Dark Soul (Vol. 1)

Dark Soul (Vol. 1)

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by Aleksandr Voinov

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Stefano Marino is a made man, a happily married west coast mafia boss who travels east to await the death of a family patriarch. All the old hands have gathered�of course sharks will circle when there�s blood in the water�but it�s a new hand that draws Stefano�s eye.

Silvio �the Barracuda� Spadaro is protetto and heir to retired consigliere Gianbattista


Stefano Marino is a made man, a happily married west coast mafia boss who travels east to await the death of a family patriarch. All the old hands have gathered�of course sharks will circle when there�s blood in the water�but it�s a new hand that draws Stefano�s eye.

Silvio �the Barracuda� Spadaro is protetto and heir to retired consigliere Gianbattista Falchi, and a made man in his own right. Among his underworld family, being gay is a capital crime, but the hypersexual�and pansexual�young killer has never much cared for rules. The only orders he follows are Battista�s, whether on the killing field or on his knees, eagerly submissive at Battista�s feet.

But Silvio has needs Battista can�t fill, and he�s cast his black-eyed gaze on Stefano. A fake break-in, an even faker attack, and Silvio is exactly where he wants to be: strung up at Stefano�s mercy, driving the older Mafioso toward urges he�s spent his whole life repressing. Stefano resists, but when the Russian mob invades his territory and forces him to seek aid, Gianbattista�s price brings Stefano face to face once more with Silvio�and his darkest desires.

(Publisher's note: this title contains dubious consent.)

Editorial Reviews

Amara Devonte
5 STARS: [D]ark, over-the-top intense, and ohshitwow unexpectedly hot . . . The story grabs me page one and takes me on a ride so intense there was no escaping even if I wanted to.
Top2Bottom Reviews - Lisa at Top2Bottom Reviews
5 STARS: The opening chapters of this series paint an evocative, provocative, and deeply sensual picture of a man whose past is shadowed . . . [I]t preys on the imagination, playing out scene after scene in the mind�s eye, tempting and sometimes disturbing my emotions, but always, always compelling me to turn the page; it was impossible to look away, even if I�d wanted to, which I did not.
Dear Author - Sunita at Dear Author
4.5 STARS: If [you] are looking for excellent writing, strong characterizations, sizzling sex, and a fascinating storyline, you won�t want to miss Dark Soul Vol. 1. I�m off to download Volumes 2 and 3.
PantsOffReviews - Darien Moya
5 STARS: [I]ncredible, viciously sexy, and absolutely mind blasting. I was left in complete awe and possibly ruined for other books.

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Meet the Author

Aleksandr has been published for twenty years, both in print and ebook. He has ten years� experience as a writing coach, book doctor, and writing teacher, and he works as a financial editor in the research department of a pan-European investment bank.

After co-authoring the M/M military cult classic Special Forces, Aleksandr embarked on a quest to write edgy, dark, sometimes literary M/M and gay fiction (much of which is romance/erotica)�the only way he can use his American Literature degree these days. He�s been published with Heyne/Random House, Carina Press, Samhain Publishing, Loose Id, Dreamspinner, Storm Moon Press, and others.

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Dark Soul (Vol 1) 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 13 reviews.
Kimichan More than 1 year ago
Stefano Marino is a young, recently happily married West coast Italian Mafia don whose obligations prompt him to travel to the East coast to pay his last respects to a dying Family patriarch. He's feeling off his game already, nervous lest he make a potentially fatal misstep with the other dons also there to pay their respects, but what really throws him isn't the not so minor politicking and subtle dominance games. No, it's the surprise he gets when an almost too feminine form rides up on a motorcycle. This turns out to be the very masculine indeed Silvio Spadaro, who quite surprisingly propositions him. Spadaro himself is a very dangerous man, one that the other dons wish to give quite the wide berth. Not because he's gay, because they have been known to kill men for that without breaking a sweat over it. It's because he is the protégé of a rather infamous but now retired consigliere Gianbattista Falchi and even more to the point, because he's known to have been the assassin who killed the one man they had all feared with a deep and abiding terror. Silvio Spadaro's fathomless black eyes are cold, his movements calculated, precise, and well planned out in advance. So when Stefano wakes up that night to his bodyguard scuffling with Silvio, who then allows himself to be overpowered and humiliated, Stefano does not know what to do with himself. He HAS to punish Silvio, but will it come bite him on the ass? When the Russians move into his territory and start a turf war that turns deadly, he knows he as but three choices. The first choice, to just let the Russians move in and squeeze him is not an acceptable option at all. Asking help from other dons is also out of the question, as they will see it as weakness and want a slice of his pie and jockey themselves into a position of power over him. But Falchi is retired and so out of the power game, and in Italy, so away from Stefano's interests anyway. When Falchi agrees to help him and Stefano finds himself having to deal with the pansexual Silvio, he doesn't know what to do with himself. The man oozes a raw sexuality that calls to Silvio. It's a siren song that disturbs him on so many levels running the gamut from upset about thoughts of betraying his beloved bride to fear over being discovered as a man attracted to other men and the death sentence he could expect for it. As events begin to unravel, he finds that not everything can be tidied away as neatly as he finds comfortable. Over the course of the five novellas within, Voinov delivers a romance that sinks its claws right into the viscera and then drags us along for the ride. It's not a romance filled with flowers and sweet nothings, but then these are two hardened men in an unforgiving world locked in turf war while trying to deal with their own emotional issues. Some of the sex scenes are pretty hard to take even for Stefano, as he balks at what he unwittingly witnesses between Silvio and Falchi as well as what his own base desires have led him to do while masquerading it as macho dominance posturing. Uncomfortable at times it may be, but it satisfies on so many different levels, not the least being a rather unconventional sort of HEA in the final volume that was a simply beautiful fit to the series as a whole.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
JacksonJG More than 1 year ago
author writes a damned good story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I found these characters very compelling
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Voinov once again creates compelling gripping characters that say with the reader long after. Conflicted characters. Plot twists. Love. Danger. Romance. Violence. Growth. Understanding. A story arc i will read again and again.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Sandra027 More than 1 year ago
Hmmm... I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this one. It wasn't as dark and gritty as I expected. This was good but felt incomplete since it's split up into different parts. I didn't get the character development or closure I was expecting, although we did get to see a crack in Silvio's shell at the end there. It definitely leaves you hanging, and I'll put Dark Soul Vol. 2 on my TBR list but I'm not jumping to get it right now
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Aija More than 1 year ago
This is by far the best in the series. It has been exactly a month since I read this volume and I still can't fully wrap my mind around it. There are themes explored that many will find unacceptable, but Voinov leads through them step by step, immersing and mesmerising the reader, unobtrusively forcing to accept whatever comes. And loving it! This series (and Silvio) is like and onion - there are layers and layers you need to go through to know more and it will make you cry in the process. :) To be honest, I don't believe we will get to see more than the tip of the iceberg that is Silvio. I think it would take years to crack him up! Very intriguing. Dark Soul is one of the best series I have ever read, so be open-minded and I guarantee you will love it!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago