Dat 20 Charts Compilation, Vol. 1

Dat 20 Charts Compilation, Vol. 1


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Zyx Records


Disc 1

  1. Not Now
  2. Requiem
  3. Take the Night Off
  4. Sickness Within
  5. Take This Life
  6. Get Away
  7. Deiche
  8. The Smell
  9. Pandora Pop
  10. Drrty Rokka
  11. Dirty Lies
  12. Perfectly Broken
  13. Brother Bleed Brother
  14. Neon
  15. Two of a Kind
  16. Gotta Hey
  17. Trying to Be Me  - Chad Kroeger
  18. So Lang Die Fahne Weht  -  Montreal
  19. Zetsubou  -  Mucc
  20. The Lightbringer

Disc 2

  1. Sticky Situation  -  Danko Jones
  2. The Mess Age
  3. We Are All on Drugs
  4. Dead Funny
  5. Lights and Sounds
  6. Newborn
  7. Bullet Proof Skin  -  Institute
  8. My Little Sidekick  -  Landslide
  9. Focus
  10. Show Your Fist
  11. Resolve
  12. Alles Steht Still
  13. Laura
  14. Rational Eyes
  15. The Rising  -  Gods of Blitz
  16. Revolutionary Sympathies
  17. Vlado Video
  18. Image of the Invisible
  19. 10000 Words
  20. Catrch Without Arms

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Album Credits

Technical Credits

Lagwagon   Composer
Sick of It All   Composer
Scott Humphrey   Composer
Marc Allen   Composer
Tom DeLonge   Composer
Mark Hoppus   Composer
Gavin Rossdale   Composer
Photek   Composer
Backyard Babies   Composer
Danko Jones   Composer
Anders Fridén   Composer
Travis Barker   Composer
Ted Hutt   Composer
Chad Kroeger   Composer
Clearlake   Composer
Dennis Casey   Composer
Bridget Regan   Composer
Matt Hensley   Composer
Nathen Maxwell   Composer
Bob Schmidt   Composer
George Schwindt   Composer
Hatesphere   Composer
Dave King   Composer
Eddie Breckenridge   Composer
Riley Breckenridge   Composer
Dustin Kensrue   Composer
Teppei Teranishi   Composer
Gavin Hayes   Composer
Mark Engles   Composer
Drew Roulette   Composer
Dino Campanella   Composer
Ryan Key   Composer
Sean Mackin   Composer
Peter Mosely   Composer
Zoltan Farkas   Composer
Popzillas   Composer
J. Stephen Howard   Composer
Engerica   Composer
Derek Doherty   Composer
Longineu Parsons   Composer
Ron Cazzato   Composer
Olli Wong   Composer
Christoph von Freydorf   Composer
Christian Schneider   Composer

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