David Janssen - My Fugitive

David Janssen - My Fugitive

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by Ellie Janssen

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Learn about the love, sex, romance and tragedy of America's favorite man on the lam.


Learn about the love, sex, romance and tragedy of America's favorite man on the lam.

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Publishers Weekly - Publisher's Weekly
This ineptly written tribute to actor David Janssen by his first wife of 12 years (they were divorced in 1970) celebrates his career, centering on the 1963-67 TV series The Fugitive, in which he portrayed Richard Kimble, a doctor who is on the run after being falsely accused of murdering his wife and sentenced to death. Copiously illustrated with photos of his life and with film stills, the book, as told to Florida paralegal Phelps, discusses the actor's heavy drinking and womanizing, as well as Ellie Janssen's stormy marriage to ``a great man'' who died of an apparent heart attack at age 48 in 1980. One doubts that this minor actor is well enough remembered for his wife's memoir to find an audience. (Jan.)
Mike Tribby
With the success of the movie "The Fugitive", a biography of the actor who, on TV, first realized the character comes as no surprise. This one promises to be pretty reliable, for its author is Janssen's erstwhile wife, Ellie (Phelps is her as-told-to scribe). In the late 1960s, Janssen left Ellie for a starlet; the tabloid press, much smaller then, had a field day. Ellie kept a low profile thereafter and had to be coaxed to participate in this book. She paints a loving portrait of the man who initially won her from Frank Sinatra and whom millions felt they knew from his starring roles in "Richard Diamond, Private Eye", "The Fugitive", and "Harry-O". Far more famous for those small screen roles, Janssen made movies, too, but his career was marred by frequent unemployment and bouts of heavy drinking. Noteworthy for its subtle and gentle insights into dealing with the benefits and drawbacks of TV fame, this is a warm recollection of a decent and talented man.

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Ellie Janssen had been a top model in New York City, an accomplished Interior Designer and then she married DAVID JANSSEN and became a "Hollywood Wife".

Michael Phelps served in the United States Air Force in the Military Police-Combat Defense Forces. He retired as Chief Investigator for a prominent Miami (FL) Law firm, specializing in criminal defense. After Co-authoring 'DAVID JANSSEN-MY FUGITIVE', he chose to embark on the challenging career of being an Author. He created the 'Mike Walsh Detective Novels' series. He is the Author of 'THE EXECUTION of JUSTICE', based on the murder of his close friend and one-time mentor, Det. Sgt. J. R. Ohrberg of the Robbery & Homicide Unit of the Indianapolis Police Department. His second 'Mike Walsh' novel is 'THE JOCKEY'S JUSTICE', based on a murder case he investigated for the law firm. He recently released 'DAVID JANSSEN-Our Conversations: Volume One-The Early Years (1965-1972) and Volume Two-The Final Years (1973-1980). He is currently working on the third 'Mike Walsh Detective Novels', 'INSANE JUSTICE', based on a double-homicide case he worked on for the law firm. He splits his time between New York City and his home in Miami Shores, Florida with his faithful German Shepherd, Baron der Hunter III.

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David Janssen - My Fugitive 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
grumpydan More than 1 year ago
"David Janssen, My Fugitive" has been re-released by Michael Phelps (not the Olympic swimmer) and was co-written with Mr. Janssen's first wife Ellie. I remember the television show "The Fugitive" from my childhood and enjoyed catching a glimpse of what his life was life before and during that show. I knew that he had died young, but this book doesn't explain much as Ellie was no longer married to David at the time of his death. When reading this book, I can sense that Ellie still loved her ex-husband and it must have been hard to chronicle her relationship with him. It was a nice short trip down memory lane.