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Daughters of the King: Finding Victory Through Your God-Given Personal Style

Daughters of the King: Finding Victory Through Your God-Given Personal Style

by Gail M. Hayes
Is casual comfort your main goal in dressing? Or do hats, capes, scarves and large jewelry sing your image song? Do order, structure and classic, conservative lines serve as your fashion theme? Or do glamour, sequins and brilliant colors make your spirit sing? Do lace, cameo jewelry and soft elegance speak your language? Or does dressing according to your mood reflect


Is casual comfort your main goal in dressing? Or do hats, capes, scarves and large jewelry sing your image song? Do order, structure and classic, conservative lines serve as your fashion theme? Or do glamour, sequins and brilliant colors make your spirit sing? Do lace, cameo jewelry and soft elegance speak your language? Or does dressing according to your mood reflect your identity? Whatever your style, after reading the book Daughters of the King, you will know that you are a lovely masterpiece made in the image of God.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
Nearly everything about Hayes's book-built on the premise that she can discern a woman's personality, spiritual gifts, work style and areas for growth by what style of clothing she wears-is questionable. Based on answers to survey questions, Hayes assigns readers to six different "image types," including Jaunty Esprit ("down-to-earth and casual"), Elegant Flamboyant ("a charismatic presence" able to assume authority) and "Sensual Exotic" ("sensuous spirit" with strong organizational skills). Chapters summarize how women of each type live, worship, work, dress and interact with family. Small bits of advice are included, and several fashion-specific paragraphs appear nearly verbatim in each chapter. Curiously, two or three biblical characters are profiled as "sisters" belonging to each image type, but there's often little justification for characterizations built on a scrap of a Bible verse and an active imagination. Much of each chapter focuses on clothing-how each type tends to dress and how women could improve their appearance. But the fashion advice is as shaky as the book's premise, geared more to older women who can't be bothered with following trends. (To wit: shoulder pads are always in style for the Elegant Flamboyant, and the Creative Poetic can wear pistachio green with salmon pink.) The book fails to live up to its premise and offers little of spiritual or stylistic value. (May 11) Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.
Library Journal
Hayes, a popular lecturer and Christian television personality, has written an engaging and original book targeted at Christian women. To Hayes, solemnity is not necessary for piety and may even be contrary to God's wishes. She identifies six "Godly" women's personalities-"Jaunty Esprit," "Sensual Exotic," "Harmonic Refined," "Elegant Flamboyant," "Chantilly Graceful," "Creative Poetic"-and finds biblical role models as well as wardrobes and careers for each of them. As light-hearted as Hayes's approach may at first seem, her message of self-affirmation (rather than self-denial) is interesting and important and deserves a wide audience. For most collections. Copyright 2005 Reed Business Information.

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Daughters Of The King

By Gail M. Hayes

Warner Books

Copyright © 2005 Gail M. Hayes, PhD
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-446-69464-9

Chapter One

Discovering Your Image Type

A man's [woman's] heart plans his [her] way, but the Lord directs his [her] steps.


Do you remember the first time you noticed that you had a unique sense of style? If you stop and think, it surfaced when you were just a child. Your sense of style comes with the package that is you. It is not only the way you dress, but also your way of doing things. It is your very essence. The Lord placed this sense of style in your spirit during the creation process.

Things as simple as the way you hold your fork, and as complex as the way you process information, are all facets of your sense of style. If you have children, you may have already noticed that they like certain clothing styles and have developed their own unique way of doing things. Their choices may be very different from yours. Even before they could speak, they let you know what they liked and who they were. As they matured, they became vocal about their preferences.

When I was a child, my mother dressed me in lace and ruffles. She put large, matching, satin ribbons on my hair and made me wear crinoline slips. At the time, I felt simply beautiful. Sometime later, around the age of nine, things changed. I developed my own sense of style. Mom and I then reached a point where we did not always agree on the size and color of those hair bows. I also realized that crinoline slips were hot and scratchy. This tug-of-war revealed that our style preferences were similar, but a difference was becoming obvious.

The difference was our image types. My mother preferred wispy fabrics with lace and ruffles. To me, they felt uncomfortable, cumbersome, and fluffy. I wanted straight lines with dashes of high drama. Those dashes of high drama started one of the age-old struggles between mother and daughter-my tastes over Mom's authority and pocketbook. Mom was almost a nervous wreck by the time I got through puberty. I remember getting off the school bus with my satin bows hanging down around my neck. During war games with the boys, I tore the delicate lace trim on my dress to "smithereens" (one of Mom's favorite sayings when it came to my lace dresses and me).

This struggle with my mother over image was a critical part of my journey to wholeness. Even as a child, I knew there was something missing. I needed something different from the lace and ruffles. I needed something more like me. I needed something elegant and flamboyant. Why did I feel so out of place in all those wisps of femininity? I decided to search for the answers.

