The Dark Side of the Game: My Life in the NFL

The Dark Side of the Game: My Life in the NFL

by Tim Green

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In this book, 8-year veteran of the NFL Tim Green reveals for the first time the scandals, the horrors, the abuses and also the wonders of playing football.


In this book, 8-year veteran of the NFL Tim Green reveals for the first time the scandals, the horrors, the abuses and also the wonders of playing football.

Editorial Reviews

Washington Post
NFL people would be wise to read this book.
St. Petersburg Times
Pro football has finally found a competant, literate voice.
Buffalo News
Enlightening, intelligent, serious, honest...always interesting and frequently fascinating.
Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
A former player for the Atlanta Falcons and now a TV broadcaster on the Fox network, Green (Titans) has an enduring love for football, but that does not prevent his seeing the unlovelier aspects of the sport. Chief among them are the physical tolls the game exacts: every player, he stresses, suffers discomfort in every game of every season. The injuries are usually temporary but are sometimes permanently disabling, including concussions (Green had 12 during his career). There are the hardships of training camps and exhibition games, which sap athletes' energies even before the regular season starts, violent players and team doctors who urge even wounded players to stay on the field. Enemies may be teammates, since offensive and defensive units each have special bonds. Other obstacles include performance drugs, artificial turf, rowdy fans and the media, resented because reporters have never played pro football and, in Green's view, don't know what they are writing about. The author also provides insights into good and bad venues, superstitions, agents and the realities of play: "If you ain't cheatin', you ain't tryin'." Eye-opening for grid fans. Available as a Time Warner AudioBook. (Aug.)
Library Journal
Green, an author (Titans, LJ 10/15/94), former pro football player, and color commentator for Fox's football broadcasts, here exposes the NFL's worst secrets regarding steroid use, gambling, and racism.
Kirkus Reviews
Ex-jock and TV commentator and novelist (Titans, 1994, etc.) Green offers a mostly cautious and apologetic look at the behind- the-scenes world of pro football.

Green offers many stories about a whole raft of ills plaguing the sport he loves—such as AIDS, drugs, and violence. But rather than study the problems in a detailed manner and propose solutions shaped by his unique vantage point, he dismisses many kinds of indiscretions by players, coaches, reporters (and even referees) as mere examples of "boys being boys." He admits that, yes, as a result of football's ever-present physical pounding and psychological pressure, even he used and misused painkilling drugs and sleep aids—"but nowhere to the point of abuse." Other examples of pulled punches include a mash piece to the widely disliked coach Jerry Glanville. He admits that individual and institutional racism still exist in the NFL; he insists that groupies aren't as common as we believe them to be (and, besides, he asks, what kind of guy would want to go out with a groupie, anyway?). Green is more persuasive in describing the day-to-day toll the game exacted from his body, although his description waffles between the pedantic and the folksy. But when he chooses a safe target (as, for instance, the league's arcane and silly uniform policy), Green really lets loose, and the results are truly amusing.

Green the football raconteur is tempted to bite the hand that fed him—but Green the television sports commentator doesn't seem to want to draw blood.

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Chris Spielman
A great book every football fan should read.

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