.20(d)

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments     ix
A Note on the Texts     x
The Rebel Worker
To Be Revolutionary in Everything: The Rebel Worker Story, 1964-1968     1
Rebel Worker 1     83
Why Rebel?     85
Editorial: The Wobblies Return in Chicago     86
A Longshoreman's Call     87
Education-What Is It?     88
The Great Magician     90
Will We All Go Together When We Go?     92
Introduction to T-Bone Slim     95
T-Bone Slim: Selections     96
Rebel Worker 2     97
Editorial: On the Job     99
Organizing Blueberries     100
Shorty: The Kitten in the Wheat     104
Thoughts on Bureaucracy     104
Starvation Army 1964     110
Letters from Guy B. Askew, Bruce Elwell, Abraham Wuori, George Slavchuk, Hyatt Bache, Bernard Marszalek     112
Rebel Worker 3     115
The Unfree Child     117
The Victims of the Benefactors of the Poor     118
Egyptian Trouble-A Story     119
Harlem Journal-Homage to Pandemonia     120
The Fleas of the Field     126
Mods, Rockers and the Revolution     127
Conditioning forBureaucracy     132
Storming Heaven in Hungary     134
Note: A "Labor Leader" Speaks     135
Anarchism as Seen from an Ivory Tower Through Opaque Lenses     136
Letters from Guy B. Askew, Tom Hillier, Judith Kaplan, Ian Bedford, Marc Prevotel, Alan Graham     138
Rebel Worker 4     141
How to Make Friends and Influence No Owe     143
Modern Capitalism and Revolution     144
Zengakuren-Perspective of the Revolutionary Movement of Japan     149
Berkeley Was Only the Beginning     154
Everything Must Be Made Anew     156
Malatesta     157
Letters from Deri Smith, Barton Stone, Ken Weller, I. Shigeo, O.N. Peterson, Martin Glaberman, Judy Kaplan     160
Rebel Worker 5     165
Watching the War     167
On the Unwholesomeness of Honest Toil     168
Black Intervention in America's Dreams     172
Popularly Applauded and Sciolistically Obfuscated     174
5 O'Clock World-Pop Music and Propaganda     178
Windy City Emergency     181
London Bluesletter     183
Letters from Jim Evrard, Judi Sigler, Brooks Lewis Erickson, Arthur Mendes-George     184
Rebel Worker 6     187
Editorial (London edition): Freedom: The Only Cause Worth Serving     189
Editorial (Chicago edition): Lost Whispers     190
A Very Nice, Very Respectable, Very Useless Campaign     191
Souvenirs of the Future-Precursors of the Theory and Practice of Total Liberation     193
Humor or Not or Less or Else!     198
The Who-Crime Against the Bourgeoisie     199
The Haunted Mirror     203
I Am Not Angry: I Am Enraged!     204
I Hate the Poor     206
Letter from Chicago     207
Rebel Worker 7     209
Wild Celery     211
I Saw It On TV and Then We Proved It at Home     212
Post No Bills     219
Vengeance of the Black Swan: Notes on Poetry and Revolution     220
The Colors of Freedom     225
Elementary Structures of Reification     227
Delight Not Death     233
Reminiscences of T-Bone Slim     234
5 O'clock World 2-Workers' Hobbies     236
White Rabbits     239
A Plea to All     242
Prophetic Mutterings     244
Not Every Paradise Is Lost- Andre Breton, 1896-1966     245
Letters from Mike Everett, Linda Kopczyk, Madrid Daniele, Lester Dore, Nicolas Calas, Charles Radcliffe     247
From the Rebel Worker Pamphlets     249
Pop Goes the Beatle (from Mods, Rockers & the Revolution)     251
Blackout-24 Hours of Black Anarchy in New York     254
Consciousness and Theory (from Revolutionary Consciousness     267
Reflections on Invisibility (from Revolutionary Consciousness)     269
Surrealist Ambush (Preface to Surrealism and Revolution)     271
The Surrealist Group in Paris: Open the Prisons! Disband the Army! (from Surrealism and Revolution)     273
The Surrealist Group in Paris: Declaration of 27 January, 1925 (from Surrealism and Revolution)     274
The Surrealist Group in Paris: Letter to the Directors of Lunatic Asylums (from Surrealism and Revolution)     275
The Surrealist Group in Paris: Inaugural Break (from Surrealism and Revolution)     276
Introduction and Epilogue to The Decline and Fall of the Spectacular Commodity-Economy     278
Other Rebel Worker Documents     282
In Defense of the Roosevelt University Wobblies     282
The Meaning of it All: Introduction to the Solidarity Bookshop catalogue     283
High School Students! Why Stay in School?     285
Ztangi! (Some Texts that Might Have Been Included in a Journal that Never Appeared)     287
The Poverty of Piety      289
Malcolm, Semper Malcolm     290
Beyond Coition-Thoughts on the Man Question     299
A Black Power Wildcat in Chicago     302
Earth Music-The AACM     304
History as Hallucination     305
Toward a Counter-Society     307
Mushroom Country     308
Mommy in Toyland     310
The Jimi Hendrix Experience     312
Surrealism-By Any Means Necessary     315
Ice Palace     316
On the Situationists' "Intellectual Terrorism"     317
Letter from California     318
Introduction to The Incredible Hulk     319
Letters from Tony Allan, Her de Vries, Schlechter Duvall, Deri Smith, Russell Jacoby     321
Heatwave     325
Two Fiery Flying Rolls-The Heatwave Story, 1966-1970     327
Heatwave 1     381
Opening Statement     383
The Provotariat Acts     384
The Great Accident of England     385
Extract from The Expanded Journal of Addiction     386
Only Lovers Left Alive     388
The Seeds of Social Destruction     392
The Long Hot Summer in Chicago     402
Daytripper! A Visit to Amsterdam      405
Heatwave 2     413
All or Not at All!     415
The Provo Riots     417
The Almost Complete Works of Marcel Duchamp     424
Landscape With Moveable Parts     425
A New International for the Total Overthrow of Everything     428
Guerrilla Manifesto     431
The Forecast is Hot!     433
Afterword     435
Bibliography     438
Index     442
Introduction     1
Politics and the Radical Left     11
Hate, Violence and the Liberal Way     13
Will the Real Dick Clarke Please Stand Up?     16
Why the 9-11 Commission Was Doomed to Failure     19
Talk Radio: Journalism or-or What?     22
The Perfect Automatons     28
A Darwinian Dilemma: Societal De-Evolution     33
Reveling In My Abnormality     36
Hate Goes Out of Style     39
The Imaginary Constitution of the Radical Left     42
Rebel Without a Clue     45
Maniacal Media or Presidential Dereliction of Duty?     49
Michael Moore: Master Propagandist and Brilliant Pitchman     52
Pity for the Pathetic     55
Denver's Would-Be Tyrannical Trio     58
The Fallacy That Is the United Nations     63
Hate Down Under     66
Wes Clark: Egomaniacal General or Ingenious Savior?     71
Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch: Where Outrageous Hypocrisy is Rampant and Americans are Guilty Until Proven Innocent     74
The Mindless Credo of Liberal Hate and Violence     78
The Cult of Keezjunnahbeh     81
The Pathos of the Kerry Deity Syndrome     84
"Hanoi John" and His Special Friends     87
Reflections of Heinlein     90
The United Nations: Diplomacy Soprano Style     93
I, Victim     96
Do You See the Light?     99
Myths and Legends of the Wild-Eyed Left     102
Byrd Brain: The Democrats' Own Klansman     105
Ward Churchill: Enemy of the State     108
Newsweek's Isikoff and Barry: A Twosome of Twits     111
Nation of Islam: The Hate Group from Hell     116
Traitor to Country and Corps     119
Global Asymmetric Warfare and How to Win the War on Terror     123
Hezbollah: The Other Snake In American Grass     125
The Many Minefields of Global Asymmetric Warfare     131
Seeing Big Benefits in the Big Picture      134
Border Disorder     137
Homegrown Terrorists: Eco-Terror in the Homeland     144
Avoiding Flaming Arrows to the Chest and Head in Indian Country     148
Cry, the Other Beloved Country     152
The Korean Conundrum     155
Darkside is Inbound     159
The Great Experiment     163
On Armchair Generals, Blogosphere Strategists and Barroom Tacticians     166
Glory Road: Iraq's Day of Decision     169
When Idiots Run Amok     172
Ain't No Livin' In a Perfect War     175
Lumpia, Pancit, San Miguel and Tens of Thousands of Terrorists     178
A Short Ways Down a Long, Deadly Road     183
Spain's Spineless Surrender to Al Qaeda     188
