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Dark Horse

Dark Horse

4.0 3
by Patricia Simpson

Claire Coulter’s brother is dying. To Claire’s astonishment, her boss offers to pay for the the risky operation that might save him. The catch? Claire must accompany Tobias Benton on a search for the Fountain of Youth.

Despite believing Tobias is on a wild goose chase, Claire agrees—she’ll do anything to save her brother. The trip is a


Claire Coulter’s brother is dying. To Claire’s astonishment, her boss offers to pay for the the risky operation that might save him. The catch? Claire must accompany Tobias Benton on a search for the Fountain of Youth.

Despite believing Tobias is on a wild goose chase, Claire agrees—she’ll do anything to save her brother. The trip is a disaster: Tobias doesn’t just want Claire’s company—he wants Claire. But Claire is drawn to Jack, their mysterious and sexy guide.

Although the strange and beautiful deck of tarot cards she’s carrying with her predicts a positive outcome, Claire suspects everyone around her is hiding something. Especially Simeon, an urbane older man who claims to be studying snakes, but whose dark demeanor hints at a terrible past.

Claire’s psychic sensitivity alerts her that all is not what it seems, but can she figure out who to trust before it’s too late?

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From the Publisher
"An awesome talent! Patricia Simpson is about to set the publishing world on fire. The Dark Lord has won a coveted spot on my keeper shelf."—Sherrilyn Kenyon, USA Today bestselling author of Night Pleasures on The Dark Lord

"Patricia Simpson has a fast-paced, intriguing story in The Dark Lord. Full of passion and dark magic, it's a true modern gothic. Don't miss it!"—Karen Harbaugh, author of 2004 Rita Award finalist Night Fires on The Dark Lord

"A dark and insidious menace permeates this supernatural tale by the very talented Simpson. It is wonderful to have her back and writing the paranormal thrillers she does so well."—The Romantic Times Book Club Magazine on The Dark Lord

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Doherty, Tom Associates, LLC
Publication date:
Forbidden Tarot Series
Product dimensions:
4.15(w) x 6.59(h) x 1.03(d)

Meet the Author

Until recently, Patricia Simpson hailed from the moody shores of the Puget Sound, where writing paranormal suspense novels was a natural consequence of living in the mist and rain. When not at home, Ms. Simpson could be found shaking out her bumbershoot at the local Starbucks Coffee House.

Since her marriage to a Scotsman (yes, a real livewire Scot just like those heroes in her novels!), she resided in the Bay Area of San Francisco, California, where she is learned to rollerblade and rediscovered the sun. She currently lives in Alabama.

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Dark Horse 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
bravewarrior More than 1 year ago
PB/Romance: Jack isn't too bright. He is training a race horse to run in the Kentucky Derby, in the desert. Really? Then he goes away from the training to help these idiots traipse across the desert to find the fountain of youth. The first Forbidden Tarot book was a page turner with a great heroine. This one is just okay. I wanted to shake Claire. She kept going off by herself and didn't stick with the other women until the middle of the book. Did she ever take into consideration that her brother wouldn't want her to sacrifice so much for his health; especially because there is no matching donor yet. I almost gave up at the beginning of the book so I skipped a few pages and got to where they started the trip. That was a lot better, but if you want to read a great trek, read Preston and Child's Thunderhead.
harstan More than 1 year ago
CommOptima CEO Tobias Benton believes he has located the legendary Fountain of Youth inside a cave in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. On the outside ¿door¿ is letters written in ancient Nimian. Tobias knows the person capable of breaking the code to allow entry he assumes forced access will prove dangerous as he expects booby traps everywhere. Tobias sends for employee Claire Coulter offering her a deal she cannot refuse. She will go to the site and translate the Nimian runes for him in exchange for her brother obtaining the kidney transplant he desperately needs to live. Needing money to keep his ranch Dark Horse Ranch owner Jack Hughes reluctantly agrees to escort Tobias and Claire to the cave, a three day ride by horseback though he hates going near there, having suffered a paranormal experience there as a teen. At the same time Set, an Ancient One, seeks the healing powers of the Fountain too and plans to use the human pawns to help him attain his objective afterward he will dispatch these worthless creatures. --- This terrific paranormal romantic suspense thriller has some tenuous ties to the previous Forbidden Tarot tale, THE DARK LORD, but clearly can be perused without reading the first tale. Claire is a wonderful protagonist willing to sacrifice everything including ethics and love to save her sibling¿s life she adds a deep moral dilemma/fiber to the tale. Jack is also interesting as he denies love while Tobias is fixated on finding the Fountain of Youth. However, the most fascinating character remains Set, whose appearances are somewhat limited yet tells quite a back tale involving the Golden Ones and much more. --- Harriet Klausner
Guest More than 1 year ago
Tobias Benton, head of CommOptima, and one of his associates is searching for the legendary Fountain of Youth. Tobias believes he finally has its location. It is in an archeological site in the Sierra Nevada, deep within a cave. The place is booby-trapped. Written upon the door leading to the Fountain is an ancient Nimian code. Tobias needs a translator, but no one in the world has broken the code. However, he knows the one who could do it. ...................... Claire Coulter has worked for Tobias a couple of years now. She works on the Nimian Project and has spent the last two years working on cracking its code. Claire never met Tobias before he called her into his office and offers her a deal. She would accompany Tobias to the site and translate the door for him. It would take about three days of horseback riding to reach it. Once done, Tobias would not only get her a Green Card, but would pay for her brother to get the kidney transplant he so desperately needs. ...................... Jack Hughes owns Dark Horse Ranch. The place is in dire need of funds, so he agrees to take Tobias and Claire where they need to go. But that did not mean he would like it. Jack had a magical experience at that site when he was thirteen-years-old. It was not something he cared to repeat, so he had never returned. He has no doubt that this little expedition is a bad idea. ................... Humans are not the only ones in need of the Fountain. Set, one of the Ancients, needs it as well. The humans are simply a tool to reach it...and so expendable. ...................... **** Even though this is a 'stand alone' book, references to a previous novel are made. Often Claire would call a lady that must have been a main character of the previous book. These scenes did not strike me as necessary, however, they did seem to lend a dark essence to the story. Each chapter begins with a paragraph that reads like a journal entry by Set. VERY nice touch! Not only did this give me more insight into Set, but it also made the possibility of Set being real more believable to me. ****