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Daniel Morgan: Fighting Frontiersman

Daniel Morgan: Fighting Frontiersman

by Jim Gallagher

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Children's Literature - Carol Ann Lloyd-Stanger
Beginnings with a collection of quotations, Gallagher celebrates Daniel Morgan, a brigadier general who was instrumental in the success of the Continental Army. Unlike many Revolutionary heroes, Morgan was a frontiersman. Early problems with the British army persuaded Morgan to help the militia companies navigate through British holdings. He worked for several years as a farmer and wagon driver, but he continued to have run-ins with the British. He was promoted to a captain in the militia and was eventually put in charge of Virginia's two rifle companies in the Continental Army. Although he left the army for a time after being passed over for a promotion, he was ultimately promoted and led the Continental army to victory in the important Battle of the Cowpens. In addition to a detailed accounting of the Revolutionary War, the book provides young readers photographs and realistic drawings of battles and events, a glossary of unfamiliar terms, a detailed chronology, and an index. The level of detail and text-heavy pages make this a choice more appropriate for readers at the older end of the scale or for advanced younger readers. Part of the "Forgotten Heroes of the American Revolution" series.
VOYA - Chris Carlson
The Revolutionary War comes to life in this new series. Although a different person writes each title, all are well researched and contain accurate facts presented in a readable and engaging style. The books are visually appealing, with all pictures, illustrations, maps, and photos in color. Unfamiliar terms are bold-faced in the text and defined in a glossary. Also included are comprehensive bibliographies with books for students and older readers as well as accessible Web sites, a benefit to student researchers. Daniel Morgan was a sharpshooter and fierce warrior who commanded a unit similar to today's military Special Operations forces. Through his life story, readers get a picture of what the frontier was like in the early nation while they learn about the types of guns used in the Revolutionary War and the way fighting units conducted themselves during battles. Other titles in the series are Henry Knox, Francis Marion, and John Stark. The books detail major battles of the Revolutionary War, describing the strategies employed by the major players on both sides. It will be difficult for catalogers to decide whether to place the books from this series in the biography section, where they may be overlooked, or with the books about the Revolutionary War, where they may be well used because of their excellent coverage of major battles and personalities.

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OTTN Publishing
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Forgotten Heroes of the American Revolution Ser.
Age Range:
10 - 16 Years

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