The Reality of War and the Tun Tavern Solution     190
Have the Whiners Joined the Army?     193
Set Loose the Beast of Belleau Wood     196
From Brush Fires to Conflagrations     199
Send in the Clowns     203
Darkside to Paris: The French Await Their Gruesome Fate (Again)     206
A Fundamental Fact of War with Fundamentalists     209
A New Carpet for Iran's Atomic Genie?     212
Twisted Steel and Licorice     215
Phantoms of the Fifth Column     218
Corporal Smuckatelli Comes Calling     221
Adventures Across the Spectrum of Conflict     224
The Dangerous Folly of the Other-Guy Syndrome     227
Those Pesky Missing Weapons of Mass Destruction     230
End of Days: When America Fails     233
A 10-Point Plan to Win the War on Terror     236
Bibliography     243
About the Author     247
Introduction: The History of Modern-Day Adrenal Stress Response Training     1
Modern-Day Adrenal Stress Response Training     5
Golden Moments: Preincident Factors     23
Dog Bite     24
Road Rage     26
Bar Fight     28
The Power of Adrenaline     33
Social Hypnosis     34
Breakthrough     38
Adrenal Stress Response 101     41
Scenario-Based Adrenal Stress Response Conditioning     45
The Fast Difference     53
Asymmetric vs. Symmetric Training     55
Group Dynamics     61
Gender Segregation vs. Integration     64
Developing Awareness     71
External Awareness     72
Internal Awareness     73
Common Mistakes of Communication     78
Assertive Communication: Boundary Setting with Eyes, Body, and Voice     89
Eye Contact     91
Body Language     96
Verbal Defense: The "Secret Technique"     100
Physical Defense: It's Not the Size of the Dog in the Fight     113
Stance     118
Hand Position     120
The Voice     121
Strikes     122
Target Areas     128
The Bulletman Armor     137
The Suit Is Not the Technology     143
Teaching Methodology: A Deeper Look     145
Introductions     146
Awareness Drills     146
Boundary-Setting Scenarios     146
Physical Technique Drills and Scenarios     148
Video Debriefing     159
Closing Circle     160
Custom Scenarios-Powerful Mojo     161
The Fast Defense Instructor Team     167
Woofer     169
Coach     171
Bulletmen     173
Transference and Countertransference     176
The Healing Power of Fast Defense     181
Brain High Road/Low Road     182
Acquaintance Attacks      187
Battered Woman Syndrome     191
Specialized Adrenal Stress Response Training Applications     199
Law Enforcement and Military Personnel     199
Athletes     203
Children     203
Martial Artists     205
Defending against Armed Assailants     212
Surviving Attacks by Multiple Assailants     219
Debunking Some Common Self-Defense Myths     223
Street Fights Last a Long Time     223
Fighting Back Will Get You Killed     226
The Groin Is a "Bad" Target     228
A Smaller, Weaker Person Has No Chance against a Larger, Stronger Attacker     231
A Good Self-Defense Course Must Teach Blocking Skills     233
Disarming Armed Attackers Is a Good Idea     235
Men Don't Need Self-Defense     237
Men and Women Should Be Taught Exactly the Same Way in Martial Arts     239
Self-Defense Is Not Consistent with a Spiritual Path     244
The Adrenal Rush Is a Bad Thing     247
Reality-Based Training Resources     251
Fast Defense     251
Other Programs     252
Preface     vii
Introduction     1
Deceptive Deeds     7
Water      15
Septic Systems     25
The Road to Paradise     33
Electrical Power     43
Communications     51
Energy     59
Firewood     67
Gardens and Rural Greenery     77
Your Own Pond     85
Tractors and Involuntary Servitude     95
Tools and Labor     105
Rural Vehicles     111
Driving Protocol in the Country     119
Resupply     125
Critters     133
Crime and Security     141
Major Natural Hazards     149
Down on the Farm     157
Rural Churches and Their Role in Local Affairs     165
Blending In     169
Conclusion     181
Series Editor's Preface     vii
Introduction   Hugh Cecil     ix
Preface to the First Edition   H. G. Wells     9
The Somme     13
The Coward     117

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