David Hume and Eighteenth-Century America

David Hume and Eighteenth-Century America

by Mark G. Spencer

A thorough examination of the influence of David Hume's work early American political thought.See more details below


A thorough examination of the influence of David Hume's work early American political thought.

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This is an exceptionally good book: it unequivocally establishes the prevalence of "flawed assessments of Hume's reception in America, (and) serious misunderstandings about the intellectual origins of the American Revolution." The book is very well-written, impeccably documented, and should be in every self-respecting library - private or institutional. --Peter Jones, Enlightenment and Dissent One central truism about historical scholarship is challenged head-on by Mark Spencer's new book. This is that all answers are necessarily provisional, subject to endless adjustment and further revision in the light of subsequent evidence and refinements in argument. That David Hume and Eighteenth-Century America is likely to brook no such contingency will be obvious to all who read it. For with exemplary commitment to the recovery and analysis of previously unknown data, it will scotch forever a series of assumptions, important to an understanding of the relationship of the Scottish Enlightenment and the American Revolution, that have hitherto enjoyed remarkable currency. --David Allan, Scottish Historical Review Copiously researched, David Hume and Eighteenth-Century America recovers Hume's importance, particularly as a political theorist, to a wide range of readers and writers in the late colonial, revolutionary, and early republican periods. Spencer gives the impression of leaving no stone unturned: book, catalogues, newspaper articles, political tracts, correspondence, and subscription lists are all mined for Hume's appearances and echoes. Spencer's book is a model of rigorous investigative scholarship, and is likely to remain the standard work for years to come on the topic of David Hume and eighteenth-century American political thought. --Adam Potkay, College of William & Mary, in EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY LIFE

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Rochester Studies in Philosophy, #10
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