For many years, I studied the differences in personal clothing choices. I discovered that women with distinctive personality traits preferred certain clothing lines. The styling or cut of a particular clothing line spoke their language. I also noticed that the main theme of the clothing choices did not change, even after they became Christians. Of course, in many cases, the women lowered hemlines and eliminated tightness, but the main theme of the clothing did not change. My studies culminated with the creation of the Image Indicator.

On the following pages, you will take the Image Indicator, an image inventory that gives information on six image types. When you've completed the Image Indicator and discovered your image type, you begin a fascinating journey toward identity, purpose, and destiny.

The Father created you for a wondrous purpose and a divine destiny as a daughter of the King. He created you with a specific image type with a specific purpose that only you can fulfill. Isn't that good to know that you are just that special to our heavenly Father?

Before you go any farther, I need a promise. I need for you to promise that you will allow the Lord to minister to you through this process. Promise that you will answer the questions honestly and from your heart. Your first answer will always be correct. No one has to see your answers. They are between you and the Lord. If anyone else sees them, it will be because you choose to share them.

While writing this book and speaking about image, the Lord did a great healing in my life. He taught me to accept myself just the way He created me. I learned to accept every bump, lump, hair, and inch. He created me as an intricate unity, and that excited me. After this acceptance, the Lord instructed me to share the information with you.

I often wondered why the Lord has so many names. A few examples of His names are Jehovah Jireh, my Provider; Jehovah Rapha, my Healer; Jehovah Shalom, my Peace; and Jehovah Nissi, my Banner. I asked the Lord for an answer regarding these labels. He told me that the labels were not for Him. He does not need anyone to remind Him who He is. He already knows His power, strength, and awesome majesty.

He does not operate with an identity crisis. He already knows who He is, even without us using those beautiful names. He created the names for us, His beautiful, finite creations. This is the reason the Image Indicator is so important. In this book, the Lord provides beautiful labels for His daughters to wear with honor.

I thank God daily for His sacrifice at Calvary. Without that precious sacrifice, I would not have received this message and learned just how much He loves me. The Father is so good and wise. His system works miracles of healing and brings wholeness to our lives.

Through the Image Indicator, He helped me gain a greater appreciation, understanding, and acceptance of other women. He now wants to do the same for you.

So sit back, relax, and work your way through the Image Indicator. Remember, this is a gift from our Lord, to you, His daughter.


Please record your answers in the spaces provided on page 10.

