Dark Lord: School's Out

Dark Lord: School's Out

4.8 10
by Jamie Thomson

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The Dark Lord’s back, and he’s badder than everSee more details below

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The Dark Lord’s back, and he’s badder than ever

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Kirkus Reviews
While the Dark Lord's away, everyone begins living in peace and harmony, much to the chagrin of the White Wizard, Hasdruban. Dirk Lloyd, or the Dark Lord, the Nameless One, the World Burner, the Sorcerer Supreme, etc., is still in exile on Earth in the body of a 12-year-old boy who lives with Christopher and his parents. Their friend Sooz (short for Susan) was accidentally sent to the Dark Lands, Dirk's world of origin, when the trio attempted to magically send Dirk home. Now the boys have the added task of rescuing Sooz and a new impediment, in the form of a nanny who has a secret identity and is likely trying to kill Dirk. Since he's no longer evil incarnate, her attempts fail miserably. Meanwhile, goth girl Sooz has befriended the Dark Lord's minions (all that black!) and brought peace to his lands, much to the disbelief of Hasdruban (who's probably actually more evil than the Dark Lord). Can Dirk and Christopher save Sooz? Does she want to be saved? Would Dirk really sacrifice his friends to become Dark Lord once more? Here's hoping Thomson's second Dark Lord title is not the last given the open ending. It is sarcastic British fantasy in the Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams vein; it is a bit long and can tend toward silly, but it will satisfy fans of tongue-in-cheek. Best read with its companion tome…let's just say best read; wouldn't want to anger the Dark Lord. (Humorous fantasy. 10-14)
Children's Literature - Keri Collins Lewis
When the White Wizard, Lord Hasdruban, banished the Dark Lord to a most terrible fate—being trapped on Earth in the body of a thirteen-year-old boy—he could not have imagined his wily nemesis would send a queen back to the Darklands to rule in his place. Not that Dirk Lloyd planned for Sooz, the Goth girl who had befriended him, to be transported back to his empire with the Great Ring that signified his power. But when a spell he intended to use to transport himself mistakenly sends Sooz instead, he and his human foster brother Chris must figure out a way to save her from the perils of the Darklands. Little did they know that while they were attempting to outwit the White Witch of Holy Vengeance, Sooz was deftly reigning as the Moon Queen, creating peace treaties, establishing justice and order, and generally rocking the Darklands as a benevolent and fair ruler. Dirk Lloyd, the Dark Lord, is back with a vengeance and a temporarily modified conscience in the “Dark Lord” series’ second installment. A Monty Python-esque send-up of a fantasy realm’s evil dictator with a bit of modern psychology and slang thrown in for good measure, this tongue-in-cheek adventure will have middle schoolers laughing out loud, rooting for the bad guy, and wishing they knew the incantations for the Charm of Sudden Baldness and the Cantrip of Uncontrollable Flatulence. Plenty of plot twists, inventive worlds and characters, and witty dialogue will keep readers of all ages spellbound. This fantastic tale would be a fun example of writing from a different point of view, as well as an epic read aloud for teachers with a flair for the dramatic. Reviewer: Keri Collins Lewis; Ages 10 to 14.
School Library Journal
Gr 4–8—This humorous fantasy is the second entry in a series about an evil Dark Lord who finds himself trapped in the body of a human boy, "Dirk Lloyd." Beginning with the embarrassing derivative of his real name, the Dark Lord suffers the humiliations of being treated like a mere boy and determinedly discovers a way back to his world. The experiment goes awry and his friend, Sooz, is transported to Darklands instead of Dirk. While Dirk plots her rescue and his return, Sooz manages to befriend snot-dripping orcs and warty goblins and establish herself as the new Dark Queen. The narrative alternates between Sooz's adventures in Darklands and Dirk's return to power, with occasional first-person commentary from Dirk, printed as if handwritten. These diarylike entries and the Dahlesque illustrations add to the fast-moving fun. Sooz's plight and march to power show her mettle, and when Dirk's not being impossibly fiendish, there's a little chemistry between the two. Like any good villain, Dirk has two sides and when Chris, his "brother" from home, gives up on him, Sooz continues to appeal to his humanity. Dirk Lloyd and his pals' story is reminiscent of the zany, action-packed adventures in "Artemis Fowl" (Hyperion), served up with sly commentary on the powerlessness of being a child. Packed with tween-appeal.—Martha Baden, Prescott Public Library, AZ

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Walker & Company
Publication date:
Dark Lord Series, #2
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Product dimensions:
5.30(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.50(d)
710L (what's this?)
Age Range:
10 - 14 Years

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