Danny Gospel

Danny Gospel

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by David Athey

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David Athey's Danny Gospel is an amazing debut. This novel tells a story of a young man who loses his way, (and at times his mind), but never his faith. It's part coming of age, part adventure, part love story, part triumph and part tragedy.
—Gina Holmes
Publishers Weekly

This unusual faith-based novel explores pain and redemption through the eyes of Daniel David McGillicuddy (or "Danny Gospel" as he is known), a mentally disturbed Iowa mail carrier with a cross-shaped scar on his chest. All but his older brother in the singing Gospel Family have died, and when not delivering the mail, Danny wanders farm fields or meanders through his memory. Athey portrays much of Danny's current life as a long hallucination, punctuated with lucidity and remembrances of a tragic but loving Christian childhood. As he slips into deep trouble-a barroom brawl, a job loss, a faith healing that backfires-Danny must flee his Iowa home "where all the stories make sense." His friend Grease, a mechanic with a penchant for strip clubs, helps Danny escape in a pink Cadillac to Palm Beach, Fla., where he takes up with a ragtag group in a condemned building, composes music and writes his memoirs. Then suddenly, Danny returns to Iowa for a family event, picking up a group of eggnog-sipping old ladies on the way. As Alice in Wonderland would say, "curiouser and curiouser." Although Athey, an English professor at Palm Beach Atlantic College, is an imaginative writer, confused readers may be left scratching their heads. (Apr.)

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Danny Gospel 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
VesselProject More than 1 year ago
A wondrous tale of the life and times of a young man searching for the tempting and ever elusive 'normal, happy life'. C. S. Lewis once said "I can't imagine a man really enjoying a book and reading it only once." Danny Gospel is a book worth reading again and again. I imagine many Christians yearn to view life as Danny Gospel did. Danny Gospel is the name given to the main character by those who had heard him sing with his family in years ago. He is a mail carrier in a small Iowa town with strong faith, believing the unbelievable and quick to notice the miracles (signs and wonders) that occur every day in the lives of each of us. He begins his journey after receiving a kiss in a vision prompting him to seek out the "normal, happy life'. He encounters many colorful characters which hearken thoughts and recollections of his life from blissful childhood to the rude awakening of the loss of all his family members, save one - his brother Jonathan. So refreshing were the colorful characters, the vivid landscape descriptions, and the spirited dialogue that I found myself still thinking of this story long after I finished the book. Extremely well written, the author touches on relationship nuances that you do not find in many novels. These nuances, expressed at times in lyrics hymns and poems, stir the reader to nostalgia and wonder. As you read through Danny Gospel's memories, you will encounter love, romance, yearning, sadness, grief, loss, and tragedy and find yourself in the end reading of redemption and reconciliation. This book goes in my 'secret stash' of books where I can return to it time and again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
TERRIBLE! This is the worst book I have ever read. It is nothing but senseless rambling. A total waste of my time.