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Dark Knight in Disguise II: Earthbound Angel 1

Dark Knight in Disguise II: Earthbound Angel 1

4.0 4
by Sandra Ross

He seeks his fate in the form of those he used to hate.

Erick Angell was thrown in the world in the form of the race he finds to be the weakest link of all--and he's finding out that strength didn't mean being powerful, but persevering in the face of temptation.


He seeks his fate in the form of those he used to hate.

Erick Angell was thrown in the world in the form of the race he finds to be the weakest link of all--and he's finding out that strength didn't mean being powerful, but persevering in the face of temptation.

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Sandra Ross
Publication date:
Earthbound Angels 1 , #2
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130 KB
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18 Years

Meet the Author

The moment Sandra Ross held her first romance novel when she was ten, she knew she was going to write romance. At thirty now, a prolific reader and a freelance writer, she's since then expanded her preferences from just romance to romance with a dash of now trending sub-genres—paranormal , fantasy, sci-fi even, and erotica. She loves challenging herself and would write on a dare. On a normal day, she would be found in her herb garden collecting spices for her kitchen or ingredients for her potions; in her huge eclectic Provencal kitchen with the big modern oven cooking pots and pans of food for her family of one husband and three kids (an ardent daughter and two boisterous sons) that'll probably last for weeks; in her library with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and an e-reader in her hands as she reads the latest erotic hit; or scribbling pages upon pages of different erotic lifestyles, searching for the one that feels like it was inspired by just the right mix of passion, story line, and sex. Aside from these activities, the rest of the time she'd be found in front of her laptop typing the latest Sandra Ross concoction for her readers.

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Dark Knight in Disguise II: Earthbound Angel 1 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anyone that has ever thought that perhaps angels walk among us just might be right. And they are just as human as we are. They feel the same things we do whether it's happiness or even lust and sexual attraction. Just like humans they can be overtaken by their emotions. That's what has happened to Erick who has always been an angel, until one day he's just not. One day he's sent to live among the humans, as a human. It's a punishment for his transgressions and he feels the sting of it as he must live with people he doesn't like. Except of course, this is a romance and that means that Erick is going to have to get over his dislike of humans. And that's where Hollianne comes into it. She's the one that's going to change Erick's ways and make him into a man. She's the one that he feels something for and that he feels sexually attracted to when he's never felt that way in his life. But for Hollianne this is something that is completely forbidden. She can't be sexually attracted to this man because he's her boss and so she tries to ignore him and her growing attraction. So what do you do if you're attracted to someone you can't have? That's the dilemma facing both of these people as they struggle to understand what is going to be best for them. They're going to have to overcome their reasons for avoiding each other and come to terms with their feelings for one another. If you're a fan of romance then you'll definitely be a fan of this. It's actually an interesting story about two people that wouldn't meet under normal circumstances. After all, he's an angel and she's a human girl. But they do meet, and they have strong sexual feelings for each other. Who knows if that will turn into anything more and who knows if it will be able to. After all, how long is an angel going to be banished to the Earth? The names seemed a little odd to me but then again, Erick is an angel. And Hollianne isn't so much a strange name except that it's all one name instead of separated into two. Their struggles to make things work out right seemed interesting and it was funny to see them try to fight off their attraction. You'll really be able to relate to the characters and you'll be hoping that they can make it work out in the end. For those people I know that like a happily ever after type of story this would be something they could definitely like. Interesting plot and actually a rather unique storyline.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is the second book. I didnt realize when purchased it was 65 pages and you are left hanging! The story is good but how many books is it going to take to complete??? I was disappointed. I thought the story would have a conclusion. This seems to be a trend with authors lately.........a number of books to complete one story. Very disillusioned.
Herivy More than 1 year ago
I have read the first book of this series and as I said, I was hooked in that first time. This book is the continuation of the Book 1 and fortunately, after reading this, my interest to read Ms. Sandra Ross’s next penned stories of the series did not waiver. I am actually interested in the premise of this book especially with the use of the term “earthbound”. For clarification purposes, an earthbound was defined by an online dictionary as an adjective which means (1) attached or restricted to the earth : “a flightless earthbound bird”, and (2) attached or limited to material existence as distinct from a spiritual of heavenly one. By the use of the said term and also by its description, this meant that this book dealt with the supernatural. And I do like the supernatural and the paranormal as themes of a story. As a continuation of Book 1, this book focused on the growing attraction of Hollianne Talbot and Erik Angell to each other. There was sexual tension most especially on the part of Hollianne as she had wet dreams with Erik as her lover. Only, in here, Erik appeared to have wings which made him an angel in Hollianne’s dreams. This, I think, was a hint of the writer to her readers that the heroine Hollianne was now near in discovering who Erik Angell really was. It was also hinted that Erik was doing mysterious – probably heroic – things at night. This made me thought of Batman or Zorro. But what was he doing? And why was he doing it? What compelled him to do things he did just as what made him save Hollianne from her plight in Book 1? In the course of the book, it was made known that his intrinsic quality made him did those things. There were also some explanations but they were quite vague since this was just the Book 2. I suppose all the rationalization would show at the conclusive part of the series. While reading the book, I just developed more questions in my mind. I am sure other readers had the same speculations and questions. And to answer them, there is the ‘need’ to read the next books of the series up until its last.