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Darkness Haunts

Darkness Haunts

4.4 10
by Susan Illene

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Book one of the Sensor Series.

Melena Sanders faced her fair share of danger with insurgents and terrorists when she served in the U.S. Army, but now she is about to go up against a new threat. Her best friend, Aniya, has disappeared while on a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska--a supernatural haven. Most humans have no idea darker races lurk amongst them. Mel


Book one of the Sensor Series.

Melena Sanders faced her fair share of danger with insurgents and terrorists when she served in the U.S. Army, but now she is about to go up against a new threat. Her best friend, Aniya, has disappeared while on a trip to Fairbanks, Alaska--a supernatural haven. Most humans have no idea darker races lurk amongst them. Mel knows better. If she wants to get her friend back, she's going to have to go in alone--but not unarmed.

Melena has a few special skills the Army didn't provide, but the odds are still against her. She's got to come up with a plan fast that doesn't involve her, or her friend, dying. But danger likes to play it rough. A war for power is about to rise in Fairbanks and if she wants to get Aniya back, she's going to have to step right into the middle of it.

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Susan Illene
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The Sensor Series , #1
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Barnes & Noble
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Meet the Author

Instead of making the traditional post high school move and attending college, Susan joined the U.S. Army. She spent her eighteenth birthday in the gas chamber — an experience she is sure is best left for criminals. For eleven years she served first as a human resources specialist and later as an Arabic linguist (mostly in Airborne units). Though all her duty assignments were stateside, she did make two deployments to Iraq where her language skills were put to regular use.

After leaving the service in 2009, Susan returned to school to study history with a focus on the Middle East. She no longer finds many opportunities to test her fighting abilities in real life, unless her husband is demanding she cook him a real meal (macaroni and cheese apparently doesn’t count), but she’s found a new outlet in writing urban fantasy heroines who can.

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Darkness Haunts 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
BittenByBooksRS More than 1 year ago
Melena is just beginning to enjoy her life out of the Military when her roommate, Aniya, goes missing while meeting a man in Fairbanks, Alaska. When Aniya fails to contact Melena, her mother and other friends, Melena has no choice but to drop everything and search for Aniya. Melena has a special talent, a built in lie detector, and she is known as a “Sensor”. Facing Vampires, Melena has her own worries. Terrified that Aniya is with the Vampires, she gets a chilling phone call from her, “GO HOME NOW”. She knows that there is no way she can abandon her, but once she finds Aniya, she is faced with a bigger problem. How will they both make it out alive? She meets a man who makes her heart race, but the timing is bad. Can he help save her and her best friend? How can you hope to love someone when you have kept to yourself your entire life? The interactions of the characters and the depth of the world that the author created is amazing. This book was such a wonderful read, I was unable to put it down until the very last page, wishing that I had more of it to read. This book and author has already been placed on my “favorite” list. Darkness Haunts grabs your attention, and not only holds it, but is a true pleasure to read. Fans of the paranormal will NOT want to miss this fantastic book.
JCAllen More than 1 year ago
Melena is a sensor who travels to Alaska to find a friend who has disappeared, and walks into a nest of supernatural beings – all intent on preventing Mel from accomplishing her goal. Using her military training and her sensor abilities, she manages to get herself into a situation that will turn her world upside down as she finds unlikely allies in her quest to save her friend and as her own life hangs in the balance. I met this author on-line a couple years ago, and have listened with interest as she talked about the process of writing her first book. Although paranormal fiction is not my favorite read, I was eager to see how her personality translated into her writing, and found myself captivated by Susan’s ability to weave a compelling tale. She has drawn on her own military background and love of the genre and successfully created a well-written and entertaining story. Great job, Mistress!
Sailon More than 1 year ago
Darkness Haunts is a fast paced urban fantasy with a strong female lead. I grabbed this story to check out in my free time and really I'm glad I did. Susan Illene creates a story that is both entertaining and quite gratifying to my urban fantasy requirements. Melena Sanders is a sensor, which means she doesn’t have many “powers” except she can sense other supernatural beings. Her kick butt strength comes from her service in the military, which I absolutely loved. Needing to rescue her friend from a bad decision going terribly wrong, Melena finds herself hip deep in supernaturals.  The story was an easy, entertaining and very enjoyable. I found the characters to be a perfect mix of peculiar and unexpected with the lines between good and evil becoming occasionally blurred.  Issues with the story… Although they were intriguing, something was missing that created a strong connection to the characters. There were also a few “contradictions” in Melena’s powers that caught my attention. In the end, Illene provides the potential for a great new series to follow. We have possible romantic interests, kick butt heroine and a strong urban fantasy plot. I will definitely keep my eye on this series.
Anonymous 10 months ago
Even though there is a large amount of lead in, the book was fantastic.
Ainlif More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Keep reading. I promise it gets better!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
alterlisa More than 1 year ago
I love urban fantasys that are populated by more than one creature of the night. I especially love that Mel can  sense them in a world that is as of yet unaware of them. She is a kickass ex-military and doesn't let her lack of powers keep her from saving a friend. I love a good twisty, turny story and especially love the fact that there are 5 plus books already out in this series so can I can jump right in and binge read. If you like suspense and adventure in your urban fantasy--this is the next series for you.
Year-in-Books More than 1 year ago
A brand new interpretation of the paranormal Susan Illene’s ‘Darkness Haunts’ – 1st in the Sensor series -- takes readers into a brand new interpretation of the paranormal. In this new reality, there are members of the human race who are able to detect supernaturals around them and are immune to magic. In Darkness Haunts, former US Army member Melena struggles to cope with her ability without anyone knowing about it. But when her friend Aniya disappears into a supernatural haven, she knows that she will need to use her skills to bring her home. Thrown headfirst into a world she has tried to avoid, Melena embodies the fighting spirit many of us wish we had. At each fork in the road she chooses the path that takes her further into danger, but closer to answers. Throughout the journey she learns much more about who she is and what her place is in the world. Illene’s beautiful descriptions of the Alaskan locales give such a depth to the story as the reader is able to feel even more immersed through such vivid imagery. Fighting for her friends and family, Melena must choose between how she has always lived her life and what her life could be. Melena’s struggle is easily relatable and makes her an incredibly easy character to connect with. I wanted to climb into the pages and march beside her on her search. Illene takes her readers on a twisty path geographically from California to Alaska and emotionally with how her characters connect and interconnect. Each turn of the page brought another reason to not stop reading. I couldn’t wait to find out what was around the next corner. Book two can’t get onto my kindle quick enough.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago