Dark Admirer

Dark Admirer

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by Charlotte Featherstone

Out of all the angels, Anael is the most beautiful and virile. A creature of fire, Anael burns with sexual intensity and simmering, dark passions. He is the angel whose duty it is to foster human sexual relationships.

When Anael is sent to Earth at the time of the creation of mankind, he cannot help but notice the pleasure his powers and gifts brings to


Out of all the angels, Anael is the most beautiful and virile. A creature of fire, Anael burns with sexual intensity and simmering, dark passions. He is the angel whose duty it is to foster human sexual relationships.

When Anael is sent to Earth at the time of the creation of mankind, he cannot help but notice the pleasure his powers and gifts brings to men and women. A pleasure he would dearly love to experience for himself. But to do that, would mean to fall from grace.

Like his other brothers, he falls into sin, delighting in the pleasures of the flesh. When he finds himself hurled from Heaven to heed the callings of a desperate man anxious to find a woman, Anael is only to willing to oblige him so he can end his curse. Only somewhere along the way, he takes a wrong turn and finds himself alone during a snowstorm with a woman he's immediately drawn to - a woman he wants sexually. But it's more than just a burning desire for sex. For the first time Anael feels a stirring in his heart as well.

Eve Parker is lonely. She's new in the city and hasn't had an easy time making friends or meeting men - especially the kind of men she dreams about. A self described 'geeky bookworm', she takes solace in reading romances and daydreaming about her fantasies, fantasies about being the object of desire for a muscle bound God and all the hot sex he can give her. But gorgeous men don't become sexually obsessed with chubby nerds who are awkward around the opposite sex.

But when Anael discovers that the man he's helping to find true love is destined to be with Eve, Anael quickly changes his mind and strikes a deal with the devil. Now handsome again, with a voice that can woo and seduce, he sets out to make every fantasy of Eve's come true. But the devil always gets his due, and Anael is left wondering when he'll have to pay it and what the price will be.

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Watchers , #2
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Dark Admirer

“Hey, Gemma? I just want you to know how much I appreciate all that you and Martin have done to help me meet...people.”

“You mean guys.”

“Yeah, guys.”

“You’ll love him,” Gemma gushed. “Richard’s cute and educated, and he’s got a fabulous mop of brown hair. He’s an awesome dresser, if a bit on the conservative side, which may or may not irk you. But the best thing is, he loves reading. The guy could talk books all night. God, I swear, he was born for you, Eve.”

Taking a deep breath, Eve nodded and tried to tell herself she believed her friend. Truth was, she didn’t. She didn’t really believe that the right guy was waiting out there for her.

God, it had been so long since she’d been out on a date, and even longer since she’d had a successful date. She didn’t even want to think about how long it had been since she’d had sex. And Pinkie, her vibrator, didn’t count. Even though she had used it that morning and had enjoyed a great orgasm. But Pinkie was silicone, and plastic, no matter how ‘realistic’ it might look, it just didn’t take the place of a man’s hands...or his mouth...or oh...god, she couldn’t think like this right now.

It had been so long since a man had been buried deep inside her, and Eve was loathe to admit how much she missed the sensation, how much she needed to feel that once again. But she couldn’t lie to herself. She knew what she wanted. To be desired. To be wanted. That more than anything was what she needed, to be some man’s fantasy. To be the type of woman who had a man dreaming and wanting. She wanted to be everything to this mystery lover. She wanted to be his ultimate, to do everything he’d ever desired, to live out every one of his fantasies.

“Eve?” Her friend’s voice drew Eve out of her thoughts, “I know relocating here wasn’t an easy decision for you. And it hasn’t been easy meeting friends, or the right kind of guy. But I want you to know, all that’s gonna change.”

“How do you know that, Gemma?”

“I can just tell. It’s in the air. I can feel it. This is gonna be your year, kiddo. Quills has been a smashing success and now it’s time for your personal life to have the same sort of triumphs. Hurry over, kay? And don’t worry about what you’re wearing, we’ll just order some pizza and wings and throw back a few beers. All the big posh parties will be cancelled anyway because of the weather. Deal?”


“Love ya,” Gemma said. “And don’t worry, Eve, you’re gonna knock Richard’s socks off.”

“Love you, too,” Eve murmured back before clicking the lid of her phone closed.

She stood at the window, marvelling at the stillness of the street. Normally Spadina Avenue was hopping. They were right around the corner from Kensington Market and the foot traffic alone was heavy, but not today. Today the street was a wasteland of swirling snow and howling winds.

Shivering, Eve ran her hands down her arms as the wind wailed, rattling the huge picture window. Behind her, a log in the fireplace crackled and she jumped, forgetting she had started the fire a few hours ago.

Glancing over her shoulder, Eve looked back at the ornate black iron grate and the carved stone mantelpiece. She’d found both in an antique store in London. The minute she had seen them leaning against a crumbling plaster wall, she knew they’d be perfect in the old tenement brownstone she’d bought with the intention of turning it into a bookstore.

The place was exactly how she had imagined it, an English gentleman’s study, complete with hearth and studded leather furniture. Lovingly she gazed at the mantel, at the way the orange flames flickered against the shiny black iron grate. On the tartan feather bed that lay before the hearth, was the black and white Springer Spaniel she had rescued from the shelter a few months ago. Lizzy was curled up in front of the hearth catching a few Z’s and snoring like a truck driver.

Eve smiled and turned back to the window. She knew it wasn’t going to be busy today. Who the hell wanted to buy books on New Year’s Eve? Besides, it was already four-thirty, and the daylight was quickly being eaten up by snow clouds. Soon it would be dark. She really should get going, especially while the going was good. And it wasn’t like she had customers lined up out on the street.

Even though she knew the day would be quiet, Eve hadn’t been able to resist the lure that was her bookshop. Quills. She loved the place and didn’t really consider it her job. It was more than that. It was her passion. Eve looked around the high beamed ceilings and the brick walls and then over to the antique rosewood bookcases that she had bought at an estate auction in England. On the shelves of those beautiful bookcases sat hundreds of books, some first editions, and priceless antiques. Some were today’s best sellers, and some were damn hot romance novels. There was something to suit every reader’s tastes, even beginning readers, and Eve couldn’t be prouder of the old place. She had made Quills what she had intended it to be when she set out on this venture—which was a book enthusiast’s paradise.

Within a year of relocating to Toronto, she had made her business a success. Every day the store was packed with customers of all ages, and all walks of life. They congregated by the fire and lounged in the leather wingback chairs, chatting and reading and using the computers she’d set up as an internet caf�. Hip and well known authors came to her store for book signings. New Age poets recited their gothic works of art, while crowds stretched around the corner, readers waiting in the bone wracking cold, or the scorching humidity just to get into Quills for the signings or the readings.

Yep, huge accomplishment—even more than she had hoped. Too bad she couldn’t say the same for her personal life. In that, she was as much a failure as always. What was it with her and men? Why didn’t she seem to click with any of the guys who had shown her any interest? They had been handsome enough, but they lacked...something. And that’s what frustrated Eve the most. She didn’t even know what it was she wanted. What was that elusive ‘something’ she was trying so desperately hard to find in the opposite sex?

Well, maybe this Richard had whatever that ‘something’ was. Maybe tonight she’d finally get lucky, and not just in the sack. Hell, maybe Gemma was right, maybe this was her year.

But first, she needed to go home and change into something sexier. Something that showcased her breasts and hips. Something Richard Stokes would find appealing—so appealing in fact, that he’d be forced to take it off later tonight to see those curves up front and personal.

Sex with a stranger. She’d never been the type before, but lately, she was feeling a bit more daring. The geeky bookworm was emerging from her chrysalis, and hopefully becoming the beautiful butterfly.

“Well, Lizzy, old girl, you ready?” Eve laughed as the dog stirred, swiped her tongue along her muzzle then buried her nose in the soft fabric of her bed. With a sigh, Lizzy closed her eyes and ignored Eve.

“You know, you really should have gone to a duchess. You’re so damn pampered.” Lizzy opened one eye and flicked her ear. “Yeah, I know. It’s too damn cold to walk home. Well, let me get the phone number for the pet friendly cab company, then we’ll get out of here.”

Lizzy ignored her as Eve turned back to the window and reached for the blind. Pulling on the white cord, the Venetian blind started to lower, when something hit the window hard. Eve immediately pulled on the cord, lifting the blind in time to see an enormous black feather slide down the iced glass.

