Dancing with Dragons

Dancing with Dragons

4.2 5
by Lorenda Christensen

If Carol Jenski knows anything, it's fashion—and it's not in fashion to consort with dragons, even though they've coexisted with humans since World War III. Still, she would never have agreed to take part in a plot against them. Now a dragon lord has called for her head, her boyfriend is MIA and she's been abandoned in a foreign


If Carol Jenski knows anything, it's fashion—and it's not in fashion to consort with dragons, even though they've coexisted with humans since World War III. Still, she would never have agreed to take part in a plot against them. Now a dragon lord has called for her head, her boyfriend is MIA and she's been abandoned in a foreign country.

Only reporter Daniel Wallent is on Carol's side…sort of. He offers his assistance if she helps him investigate his latest story. He'll need Carol's language skills to infiltrate an organization run by one of the most dangerous and secretive dragons in the world.

Escaping one sociopathic dragon's claws only to walk into another's is an insane risk—and so is falling for Daniel. Posing as his blushing—and very affectionate—new bride as cover soon leads to an all-too-real attraction. But fighting off dragons and her desire for Daniel may be more of a challenge than Carol can handle…

See how it all began in Never Deal with Dragons.

72,000 words

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Never Deal with Dragons
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2012 Golden Heart Winner - Lorenda lives with a husband and two sons in a house that feels far too small during the stay-inside winter months. Lorenda loves chocolate, hates snakes, and despite living two years in Bangalore next-door to a native preparer of Indian cuisine, cannot cook anything but ground beef.http://lorendac.com

