Data Compression: The Complete Reference / Edition 2

Data Compression: The Complete Reference / Edition 2

by David Salomon, D. Salomon

ISBN-10: 0387950451

ISBN-13: 9780387950457

Pub. Date: 10/28/2000

Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York, LLC

"A wonderful treasure chest of information; spanning a wide range of data compression methods, from simple test compression methods to the use of wavelets in image compression. It is unusual for a text on compression to cover the field so completely." — ACM Computing Reviews

"Salomon's book is the most complete and up-to-date reference on the subject. The


"A wonderful treasure chest of information; spanning a wide range of data compression methods, from simple test compression methods to the use of wavelets in image compression. It is unusual for a text on compression to cover the field so completely." — ACM Computing Reviews

"Salomon's book is the most complete and up-to-date reference on the subject. The style, rigorous yet easy to read, makes this book the preferred choice â�� [and] the encyclopedic nature of the text makes it an obligatory acquisition by our library." — Dr Martin Cohn, Brandeis University

Data compression is one of the most important tools in modern computing, and there has been tremendous progress in all areas of the field. This fourth edition of Data Compression provides an all-inclusive, thoroughly updated, and user-friendly reference for the many different types and methods of compression (especially audio compression, an area in which many new topics covered in this revised edition appear).

Among the important features of the book are a detailed and helpful taxonomy, a detailed description of the most common methods, and discussions on the use and comparative benefits of different methods. The book's logical, clear and lively presentation is organized around the main branches of data compression.

Topics and features:

  • highly inclusive, yet well-balanced coverage for specialists and nonspecialists

  • thorough coverage of wavelets methods, including SPIHT, EZW, DjVu, WSQ, and JPEG 2000

  • comprehensive updates on all material from previous editions

    And these NEW topics:

  • RAR, a proprietary algorithm

  • FLAC, a free, lossless audio compression method

  • WavPack, an open, multiplatform audio-compression algorithm

  • LZMA, a sophisticated dictionary-based compression method

  • Differential compression

  • ALS, the audio lossless coding algorithm used in MPEG-4

  • H.264, an advanced video codec, part of the huge MPEG-4 project

  • AC-3, Dolby's third-generation audio codec

  • Hyperspectral compression of 3D data sets

    This meticulously enhanced reference is an essential resource and companion for all computer scientists; computer, electrical and signal/image processing engineers; and scientists needing a comprehensive compilation of compression methods. It requires only a minimum of mathematics and is well-suited to nonspecialists and general readers who need to know and use this valuable content.

    David Salomon is a professor emeritus of computer Science at California State University, Northridge. He has authored numerous articles and books, including Coding for Data and Computer Communications, Guide to Data Compression Methods, Data Privacy and Security, Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling, Foundations of Computer Security and Transformations and Projections in Computer Graphics.

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    Table of Contents

    Preface to the Fourth Edition     vii
    Preface to the Third Edition     xi
    Preface to the Second Edition     xv
    Preface to the First Edition     xix
    Introduction     1
    Basic Techniques     17
    Intuitive Compression     17
    Run-Length Encoding     22
    RLE Text Compression     23
    RLE Image Compression     27
    Move-to-Front Coding     37
    Scalar Quantization     40
    Recursive Range Reduction     42
    Statistical Methods     47
    Information Theory Concepts     48
    Variable-Size Codes     54
    Prefix Codes     55
    Tunstall Code     61
    The Golomb Code     63
    The Kraft-MacMillan Inequality     71
    Shannon-Fano Coding     72
    Huffman Coding     74
    Adaptive Huffman Coding     89
    MNP5     95
    MNP7     100
    Reliability     101
    Facsimile Compression     104
    Arithmetic Coding     112
    Adaptive Arithmetic Coding     125
    The QM Coder     129
    Text Compression     139
    PPM     139
    Context-Tree Weighting     161
    Dictionary Methods     171
    String Compression     173
    Simple Dictionary Compression     174
    LZ77 (Sliding Window)     176
    LZSS     179
    Repetition Times     182
    QIC-122     184
    LZX     187
    LZ78     189
    LZFG     192
    LZRW1     195
    LZRW4     198
    LZW     199
    LZMW     209
    LZAP     212
    LZY     213
    LZP     214
    Repetition Finder     221
    UNIX Compression     224
    GIF Images     225
    RAR and WinRAR     226
    The V.42bis Protocol     228
    Various LZ Applications     229
    Deflate: Zip and Gzip     230
    LZMA and 7-Zip     241
    PNG     246
    XML Compression: XMill     251
    EXE Compressors     253
    CRC     254
    Summary     256
    Data Compression Patents     256
    A Unification     259
    Image Compression      263
    Introduction     265
    Approaches to Image Compression     270
    Intuitive Methods     283
    Image Transforms     284
    Orthogonal Transforms     289
    The Discrete Cosine Transform     298
    Test Images     333
    JPEG     337
    JPEG-LS     354
    Progressive Image Compression     360
    JBIG     369
    JBIG2     378
    Simple Images: EIDAC     389
    Vector Quantization     390
    Adaptive Vector Quantization     398
    Block Matching     403
    Block Truncation Coding     406
    Context-Based Methods     412
    FELICS     415
    Progressive FELICS     417
    MLP     422
    Adaptive Golomb     436
    PPPM     438
    CALIC     439
    Differential Lossless Compression     442
    DPCM     444
    Context-Tree Weighting     449
    Block Decomposition     450
    Binary Tree Predictive Coding     454
    Quadtrees     461
    Quadrisection     478
    Space-Filling Curves     485
    Hilbert Scan and VQ      487
    Finite Automata Methods     497
    Iterated Function Systems     513
    Cell Encoding     529
    Wavelet Methods     531
    Fourier Transform     532
    The Frequency Domain     534
    The Uncertainty Principle     538
    Fourier Image Compression     540
    The CWT and Its Inverse     543
    The Haar Transform     549
    Filter Banks     566
    The DWT     576
    Multiresolution Decomposition     589
    Various Image Decompositions     589
    The Lifting Scheme     596
    The IWT     608
    The Laplacian Pyramid     610
    SPIHT     614
    CREW     626
    EZW     626
    DjVu     630
    WSQ, Fingerprint Compression     633
    JPEG 2000     639
    Video Compression     653
    Analog Video     653
    Composite and Components Video     658
    Digital Video     660
    Video Compression     664
    MPEG     676
    MPEG-4     698
    H.261     703
    H.264     706
    Audio Compression      719
    Sound     720
    Digital Audio     724
    The Human Auditory System     727
    WAVE Audio Format     734
    [mu]-Law and A-Law Companding     737
    ADPCM Audio Compression     742
    MLP Audio     744
    Speech Compression     750
    Shorten     757
    FLAC     762
    WavPack     772
    Monkey's Audio     783
    MPEG-4 Audio Lossless Coding (ALS)     784
    MPEG-1/2 Audio Layers     795
    Advanced Audio Coding (AAC)     821
    Dolby AC-3     847
    Other Methods     851
    The Burrows-Wheeler Method     853
    Symbol Ranking     858
    ACB     862
    Sort-Based Context Similarity     868
    Sparse Strings     874
    Word-Based Text Compression     885
    Textual Image Compression     888
    Dynamic Markov Coding     895
    FHM Curve Compression     903
    Sequitur     906
    Triangle Mesh Compression: Edgebreaker     911
    SCSU: Unicode Compression     922
    Portable Document Format (PDF)     928
    File Differencing      930
    Hyperspectral Data Compression     941
    Answers to Exercises     953
    Bibliography     1019
    Glossary     1041
    Joining the Data Compression Community     1067
    Index     1069

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