Meet the Author

Look at me there, writing diligently by candlelight! While this may be just an image, it’s pretty darn close to the real me. Well…except the hair… I’m a Cannuck, born and raised in the ‘banana belt’ of Canada, which is Southern Ontario. But don’t let the nickname fool you, we can still have snow here for Thanksgiving (early October in Canada) as well as hunting for Easter eggs through the white stuff in April! In truth, though, I’m a total Anglophile! I love England—so much so—that my new contemporary series is set there, just so I have an excuse to go back to London to do research. Now, of course, I have another excuse, a fabulous UK publisher! My husband cannot grumble about the expense of a trip now. Not when he knows the value of research and good publisher/author relations! As far as writing goes, I have wanted to be an author since about the age of nine, after reading A Witch from Blackbird Pond. I can honestly say that after reading that book, I knew I wanted to create stories that people would want to hear and love as much as I loved that book. That book changed my life and shaped my destiny. I’ve always been a daydreamer and spent many an hour up in my room lounging on my bed, listening to music (it was the Cult and The Cure and those dreamy guys from Duran Duran in those days). I idled away the hours, lost in the music and my imagination. Not surprisingly, it was always romantic images and stories whirling through my mind. And also not surprisingly, music is still a huge influence and inspiration in my writing. I put off my dream of writing to get a ‘real’ job. So I trudged off to university and became a nurse. Nursing pays the bills, writing feeds my soul. One day, maybe it’ll do both!

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Dark Admirer [The Watchers Series Book 2] 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really like Featherstones Historicals, Sinful and Addicted. They are great. This novella is allegorical erotica...a weird an interesting combination. I am not one for paranaormal lit, but this emphasizes the allegory, not the paranormal.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
kaylight614 More than 1 year ago
This was really a good book. Read it in one day. My friends at work are still asking me about it. Is there going to be a book three? To give up eternity in heaven and make a deal with the devil to be with the one you love on earth, Now that is true love. This book makes me want to have a fallen angel of my own.
QueentuttsWorld More than 1 year ago
Totally HOT & POWERFUL Erotica! I love the idea of how Fallen Angels still have a chance of redemption to get back in God's good graces after they have served their penance, however, temptation is always just around the cornor to guide them into Lucifers graces. The chemistery between Eve (Human) and Anael (Fallen Angel) was electricfying. Dam! Just thinking about the scenes makes me want an angel to possess my body and ravage it for eternity. What an Angel! An Angel that sacraficed his chance to get back into the good graces of God and deals with Lucifer just so he can be with the woman he loves. Here is the best part of the book where Anael makes the choice. Eve's feelings: "He was the consummate lover. So perfect. So Beautiful. Until the dawn. After the rising of the sun, her perfect lover was gone, leaving her empty, anxiously awaiting the night-time til he came to her once more. As her eyelids fluttered closed, she found herself praying to God that perhaps he might stay with her. That God could grant to her this angel - her angel." Lucifer and Anael's conversation before he makes the sacrifice: "Anael heard her prayers and knew they were useless. They could not be together, not in any real sense. He would forever be her night-time lover, shunned from her in teh daylight. Once his treachery was discovered, they would be forever parted, him to the Abyss, and her to another man. "It doesn't have to be that way." Anael held Eve tighter in his arms and shut his eyes, blocking out that voice. That seductive voice that tempted him to sin. "Man and Angels, we are not so very different are we? We are both sinners." I cannot take what you're offering, Lucifer. "Why, when you want it so desperately? I can feel it, the seething, the rage at the injustice of loving her and never having her. What I offer you is a gift. A gift God will not ever grant you. You know that." Anael thought of Gadriel and how he'd found a woman to love, a woman who shared her body with him. A woman who he'd given his child to. God had gifted Gadriel. Why would he not do the same for him? "Because he despises you, brother. He hates you. He will never forgive you." It was true. God did hate him. Nothing but loathing could have condemned someone to the Abyss for as long as Anael had endured it. "At what cost would your gift be, Lucifer?" "Not a price that you cannot pay, brother." Anael felt the slithering serpent of enticement coil around him. He so wanted to accept, to be with Eve. "And what of Richard Stokes?" "A minor inconvenience. I can wipe out his memory of her. He won't remember either of you. Think of it brother. You could awaken in the morning, still holding her. I'd give you your beauty back. I'd give you a voice. I'd give you anything you want, and everything He won't." "For what?" Anael asked, his voice pleading. "What is your price? I will not barter Eve's soul, I won't do anything that will cause her any harm or pain, or anguish. I won't do it, Lucifer." "What I ask has nothing to do with her. What I ask is for you. Your service. Once your lovely mortal has died a natural death, I will have you as my apprentice. You will serve me." I will serve you in darkness. "I can erase the sins of your past, brother. I can make you beautiful
Anonymous More than 1 year ago