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Dancing with Dragons 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
AnitaBlakeFan More than 1 year ago
I think this is a great world with dragons that live with humans.  When I read the first book, I thought was more of a UF, because that is how the story read.  More action that a standard PNR novel.  I think this world is great.   In this story, there is a huge difference from most PNR novels.  Both hero and heroine are human.  Still makes for a great story as they deal with the dragon world. We have the heroine who has been charged with treason against dragons.  She is not able to return home.  A journalist who believes she is not the one at fault has offered to help research who the real traitor is.  He only wants the exclusive story.  They decide to hide out in India and pretend to be a married couple while trying to research in a particular dragon's territory. Although, this story seemed a little slow in the beginning, it really picks up.  I think the overall story is better than the first book.  You can see how the author's abilities have improved over book one.  I can't wait to get to book three.  I have no idea who the hero and heroine will be, but the world is so interesting, I just can't wait to get more of it.
Judy-Ree More than 1 year ago
Dancing with Dragons is the second book in the DRACIM series by Lorenda Christensen. The first book, Never Deal with Dragons, I really enjoyed. I hate to say it but I just didn't connect with this book like I did the first.  This book picks up during the end of book 1, but told from the perspective of Carol Jenski, Myrna's best friend, roommate and fashion expert.  During the fighting that went on in Budapest, Carol ended up injured and in the hospital.  She is still recuperating and coming to terms with having half her head shaved due to stitches, when the fall out of the attack on DRACIM in Tulsa brings a reporter to her hospital room.  As it turns out, her boyfriend Richard has placed the blame for the attack squarely on her shoulders and Lord Relobu wants her brought in for "questioning".  With no where to go and no one to turn to, trusting the reporter Daniel Wallent seems to be her only option. Daniel Wallent is a reporter on the trail of a huge story. He believes that there is a war brewing concerning the now empty Chinese territory. It appears that the Lady Savitiri, the dragon lord of India, Pakistan and Nepal is getting ready to move her troops into China and take over. But he needs definitive proof before it can go to press. And that's where Carol and her dragonspeak abilities come in. Daniel gets Carol to go undercover in Lady Savitiri's headquarters and help him get the proof he needs.   I wanted to like this book.  I really did.  The first one was so good, that when I saw Netgalley had this one, I quickly requested it.  Unfortunately, there were many times that I kept putting the story down and coming back to it days later. There were exciting parts, and the pacing was good. My problem is that I just couldn't connect with Carol. OMG, it felt like all she did was whine, complain and whine some more. Every time she turned around she was needing to be rescued. I don't know who that is supposed to be on the cover, but trust me, its not Carol. Daniel was a great character and getting a chance to check in on Trian and Myrna was nice. Overall I gave this book 3 stars, but I really am hoping for a stronger female protagonist in the next book.
Under_The_Covers_BookBlog More than 1 year ago
3.5 Stars ~Reviewed by ANGELA & posted at Under the Covers Book Blog Lorenda Christensen’s post-apocalyptic world where humans live with dragons continue to intrigue me. Since reading the first installment, Never Deal With Dragons, I have waited to read more of this world. First let me say that a world with sexy and dangerous dragons is just sexy to begin with. Seeing the hero, Trian from the last book was such a treat. I actually thought this installment is a continuation of his story; poor research on my part. Nevertheless, the hero in this book Daniel Wallent is a reporter covering dragon politics around the world. I didn’t like Daniel at first, and it took a while, but he ended up to be a good guy in disguise. I enjoyed getting to know him. Just like Daniel, Carol was not easy to like…at first. Don’t get me wrong, she still kept me interested. She was put in a dangerous predicament, and all she thought of was her clothes and how she looked. I thought she was funny and fairly entertaining. There was also a hint of cheating in her relationships.  Her ex-beau was a classified A.hole but still; it was too easy for her to forget him and move on.  It wasn’t until after half way through that Carol’s situation starts sinking in and her persona started to change. She’s not my favorite heroine, but I did like her in the end. It wasn’t easy rating this book. I was torn about a few things. I like the protagonist and their love story but getting to that point took a while. The dragon appearances and any kind of action were also delayed until passed 60-70%.  Once the tempo picked up to exciting, I couldn’t put the book down.  I’m hoping Ms. Christensen ups her game and move up to the good parts of the book sooner than later.  Her world of the DRACIM has so much potential. Review copy provided by publisher
ToryMichaels More than 1 year ago
I reviewed the first book in this series on another blog (under a different name). This woman won a Golden Heart in 2012 with Never Deal With Dragons and I thoroughly agree with the fact that she deserved the Golden Heart. There is fantastic world-building to be found in Ms. Christensen's books, an interesting explanation for how dragons came to be, and a completely transformed world in the fact of the birth of the dragon race. This book takes place overlapping the very end of Never Deal. I read that book more than a year ago, so my memory of it is very fuzzy, though as it turned out not quite as fuzzy as I'd thought once I got into reading this book. The book starts out with Caroline in the hospital in the aftermath of an attack which (as it turned out) was one of the climactic final events in the first book, and she's being looked after by Richard Green (who, SPOILER ALERT!!!, was identified as the major villain from the first book). I was confused, given I remembered Richard being the villain, but as the book continued, his presence here made sense. Daniel - I was thoroughly prepared to dislike him and was initially expecting him to be the villain (no, I rarely actually remember reading the blurbs before hand or I would have known he was the hero) after his first appearance in the hospital at Carol's bedside. In the end though, he turned out to be a great guy and really loyal to those he's working for. Carol definitely gets a good one when she lands him in the end. This book starts out in Hungary, but the bulk of it is spent in India, which made for a nice break in the American settings of so many of the books I read. Ms. Christensen gave an expansive description of the female dress of Indian women and given how much I love this saris and salwar kameez, it was fantastic to finally get an idea of how intricate the clothes really are. The dragon lords make for some formidable foes, but Ms. Christensen also shows their very human (pardon the expression) emotions and side with the Indian dragon lord Savitra and the dragon's fierce loyalty to her mate. That (so to speak) humanizing of the dragons just made me fall in love that much more with this world and its dragons and humans trying to rebuild the world after the human/dragon wars (aka World War III in a form no one ever saw coming). I dearly hope there will be more books in this series and look forward to finding more by Ms. Christensen in the future (whether or not they're dragon books). Five thrilled dragon stars for this book! Book provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.