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Dancing at Hammersmith Palais

Dancing at Hammersmith Palais

by Lou Preager

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  1. Saturday Night
  2. I'd Rather Be Me
  3. I'm Beginning to See the Light
  4. In a Little While
  5. Bring on the Drums
  6. No One Else Will Do
  7. Too Bad
  8. I've Got a Heart Filled with Love
  9. The Trolley Song
  10. Waiting in Sweetheart Valley
  11. I'll Always Be with You
  12. Sophisticated Lady
  13. If I Told a Lie
  14. Let's Keep It That Way
  15. Doggin' Around
  16. I'll Close My Eyes
  17. Lonely Footsteps
  18. The Last Waltz of the Evening
  19. Coming Home
  20. Remember Me
  21. Morning Train
  22. Don't Take Your Love from Me
  23. Choc'late Soldier from the U.S. A

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