1. Which of the following words best describe your wardrobe choices?

A. Comfortable and easy-care.

B. Tailored and classic.

C. Dramatic and stylish.

D. Original and all yours.

E. Flowing and feminine.

F. Glittering and glamorous.

2. Which of the following best describes your work style statement?

A. I want everyone to help get the job done ... yesterday.

B. I want everyone to plan their work and work my plan.

C. I want to know who is in charge and who has the resources I need for my project.

D. I want harmony and no arguing when I work, so that my creativity flows.

E. I want everyone to be happy with each other and with their work.

F. I want everyone to be comfortable while they work.

3. Which of the following best describes the hairstyle that most suits you?

A. Carefree-wash-and-go or low-maintenance hair.

B. The perfect cut with every hair in place.

C. Elegant and sculptured.

D. Lots and lots of curls, crimps, or braids.

E. Long and flowing.

F. Full and layered.

4. Without thinking about your figure, which of the following outfits best speaks your language?

A. A sweater and jeans or sweatpants and a comfortable, unstructured top.

B. A lined wool or silk suit with an elegant silk blouse and pearls or a gold signature chain.

C. A tailored pant- or skirt suit with a dramatic shoulder-draped shawl, and an oversized brooch holding it in place.

D. Pants with a vest and matching oversized jacket.

E. A soft and flowing off-the-shoulder lace dress.

F. A belted off-the-shoulder sweater and a leather skirt with a side-seam zipper.

5. Which of the following would you wear to a sporting event?

A. Jeans with a cotton shirt, or sweats.

B. Slacks with a matching jacket and a classic blouse or shirt.

C. A studded or beaded denim outfit with matching shoes and hat.

D. Knit pants and an oversized shirt and sweater.

E. A cotton lace T-shirt and pearl button sweater with a skirt or jeans.

F. An athletic suit with jewels and studs and a matching headband.

6. The perfect makeover for you would be:

A. Au naturel-no makeup.

B. Harmonically perfect.

C. Deep, rich, and vibrant.

D. Depends on my mood.

E. Soft and natural.

F. Electrifying and glamorous.

7. If you attended an evening event, what outfit would you choose to let everyone know you had arrived?

A. An unstructured evening pant- or skirt suit with a silk T-top.

B. The classic black dress with pearls or diamonds.

C. A purple silk pantsuit with a dramatic beaded coat.

D. A one-of-a-kind original creation of my own.

E. A Victorian lace dream.

F. A red sequined stunner with a side split.

8. Not thinking about money, which of the following would be known as your signature piece(s)?

A. A simple gold chain with a small pendant or diamond dot earrings.

B. A Rolex or Gucci watch or a string of hand-knotted pearls.

C. A large hammered-gold or -silver bangle watch with large matching earrings.

D. A pair of handcrafted earrings or a string of hand-strung semiprecious beads.

E. An antique cameo brooch with matching earrings.

F. An eighteen-karat-gold anklet, or gold and silver rings for all my fingers.

9. Which of the following best describes your perfect manicure?

A. Short, clean, and clear.

B. Perfect, natural-length and neutrally colored.

C. Medium long and vibrantly colored.

D. Whatever strikes my mood.

E. Natural-length with soft, transparent color.

F. Glamour-length with electrifying color and nail designs.

10. Not thinking about your figure, which clothing shapes or styles attract you the most?

A. Unstructured with natural fibers.

B. Tailored to fit me perfectly.

C. Straight lines with a dashes of high drama.

D. One-of-a-kind, layered originals.

E. Light and airy with lace and ruffles.

F. Body hugging and feminine.

11. Assuming your feet and lifestyle could stand it, what shoes would you wear over and over again?

A. Low-heeled casual or athletic shoes.

B. Medium-heeled designer pumps.

C. Suede and leather, jeweled, or studded pumps to match all my outfits.

D. Boots, boots, and more boots.

E. Medium-heeled sandals.

F. Stiletto heels with sparkling ankle straps.

12. Without thinking about what others have said, what words would you consider a compliment-and one that best describes the real you?

A. Down-to-earth and comfortable to be with.

B. Classic and orderly.

C. Sophisticated and stylish.

D. Artistic and creative.

E. Soft and feminine.

F. Sensual and exciting.


1. ______________ 7. ______________ 2. ______________ 6. ______________ 3. ______________ 9. ______________ 4. ______________ 10. ______________ 5. ______________ 11. ______________ 6. ______________ 12. ______________

Total A's _________ Total D's _________ Total B's _________ Total E's _________ Total C's _________ Total F's _________

Now go the next page to interpret the results of the inventory.


If you scored more A's, your image type is:

Jaunty Esprit

If you scored more B's, your image type is:

Harmonic Refined

If you scored more C's, your image type is:

Elegant Flamboyant

If you scored more D's, your image type is:

Creative Poetic

If you scored more E's, your image type is:

Chantilly Graceful

If you scored more F's, your image type is:

Sensual Exotic

If your score is evenly distributed among several letters-for example, three B's, four D's, and three C's-use the Rule of Combinations to determine your image type. If you are a combination of the three types, you will switch from one to the other depending on your mood or the occasion. Your dominant type may be Creative Poetic, for example, but you love clothing with the classic lines of the Harmonic Refined, and add Elegant Flamboyant accessories to achieve your look. With Creative Poetic creativity, you skillfully combine facets from the three image types to attain the look you want. This mixture of styles is what I call the Rule of Combinations.

Do not be alarmed if you discover that you have traits from several of the image types. This is the beauty of the Lord's system. It works equally well for those of us who fit into a distinctive type and for those of us who are more diverse. It simply means that you have traits from several of the types, but you need to look again at your answers to find your dominant type. You may also need to retake the Indicator.

After presenting the Image Indicator to thousands of women over the last several years, I have discovered every woman has traits from all the image types, but each woman still has a dominant type. If your scores are distributed equally or there does not appear to be a dominant type, please go back and reread the questions. In answering the questions, please remember, there is always a first choice.

Here are a few pointers to consider when taking the Image Indicator. If the Indicator does not mention your favorite piece of jewelry, what piece mentioned most closely resembles your favorite? If the Indicator does not mention your ideal outfit, what outfit mentioned is most like you? Choose what comes closest to what you like. The answers do not have to match exactly.

For example, if comfort is your main goal in dressing, but the only choice on the Indicator is pants-and you never wear them, even for evening wear-your choice would still be A. Look at the goal of the question. All answers should match your heart choices, not your head choice or what others have told you. Just choose items that are as close to your true choices as possible.

If your results on the Indicator are unclear, or don't feel right to you, you can take the Indicator again-this time answering with your heart. Forget that your figure is less than what the world calls perfect. Forget that you may have gained a few pounds, or that your hair may not be the length or thickness you feel it should be. Put everything on cruise control. Put everything in the hands of the Holy Spirit. Remember, you are a lovely creation, and there is not another person on earth, or even in the universe, exactly like you. You are the Lord's original work of art, and He does not make any mistakes. If your answers are the same, then again, use the Rule of Combinations.

In the pages of this book, you will discover wonderful things about yourself and your sisters, both past and present. You will discover beautiful things about yourself and others. The Lord, in His infinite wisdom, knew when He created us that we would live in a world of visual people who would place great value on physical appearance. He also knew that when He created the human race, His enemy would try to pervert His precious first gift to us. He knew before we were born that there would be times when we would minimize His first gift. His first gift to the human race was that He loved us so much that He created us to look like Him. He created us in His beautiful image.


Excerpted from Daughters Of The King by Gail M. Hayes Copyright © 2005 by Gail M. Hayes, PhD . Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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