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Dancing with Eternity

Dancing with Eternity

4.8 10
by John Patrick Lowrie

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What would happen if Odysseus met Captain Ahab in the Fortieth Century? Only Captain Ahab is a beautiful woman named Steel who owns her own starship, and Odysseus is an unemployed actor named Mohandas who’s stuck on the backside of a backwater moon because he won't pay his taxes. Everybody—almost everybody—lives forever, and there’s a


What would happen if Odysseus met Captain Ahab in the Fortieth Century? Only Captain Ahab is a beautiful woman named Steel who owns her own starship, and Odysseus is an unemployed actor named Mohandas who’s stuck on the backside of a backwater moon because he won't pay his taxes. Everybody—almost everybody—lives forever, and there’s a telepathic Internet that allows the entire population of the galaxy to communicate at will and even experience the world from another person’s perspective.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
An antifeminist polemic not cunningly enough disguised as a space opera, the novel is set in a distant future where humanity has been granted telepathic abilities by way of the net and immortality via re-boots, yet its real preoccupations are downright traditional. Our hero, Mo, is down on his luck and drinking in a dive bar when a beautiful stranger, Steel, offers him a job as a crewman on her starship. He joins Steel's team and immediately becomes involved in her mission to solve a mysterious problem by exploring the deadly Brainard's Planet, despite the increasingly painful cost. As the plot progresses, it becomes clear that allegedly-obsolete nuclear family relationships have been front and center all along. Complex emotional ties and the way they make the ostensible bad guys sympathetic are this novel's strongest aspect; unfortunately, they are too often weighed down with exposition and simplistic, heavy-handed politics. (Apr.)

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Coffeetown Enterprises, Inc.
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15 Years

Meet the Author

John Patrick Lowrie was born in Honolulu and raised in Boulder. At 16 he left home to make his way as a singer/guitarist/flautist/ trombonist in a rock ‘n’ roll band, sleeping in parks and communes. After surviving the draft, he graduated with highest distinction from the Indiana University School of Music and for a few years managed to make a living as a composer and guitarist in his acoustic fusion duo, The Kiethe Lowrie Duet, garnering critical acclaim. He then decided to become an actor because the pay was better and the work was steadier (truly!). He and his wife, Ellen McLain, now reside in Seattle where they divide their professional time between acting in live theater and voice-acting for computer games and radio dramas.

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Dancing with Eternity 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
loomiebin More than 1 year ago
this book, from new author john patrick lowrie, is a page turner. not only does it succeed in its genre of science fiction, it is a multi layered treat, delving into ethics, morality, quantem physics, and love with insight and humor. this is such a page turner that i finished it in less than two days. my only hope is that lowry puts out another book soon, because he is an author with great skills and a strong voice.
harstan More than 1 year ago
On Vesper the third moon of Golgotha, the SRS informs Mohandas the actor that his scales are not considered a deduction and therefor he owes the government 4000 DCU. Not having the money, Lizard as the patrons call Mo is stuck in the jungle city of New Spanaway on a backwater world instead of heading to Heaven with the troupe. At a dive, a woman takes an interest in Mo. He assumes she is a System Revenue Service field agent arriving to collect or a Planetary Tectonics agent ready to kick him off the dole and into the dangerous "Works". Steel is neither as she offers him a position on her starship F.S. Lightdancer. Though he does not quite understand his duties, he accepts the opportunity to escape paradise. Thus begins the odyssey of Steel and Mo as they head roundabout to the most dangerous sector of the universe Brainard's Planet with stops at Earth, Circe and Eden; their quest is simply to save humanity. Dancing with Eternity is a complex, cerebral, yet exciting science fiction thriller that extrapolates present day trends to what could be in a couple of millennia. The story line can feel convoluted as the audience learns of the past lives of the protagonists while touring the universe with the pair and the crew. Starting with the first encounter in a dive that will feels like Rick's Bar in Casablanca, fans who relish something different in their futuristic outer space adventures will want to read John Patrick Lowrie's entertaining braining up Dancing with Eternity. Harriet Klausner
cindysous More than 1 year ago
great characters, lots of adventure, smart dialogue, thought provoking social issues...excellent!
Cat-in-Carolina More than 1 year ago
Warning: this is not a common fantasy book about a dim witted female torn between two perfect immortal males. It is science fiction, not fantasy fluff - real science fiction and I liked it a lot. I read the book because I am a fan of John Patrick Lowrie as a voice actor, and I'm glad I did.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book took a couple chapters to get going as it set the storyline and background, but after the initial set-up, it kept me on the edge of my seat, wanting to read more. The storytelling is very solid and flows well, while surprising you with unexpected twists. It is a bit long, but well worth the read.
improvmaven More than 1 year ago
You will really enjoy this thought provoking adventure that takes you across time and space. Mohandis, the hero / narrator tells the story of a future where death is banished, religion is non-existent, and the economy of the universe is a complicated trade-off of slave labor and freedom, depending on what lifetime you're talking about. It weaves in thought provoking ideas of life and death, religious belief and what must do to survive immortality. It's a well thought out, adventure that goes from planet to planet and galaxy to galaxy.
lilyfyrestorm More than 1 year ago
Epic. Mesmerizing. Poignant. Suspenseful. Thought-provoking. Mo is stranded in a backwater planet, basically just drinking his way through his 18th lifetime, when he is approached by Steel, a gorgeous woman who offers him the opportunity to join her mysterious mission, and get off this planet. With full medical! Mo agrees, but details about the mission are not immediately forthcoming. They dribble out over the book with such rightness and evenhandedness; Mo learns necessary information when it becomes necessary for both him and the reader. This serves to keep the reader intrigued and guessing Steel's motivations, and what they hope to accomplish. Did I mention this takes place in the 40th century? They have virtual immortality thanks to a procedure called "re-booting", and Faster Than Light travel, which really opens up the possibilities for this narrative, and the author definitely took advantage of them. The journey spans the galaxy and probably about a century, and manages to be both fascinating and fast paced. I loved it. I kind of want to read it again, now that I know how it ends.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
In Johns book Dancing With Eternity, you will find that calling this book imaginative is an understatement. The characters are of a depth that you can connect to them, or at least relate to them on a fundamental level. And the perspective of following the main character "Mo" or Mohandas ties you in and allows you to feel anchored as a member of the crew. Combine that with a healthy dose of humor, antics, and the envy that they can release their tension in a ways we never thought of without risk, and you have a really great book. This is a book you have to really read and follow with a careful eye, because if you blink you will miss out. But its worth every moment that it takes to read it and when your done you will find yourself realizing that imagination truly can go to the ends of the universe.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago