Data Analysis Workbook / Edition 7

Data Analysis Workbook / Edition 7

by Cecie Starr

ISBN-10: 0495828947

ISBN-13: 9780495828945

Pub. Date: 11/26/2008

Publisher: Cengage Learning

This workbook provides dozens of exercises that give students practice in interpreting real data and building critical thinking skills.


This workbook provides dozens of exercises that give students practice in interpreting real data and building critical thinking skills.

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Cengage Learning
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

1. Peacock Butterfly Predator Defenses. 2. Element Abundances in Humans, Earth, and Seawater. 3. Mensink-Katan Study: Effects of Dietary Fats on Lipoprotein Levels. 4. Kartagener Syndrome Phenotype. 5. Bannykh Study: CFTR Distribution in Organelles. 6. Pittler Study: Effects of Artichoke Extract on Hangovers. 7. Tilman Study: Energy Efficiency of Biofuels from Corn, Soy, and Prairie Grasses. 8. Kuruvilla Study: Mitochondrial Abnormalities in TF Patients. 9. HeLa Cell Chromosome Number. 10. Case Western University Study: Meiotic Abnormalities Linked to BPA Exposure. 11. Skin Color of Indigenous Peoples Correlated to Regional Incident UV Radiation. 12. Coryell Study: Genetic Relationship between Mood Disorders and Intelligence. 13. Hershey-Chase Experiment. 14. Serra Study: Mutations in Individual Neurofibromatosis Tumors. 15. BRCA Mutations in Women Diagnosed with Breast Cancer. 16. Tabuchi Study: Enhanced Spatial Learning Ability in Mice with Autism Mutation. 17. Alvarez Study: Abundance of Iridium in the K-T Boundary. 18. Kohn Study: Resistance to Rodenticides in Wild Rat Populations. 19. Fleisher Study: Honeycreeper Phylogeny. 20. Changes in Conditions on Early Earth. 21. HIV Transmission from Mother to Child. 22. Jacob Koella Study: Attractiveness of Plasmodium-Infected Hosts to Mosquitoes. 23. UNFAO Report: On Deforestation. 24. Effect of Logging Practices on Tree Loss to a Fungal Pathogen. 25. Survival of Horseshoe Crabs after Bleeding. 26. Trends in Primate Evolution. 27. Heat Index (Apparent Temperature). 28. Grissino-Mayer Study: Dendroclimatology Data from El Malpais National Monument. 29. Doty Study: Usefulness of Cytochrome P450 Transgenic Plants for Phytoremediation of TCE. 30. Search for Pollinators of M. depressa Plants. 31. Delphia Study: Predator-Specific Volatile Compounds Produced by Tobacco Plants. 32. Effect of Cultured Skin Treatment on Diabetic Foot Ulcers. 33. Jack Lipton: Behavioral Effect of Prenatal Exposure to MDMA. 34. Effect of Age and Occupational Noise Exposure. 35. Shanna Swann Study: Effect of Agricultural Water Contamination on Humans. 36. Clinical Trial of Treatment for Osteogenesis Imperfecta. 37. Distribution of Stroke Deaths across the United States. 38. Khan Study: Cervical Cancer Incidence in HPV-Positive Women. 39. Risk of Cancer from Radon Exposure. 40. George Perry Study: AMY-1 Copies among Cultural Groups. 41. Chensheng Lu Study: Effect of Organic Food on Pesticide Residue. 42. Drug Treatment to Prevent Masculinization in Females. 43. Multiple Births and Birth Defects. 44. Spread of Africanized Honeybees in the United States. 45. Martin Wikelski Study: Marine Iguana Populations in the Galapagos. 46. Methods of Controlling Fire Ant Populations. 47. Changes in Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide Levels. 48. Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies (El Nino and La Nina). 49. Biological Magnification in the Arctic.

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