Dark Nights: Cariad Singles

Dark Nights: Cariad Singles

by Kitti Bernetti

A Cariad Singles romance published by Accent Press. 

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A Cariad Singles romance published by Accent Press. 

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Accent Press
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Cariad Singles , #24
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Barnes & Noble
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All he’d ever wanted was business success, his adrenalin fed on the next big deal. Now he had it all – a fortune, women who threw themselves at him. But enjoyment eluded him. He felt crushingly empty. Until now. Something stirred beneath his tailored suit, the sleeping length in his groin twitched and hardened. She fascinated every man who saw her. And ignored every one. He smiled; he wasn’t going to be ignored by the Ice Queen. Suddenly blood rushed through his veins and spiked his cock to attention. It felt good. He was alive again.


            Breeze Monaghan dropped the files she was holding. They spilt across the floor like a fan. She clung to the wall. If its solidity hadn’t held her up, her shaking legs would have crumpled to the floor. She couldn’t go on much longer.

       He knew.

       Seb Dark was a smooth operator; somehow he had found her out.

       But he couldn’t possibly know. She had been ultra careful. Besides, he was too high up the pecking order to be in the least bit interested in her, an interim accountant, a faceless paper pusher. Still he terrified her. Looking down his nose at everyone like an eagle spotting prey. Dangerously masculine. Pull yourself together she practically shouted then clamped her hand over her mouth. The strain of living a lie for months was beginning to tell. She had to quit, like she had in all the other places. But not yet. She just needed tonight to complete her plan. She breathed deep, pulled herself upright, grabbed the files and thrust them into order.

       No one must find her in this state. She knew they called her the Ice Queen behind her back. That was the only way she could protect herself and she did it now. Putting back her mask of control. Cooling down her fear of being found out. Just another few thousand was all she needed. She sank at her desk and smoothed down her dyed blonde hair. She longed to go back to soft chestnut, be natural. Living a lie was starting to eat her soul. She pulled the desk drawer open, slipped her manicured hand to the back and pulled forward the little photo in its oval frame.

       They were the ones she was doing it for. Her mother – soft focussed but with an inner core of steel, just like Breeze. And Breeze’s sister, Summer, sweet as a country meadow, her wide eyes so vulnerable. Her frail body so crooked.

       Everything Breeze did she did for them. She would milk the last few thousand from SebastianDark’smonolithofacompany. Then she’d disappear just like she’d done so many times before … Only she had to get tonight over first, and then escape, before her boss with his cruel eyes really suspected something.         

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